Honey Honey Honey!!


Bee products are considered to be one of the most spiritual and magical foods on the planet, as well as one of the top superfoods and sources for concentrated nutrition- David Wolfe

There is a lot of contradicting information about honey so I thought I would share the reason’s why I choose to take a dose a day for my happiness, wellbeing, and health.

Yes honey does contain fructose (40%), however in moderation & with the elimination of table sugars and other sugar sources such as corn syrups, honey is my preferred sweetener that can heal the body inside and out with maple syrup coming in second.

So why do I love honey??

1. Honey is great for the immune system:  after suffering an immune deficiency disease, keeping my immune system strong is challenging yet vital to my current and future health.  With the addition of cinnamon, honey acts powerfully to fight against bacterial & viral diseases.

Already have a cold? I always take honey & cinnamon 3x day to clear me up naturally.

2. Soothes my stomach: honey is great for the digestive system, soothes stomach pain and can also clear stomach ulcers.  A rather difficult digestive system has been another CFS symptom I’ve had to repair and look after.

Honey taken before a meal reduces the acidity in your stomach and helps with digestion.

3. Assists with weight management & a healthy metabolism:  honey is full of minerals essential for it metabolism and contains 22 amino acids. This enables honey to be effectively metabolised so its nutrients can be absorbed and energy released. Refined sugars on the other hand are empty of nutrients and therefore the body metabolises them into cholesterol and fatty acids- not so nice!

Honey is said to contribute to a number of other health benefits such as protecting the body from anti aging, depression & anxiety, arthritis, heart disease, skin conditions (acne, eczema etc), cancer of the stomach & bones, bad breath, hearing loss, cholesterol and bladder infections.

While I am all for eliminating/reducing sugar out of your diet for optimal health, honey is a natural sugar that’s super properties are so beneficial to our health and happiness and my taste buds love it too in many of my healthy recipes.

Ensure you choose organic/raw honey & preferably in a dark shade such as Manuka honey to gain its copious health benefits.

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