Launching THE BAREVITALITY STUDIO Online Program!

The BareVitality Studio Online Program Is Just About Here!

We are launching our Holistic Online Program on Thursday 8th August! 
Created by Claudia Beyer and a team of other holistic health professionals.
We will coach you with a holistic approach, focusing on a balance of fitness, nutrition & wellbeing. 
Our goal is to support the modern-day female in finding their perfect balance to THRIVE and not just survive. 
Our Program Includes:
  • Access To Your Program Any Time, On Any Device
  • Program Designed By Your Team Of Holistic Professionals (Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist, Meditation Teacher, Holistic Health Coach)
  • Beginner to Advanced – 10 Minute Classes in Yoga, Fitness and Meditation
  • Your Weekly Holistic Program To Follow
  • Access To Weekly Recipes, DIY Health, Wellbeing Practices, Nutritionist Health Tips + more so much more..
  • From $5.80/ week!
We Are Offering 40 % OFF FIRST MONTH // 3 DAYS ONLY!! 

Head to on Thursday 8th August & Use Code: LAUNCH40

Watch the video below & learn more! 
Online Program


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