Help, my motivation is refusing to cooperate!!

Motivation BareVitality

Lacking motivation towards your health and fitness goals lately? It happens to all of us at different stages of our health and fitness journeys and that’s ok! It’s the steps we next take to get us back on track that’s what is most important.

Ask yourself why are you lacking motivation? Does it stem from self-doubt or criticism, anxiety, general life obstacles, lack of enjoyment, feeling overwhelmed, impatience, losing sight of your priorities…

Consider as well, am I wanting to achieve these goals for MY health and happiness? Make sure the reasons are not because you think they are expected of you or because of other negative self beliefs. Why do you want to lose weight/ get fit/ start eating healthier for YOU? Not for the expectations or approval of those around you or because you feel you need to match the current trend society is portraying of the ‘perfect image’ of  fit, healthy and happy.

There is no such thing as perfect & no such image of what health should look like! Health is about how your mind and body feel. Reaching optimal health should be about creating a perfect individualised balance of all life’s elements to be able to support all your dreams, adventures, and aspirations with vitality, energy, ease and passion. Create and maintain this balance and everything else will just come into place the way it should. Listen, trust and care for your body and it will provide you with what you desire!

So again I’ll ask, why are these goals so important to YOU and YOUR health and happiness??

Understanding the reasons behind your fading motivation is the key to addressing the issues and getting back on track. Take note of the self talk happening inside that head of yours. Is it constructive? Is it realistic? Dispute these negative thoughts and excuses as they come up and nurture them to positive self talk.

For example;

Initial goal & motivation: ‘I have to have a flat stomach in 2 weeks or I’ll look fat and ugly at the beach’ . 
1) Destructive criticism & self talk.
2) Other people’s judgment & expectations is negatively fuelling your goal.
3) The goal is purely image focused and based around an unrealistic ideal.
Motivation starts lacking: ‘This is to hard’ or ‘It’s raining’ or ‘I can’t find time’ .
These are the next lot of excuses that appear in your self talk as a result of not having the self-love and internal excitement to motivate yourself to power through and achieve your goals.

 So go back and make sure your goals are YOURS. Challenge any negative self talk and resolve the underlying issue behind it. Enjoy your journey – make it fun, celebrate your accomplishments along the way, learn from your fall backs, pick yourself up and jump back on the path to the vibrant, healthy new you.

Last of all remind yourself daily;

‘I am capable of anything I put my mind and heart to and I choose to live my life full of as much vitality, health and happiness as I can create’



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