Healthy Travel Tips!

Most people have this perception that when they go away they will just pause their health & fitness goals and routine! Health is a LIFESTYLE my loves and therefore going away whether it be for work or pleasure is part of your lifestyle. Your health routine may need to be adjusted when your not in your usual environment, however it does not need to go on pause. I have put together these simple healthy travel tips to assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle when your not at home.

I would love to hear what you find helps you stay on track while traveling? Let us know your healthy travel tips in the comments below.


Healthy Travel Tips

  • Pack simply! Sounds silly however over packing or packing many unnecessary items weighs us down. It makes the whole concept of going away ‘heavy’. But don’t forget your activewear 🙂


  • Bring your own stainless steel water bottle (glass water bottles and travel usually don’t mix)! This allows you to have water on you at all times to stay hydrated. Travel can have a huge toll on the body, particularly if a flight is involved. So include at least an extra litre on those travel days. When you have access to filtered taps/ jugs, fill your bottle up, drink it all and then refill it again to save for later.


  • Pack the snacks! I bring a handful of non perishable healthy snacks in my bag so I always have something on hand when the tummy starts to rumble or blood sugar levels drop. Think singular packaged bliss balls or raw health bars.


  • The magic potions! When ever I travel I bring along a little bottle of flower essences. You can get drops particularly for travel. Currently I am actually bringing around the Rescue Remedy Flower Essence in my day to day bag. A few drops under the tongue is such a lovely way to ground yourself. I sometimes also throw in lavender oil to dab on the temples or my pillow case in an evening to settle the mind and body into a new environment ready for sleep. Magnesium is also a great supplement to include when traveling.


  • Maintain your daily routine as much as possible. Start the day with a big glass of warm water, 10 minute meditation or gratitude practice and then maybe tick off your workout or yoga flow for the day before jumping in the shower. End the day as well with your usual before bed routine.


  • You may not have the ingredients or tools to whip up your own fresh smoothie or juice, however make it a priority to get your liquid gold in each day from a local juice bar or cafe. Make sure you have some greens in there 🙂


  • Before traveling do a quick research of what local health food are available or on your first day go for a bit of an explore. I love Instagram tags for this e.g.. #melbournehealthcafes.


  • One of the best things about traveling is being able to explore new places. So put on your runners and get out there either walking or jogging. My last trip to Melbourne with a friend we ended up walking 16km without even trying on one of the days. Just going from cafe to shop, cafe to shop! In saying that my legs were exhausted by the end of the day haha!!


  • What fitness activities can you do while away? Is their something available that you have never tried before? Eg. rock climbing, surfing.. What yoga studios are around that you could give a try? Bush walks close by? Can you include a mini HIIT (high intensity interval training) session in your hotel room in the morning? Get creative and active!!


Happy and healthy travels xx


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