Hemp For Health & Beauty!

“Hemp” is one of the varieties of the cannabis plant species. The important difference to know between marijuana and hemp is that marijuana contains more tetrahydrocannabinol, which is responsible for the psychoactive properties. Hemp is naturally very low in THC and has been used for thousands of years as a food and medicine source. Below are some of the great uses of hemp for health & beauty. Today, this wonderful plant has come back into the spotlight are is currently trending for its many benefits, used both internal and externally.

Hemp For Health & Beauty!

To Repair The Body

25% of the seed contains protein which makes it a wonderful source of plant-based protein for your health. Our whole body needs proteins to function. Therefore, it’s important to make sure our meals provide enough protein to keep up with the constant repair of bones, blood, cartilage, muscles & cells in our body.

To Maintain Healthy Skin

Hemp contains a lot of amino acids, fatty acids & vitamins. Essential fatty acids like omega-3 and -6 reduce dryness and give the skin an elastic appearance. Amino acids, on the other hand, supports your skin to generate collagen and elastin, helping the skin to stay hydrated and prevent wrinkles. Our skin needs vitamins such as A and E and minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc + magnesium to support our cells. Hemp is full of these antioxidants which makes it perfect for the job!

Pain Relief For The Body

Components found in hemp that work well with the body’s own cells + anti-inflammatory properties together reduce pain. Joints respond well to the internal and external use of hemp seeds and oil. Using hemp for your body can be useful in promoting an anodyne effect.

Help To Manage Stress

Hemp contains Magnesium and B vitamins which can help the body to manage the effects of stress. This happens by impacting important neurotransmitters. If pain or other health conditions are causing anxiety, using hemp seeds or oil may help to lower stress levels.

Eases Hormonal Symptoms

When hormones are unbalanced in our body, we can have sleep problems, acne, memory fog, headaches, fatigue, hair loss, mood swings, weight gain, dry skin + more. Hemp has the omega fatty acids (omega-3 & -6) needed for optimal health, so it helps to balance hormones in the body and prevents these symptoms.

Keeping The Gut Balanced

Hemp is rich in fibre which is essential for our digestive system. Unprocessed/whole hemp seeds are a perfect source of fibre, including insoluble and soluble fibres. These help with constipation, nourish the healthy bacteria in our gut and decreased the risk of digestive disease.


How To Use Hemp


  • Easy way to use hemp seeds is to sprinkle them onto breakfast cereals, smoothies, yoghurts, fruit bowls and salads.
  • Consuming hemp seeds with plenty of water helps the seeds to swell up and soothes the gut.
  • Add hemp protein powder into smoothies for extra fibre, antioxidants, minerals and unsaturated fats. You can also drizzle hemp oil over your salads.
  • Hemps seeds are perfect for healthy treats. So, set aside time to make this delicious Hemp & Macadamia Cookie Recipe
  • Hemp Seed Oil supplements are also available on the market.


  • As a beauty treatment, you can apply hemp seed oil directly onto your skin at least once a day.
  • Hemp beauty products can be found in lots of different forms -face oils, bath salts, lotions, creams, shampoos + more.
  • Hemp seed oil makes a soothing and gently massage oil by rubbing it directly into the muscles.
  • Use organic hemp seed oil with essential oils as a blend into your body or diluting the oils for aromatherapy.




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