Instant Mango Ice-cream | 3 ingredients

Healthy mango ice-cream

I’m in North Queensland this week visiting family and can’t help but devour the coconuts, mangos and banana’s whenever I visit. With a bit too much sun from yesterdays boat trip, fresh cold mango ice cream has been an absolute luxury while reading my book and keeping cool today.

Here is the simplest mango ice-cream recipe, using only 3 ingredients and my goodness it’s to die for.

Dairy free, additive free, sugar-free and super healthy.

Healthy Mango Ice-cream


– 2 mangos, skinned, sliced & frozen

– 1/4 can (100ml) of organic coconut milk

– 2 tsp vanilla extract

Dice the frozen mango into small pieces so it blends easily. In a blender combine the mango (leaving 1/4 cup separate), coconut milk and vanilla until smooth.

Fold through the remaining mango pieces and serve instantly.

For an additional extra try roughly chopped raw walnuts on top.

You can store the ice-cream in the freezer in a sealed container, however it does go slightly ice so fresh is best.



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