Inside Claudia’s Everyday Makeup Bag

Sometimes it’s tricky to find makeup products that are both natural and work well. Its a bit of a process of trial and error!  The importance of natural makeup is huge when it comes to our skin. What we apply to our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream and for that reason, it’s better to use natural skincare whenever we can. By using products that contain chemicals we expose our bodies to substances which simply do not belong there, which therefore has a negative effect on our health and wellbeing. With “What makeup do you use?” a popular question within our BV community, Claudia shared with us what is in her current everyday makeup bag. These products change sometimes with seasons and Claudia often trials new products regularly. These are the current products she is finding best for her skin & facial features right now!


Inside Claudias Everyday Makeup Bag:

La Mav, BB-cream, Medium

Claudia applies BB-cream when going to The BareVitality Studio for her minimal makeup days and not wanting to put on foundation.

Nude By Nature, Liquid Mineral Concealer, Medium

Placed under the eyes. For those days when she feels a little bit worse for wear aka Fridays after a big week.

Nude By Nature, Flawless Liquid Foundation, Spiced Sand

This is for days when Claudia is after a little more coverage with meetings or catching up with friends. At first, she applies the  BB-cream as a primer and then a little bit of foundation on top.

Ilia, highlighter, Multiple Colours

This is a product Claudia multi-uses! For lips, as an eye shadow, cream bronzer & blush. They are infused with beautiful rosehip nourishing oils for the skin.

Natio, Long Lasting Eye Liner, Black

Days Claudia is not wearing mascara she puts on a little bit of eyeliner across the top of the eyelash liner to make the eyes appear fresh and awake.

W3ll People, Mascara, Black

Claudia uses mascara on top of her lashes for a simple & fresh effect, usually teamed with the days she adds foundation. When she is after a little bit more bold effect, she adds mascara for both bottom & top lashes.


While these are Claudia’s current favourites, please note these may not be the best options for you and your individual needs. Everyones face structure, skin type and a personal look is different. Claudia prefers a minimal natural look using mostly organic products. She also tries to multi-use products as much as possible for ease and to keep the make up bag light.

We are interested to hear what natural beauty products are in your everyday makeup bag?


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