Inside my tea cupboard

In my tea cupboard

I love herbal tea!

I love the taste of a warm, soothing cup of tea and my body loves the herbal health benefits. The meditational practise of just enjoying a cup of tea is so simple and effective and should be implemented into your daily routine. With such a variety of herbal teas available, there is always a leaf mix suited to everyone. Herbal tea is caffeine free with the exception of green tea which contains a small amount.

By swopping your other drinks throughout the day for herbal teas your body could be loving the benefits such as; improved sleep, reduced anxiety/depression/stress, increased metabolism, improved circulation, hormone balance, liver detoxing, adrenal repair, mineral boost, stronger immune system, healthy digestion, anti-nausea, anti-aging properties, ¬†fighting of viruses/infections, helps with IBS, PMS and menopause…

So heres a list of teas in my cupboard. I try and have at least 2 different herbal teas a day. These teas all have different tastes and health benefits. Having a variety of herbal teas allows me to choose depending on what my body is needing at the time and what my taste buds feel like.

– Dandelion Chai (great coffee alternative)

– Ginger, peppermint & wild strawberry

– Green tea

– Green tea chai

– Chai (black tea base)

– Burdock & dandelion

– Rosehip

– Rooibos

– Lemon & ginger

– Liquorice

– Female balance blend

– Nettle

– Liquorice and cinnamon

– Camomile

– Peppermint

– Pomegranate & cranberry

What’s your favourite herbal tea?


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