Maximise Your Jog or Walk

Maximise your Jog

Have you got a jog or walk planned for this week?

Here are some ways to mix up your jog/ walk and to gain more than just cadio benefits.

I aim for at least 1 jog and 1 walk each week for purely meditation purposes. For me jogging is an activity that I absolutely love and mentally need however I need to be very careful not to over do it. Jogging allows me to listen to my music, release stress after a long day, be alone with my thoughts and breath in and enjoy the beautiful surrounding in the fresh air.

Not all workouts should be to achieve fitness goals. Incorporate sessions that are purely for your mental wellbeing. I will go out on a light jog or walk often, purely as an active form of meditation.

Another way to mix up your jogs/ walks is to stop about every 10 minutes and complete 10-15 repetitions of an exercise using on of the main muscle groups. This will allow your metabolism to run at a much faster rate for hours after you finish your workout, therefore burning much more energy than you would with just the jog or walk.
Exercises to include on the way could be:
– push ups
– triceps dips using a bench
– burpees
– sit-ups
– hold plank position for 1 minute
– squats
– lunges
– step ups onto a bench/ step
– mountain climbers
– box jumps
and many many more….

Pick 2 exercises to include in your next jog/ walk and give it a go!

You can find out more about exercising for your Metabolism in my eBook


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