Monday mindset + workout!!!

Monday Mindset

Our attitude on a Monday make a large impact on our health choices for that week.

Let’s start this week with positive energy and a focus on dedicating this week to looking after our bodies through fitness and movement, ‘me time’ and  noutritional nourishment.

This week lets focus on filling our plates with plenty of greens and make sure your including good fats and omegas (coconut oil, chia seeds, wild fish, flaxseed, eggs, nuts, seeds) to help repair your body from stress and/or other damage and provide you with a healthy glow. Eat everything in its most natural form, staying clear from processed foods and added sugars.

Take at least 15 minutes out of each day for ‘me’ time. Meditate, read a book/magazine, go for a calming walk, write in a diary, paint/draw, enjoy a cup of tea, practice yoga etc. Anything that helps you relax by yourself and has nothing to do with work/study.

To make it easier starting this weeks fitness routine, I am providing you with a set of exercises to include in your day, everyday this week. You don’t have to do them all at once. You may like to do half in the morning and half at night, or break them up through out the day eg.  as soon as you wake up,  while brushing your teeth, watching tv, waiting for the jug to boil, while cooking dinner etc. Start today and notice how your bodies energy lifts and you start to feel confident, toned, lighter and happier!

50 squats

30 push ups

60 crunches

30 obliques twists (each side)

30 triceps dips  (use edge of a step, couch, chair)

30 lunges (each leg)

20 burpees

Up the numbers if you have more time or finding it too easy.

Remember our health is our greatest possession in life. Without it we would not be able to move, love, eat, think, explore, discover or live. Nurture your body and in return it will provide you with an abundance of health, vitality and happiness.

Happy Monday!!


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