Lessons Learnt From The Danish Way Of Living, Hygge!

Recently I read an interesting book all about the Danish way of living, Hygge. This sparked something inside of me and a desire to share the concept with who ever would listen. Claudia also eager to learn more about Hygge and how you could incorporate this way of living into your everyday life suggested it be the topic of the week!!

Hygge is a bit tricky to define but to sum up its the feeling of cosiness, the absence of annoyance and taking pleasure from soothing things. Seriously who wouldn’t want to live their lives by these values? It is more about an atmosphere and an experience rather than about things. Being surrounded by the people you love, a feeling of home and safety is what it’s about.

Did you know Danes are one of the happiest countries in the world?! And it all comes down to this ingredient, hygge. The original word in Norwegian means ‘well-being’ but some think it may originate from the word ‘hug’, which makes sense because feeling ‘hygge’  feels like a warming giant hug!

While hygge can often be an abstract concept, we can use our senses to really breathe it in.. Hygge has a taste, a sound, a smell and a texture.

The taste of hygge is always familiar, sweet and comforting. Think warm cups of chai with honey, velvety dark chocolate, a comforting bowl of maple spiced porridge..

Hygge mainly has to do with the absence of sounds, allowing you to focus and be mindful of the small sounds. Rain on the rooftop, wind blowing through leaves. Any sound in a safe place is hygge..

Smell is a powerful memory provoking sense. Have you ever smelt something that takes you back to a time in your life? A common theme of smells of hygge is that they all bring us back to a time in our life where we felt safe. A favourite perfume, the smell of freshly baked bread, the scent of the ocean..

Hygge feels like a cosy, chunky knit jumper, a warm ceramic cup, a smooth wooden surface, a soft, fluffy blanket, even the feel of your pet!

But most importantly hygge is about feeling safe. Feeling loved, connected and trusting the people around you.

Hygge Emergency Kit

Soft lighting- Think lightly fragranced candles, tea lights, fairy lights, lanterns and crystal lamps. Soft, warm lighting is the way to go!

Chocolate- There are so many decadent brands of healthy chocolate so why not pop over to your grocer and have a browse. Make a deal with yourself that you can have a square a day as an evening ritual.

Tea- Like chocolate there are SO many tea’s to choose from. My go to is earl grey, chai or lemon and ginger.

Your favourite book- It doesn’t have to be wordy or intellectual (but if you like that then go for it!) something that evokes memories and takes you to another world.

Your favourite movie or TV show- in the days of binge watching Netflix we often race to see what we can watch next. Next time you watch a TV show or movie, slow down and really take it in.

A good pair of cosy socks- Cold feet are uncomfortable so treat yourself to a silly pair of socks that will keep your feet warm!

Journal- Journalling is very therapeutic. Writing down what your day held for you can be such a release for your busy mind.

A nice blanket- Find yourself a fluffy, cosy blanket to rug up in!

Music- Find a peaceful playlist that soothes you and listen to it with mindful ears.

A photo album- Something that you can hold in your hands preferably. How good does it feel to re visit those funny, photos filled with such happiness and joy from your childhood?! Paired with a hot mug of tea this makes for a hygge evening!

So there you have it, as the days get cooler now is a great time to put together your Hygge emergency kit!

Why not have a look at these ways to be mindful to create more hygge moments in your day!


BareVitality Team

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