Keeping healthy with the help of your friends!

Health and friends

Exercise, healthy eating and socialisation are all essential components of our wellbeing which can be achieved through the support of our friends.

Get your friends on board. Share with each other your health goals and allow each other to encourage and motivate one another. We all have not so healthy days and thats when a friend can make all the difference to get you back on track.

Here are some ideas of ways to keep healthy with your friends:

– Have a routined walking/jogging and catch up day. This could be 5 mornings a week or each Sunday afternoon. Choose different locations, routes to walk or if there is one walk you both just love or is convenient, stick with that.

– Enter fun runs or another active fundraising event together. A great way to support a good cause, work towards a goal together and be out in the fresh air moving your body.

– Swop your breakfast, lunch or dinner catch ups for a healthy picnic in the park or have fun trying out health cafes and restaurants (resent post on BareVitality Facebook page regarding top Paleo eats in Sydney).

– Swop cocktail night for a night of creating and enjoying delicious, nutrient rich smoothie and juice cocktails. Think berries, pomegranate, oranges, lime, lemons, mango, passionfruit, mint and ice.

– Visit health markets and speciality health food shops together and stock up for the week ahead.

– Join an outdoor fitness group (like BareVitality), yoga or pilates class together.

– Shop together for fitness clothes that make you feel good. Then go out and wear them in!

– Play around with healthy recipes and share with each other what you come up with. Sending your friend a photo of your big, delicously colourful vegetable, quinoa and bean salad is going to make them second think about ordering that greasy pizza for dinner.

– Plan adventures! Bush walks, rock climbing, swimming in rock pools/ ocean, exploring a new place etc..

Most importantly just have fun and enjoy each others company, while knowing you are doing something positive for you body! …. and don’t forget the power or laughter.


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