Meet Sami Bloom + Her Top Health Tips & Recipes!

I originally met the lovely Sami a while back at a health event with her contagious smile and wealth of knowledge for all things nutrition and yoga.

Sami is a lawyer turned health coach, yoga teacher and whole foods enthusiast, currently in her final semester of Nutritional Medicine in Sydney, Australia. Her own health complications prompted her to make positive life changes, revitalising her health and leading to a drastic career change.

Sami is committed to empowering people to love clean cooking and make lifestyle decisions, with health in mind. In her spare time you will find her browsing health-food aisles, getting messy in the kitchen, burrowed in a health book, and spending time with loved ones at the beach or over frothy chai latte’s! She believes that the best recipe for optimal wellbeing is proper nourishment, relaxation, movement you love, fresh air and self-awareness.

1) Name:
Sami Bloom


2) 5 things that currently make you most happy:

Barefoot beach walks with my fiance
Cooking healthy meals for good friends
Yin yoga twice a week
Purple sweet potato with avocado, try it!
Planning my wedding in Kauai 🙂


3) The book that most impacted your life?

I have two, sorry! Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn and The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberley Snyder.


4) How did your passion for health and wellbeing start? Where did the journey begin?

I had just finished a law degree and was about to enter a career that was no longer “me”. Having gone through my own health roller-coaster, I had made some drastic lifestyle changes that revitalised my health and ignited my passion for wellness. I set out to complete my yoga teacher training, as yoga was a major component to my healing. During my training we were encouraged to do a lot of self-reflection. It became very clear to me that I wanted to learn more about the body so that I could help others find vibrance and balance in their lives and get people excited about healthy living! I enrolled in Nutritional Medicine and spent more and more time in the kitchen coming up with clean, creative dishes and treats. Throughout my journey, it has been my own further study that has really led me to the path I am on. I became vegan late last year which has completely changed my world and made me even more passionate about health. I believe what is good for the micro is good for the macro, the choices we make for our own health, can and should support the vitality of the world around us.


5) What do you wish you could have told your 20-year-old self?

To put down the law books and enroll in Nutrition ASAP! :p No, I have to respect the path I chose because it led me here. I guess I would tell 20-year old Sami to just pause for a moment and really think, do my choices serve me? Am I putting my health and happiness above all else? Knowing myself, I probably would have rolled my eyes, because I wasn’t ready to hear it! But I would encourage self-reflection and self-awareness.

When we are in tune with ourselves, we can help ourselves, and I think that is the foundation to self-love and living your truth.


6) What area in nutrition are you most passionate about? and what simple tips can you share with us to improve our own health in this area?

Hormonal health, because it is something I have struggled with myself. My best tips are to ditch dairy, processed foods and refined sugar, stick to whole, plant-based foods, and begin a stress-monitoring protocol – meditation, deep belly breathing daily, yoga, getting outdoors, journalling, whatever works for you (don’t try to do it all, as that can also be stressful!).

Monitoring stress is integral to our hormonal health, as cortisol competes with certain sex hormones that we require for a healthy cycle. Make the connection between what you eat and how you feel – whether it be your period, skin, digestion, mood or sleep patterns. Start your day with a healthy ritual like warm lemon water, replace caffeine with chai and turmeric latte’s where possible, begin to incorporate superfoods like goji berries, maca, reishi and flaxseeds, drink 2L+ filtered water daily and get plenty of sleep!


7) How has living a vegan lifestyle enhanced your health? Are their challenges you come across with being vegan and if so how have you worked around these?

Becoming vegan has completely overhauled my mind and body. Instantly, I felt lighter and more clear-headed, and on a spiritual level, I felt much more connected to animals and the environment. It made me more creative in the kitchen, and more passionate about feeding those I love with wholesome foods. It sounds silly but it made me appreciate how nutrient dense plants truly are on a whole new level! I believe the most obvious physical effects began to occur around the 9 month mark, I felt my skin improve, eyes get clearer and body feel leaner.

My biggest challenge I suppose is not becoming too preachy. You can’t unlearn what you know and you want to share that with those around you, so it is a delicate balance between not projecting your beliefs onto others whilst still informing them about their health choices. Of course, there is the challenge of where to suggest for dinner! But we have a few staples we rotate with friends 🙂


8) What are your favourite Sydney Cafes?
Speaking of staples! We love Native Feel Real in Manly for brekky or lunch. Dandylion Restaurant in Bondi is perfect for an easy dinner with friends that has lots of options for everyone. We also adore Gigi Pizza in Newtown for a celebration. Other non-vegan spots that have great options include Speedo’s, Fishbowl Poke bar (they have tofu!), Lox Stock & Barrel and Banana Blossom. Zeitgeist Mylk Bar is an absolute must for a vegan treat!


9) Your Instagram food pictures are just drool worthy!!
Can you share with us 3 of your all-time favourite recipes and why?



Of course, here are three current favourites….

My non-negotiable Green Smoothie – I have to start with this one as I have it daily! Green drinks are an irreplaceable way to get a lot of nutrient dense greens into your diet, with minimal effort. Try it asap!

Mung Bean Sesame Burgers – always a crowd pleaser!

To die for Choc Mint slices – because who didn’t love mint slices growing up?!


Thank you for sharing with us at BareVitality Sami  xx

You can connect with Sami:



Instagram: @SamiBloom

SnapChat: SamiBloom



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