What Does Holistic Really Mean?

The core of the BareVitality brand is to promote a Holistic approach to health and wellness whereby clients take on this method to achieve their desired results.

However, lately, we have noticed that the term Holistic is often overlooked and misunderstood by many as it seems to be an adjective added to provide a sense of fanciness, rather than having a substance of its own.

So we are here to clarify the confusion for you in the hope of encouraging you to embrace the term and live accordingly.

To live holistically implies the notion of engaging in a multifaceted approach to one’s health and well-being.

Simply put, this necessarily means that we are looking at all factors of our lives such as career, emotional and mental wellness, exercise, clean eating, stress, sleep, etc., and nourishing all these elements with a balance, to achieve our optimal health.

Health isn’t defined solely by the aesthetics of our body and the food we put in our mouths; it is much more complex than that.

To be truely healthy means that we are not prone to extreme stress, that we have emotional clarity, that we are in a career that we enjoy, have passions we pursue and have a balanced social life.

All elements in our lives contribute to our health!

You will often find that you are not losing weight or feeling energetic, despite eating clean and exercising regularly.

We so often see clients walking into ourĀ BareVitality studio finding themselves in this situation. It is not until we consider a holistic approach, diagnosing the root of the problem, that we can solve these concerns. We soon see that the failure in achieving their goal stems from other sections of their life such as carrying too much stress, not sleeping enough, not drinking enough water, etc.

We encourage you assess your health through a holistic view. Find an exercise that you enjoy doing, prevent stress through meditation, nourish your soul by getting involved in the community and meeting new people, and find purpose in your everyday life!



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