Healthy Gift Ideas

The time of sharing Christmas spirit and healthy gift ideas is finally here! Seeing all the decorations and listening to Christmas songs makes the holiday spirit grow even more. Spending quality time with family and friends, enjoying all the traditional foods, relaxing and giving gifts. Talking about gifts…We know how hard it can be to find a perfect gift, therefore we wanted to share some of our favourites . Give the gift of health and wellness with these holistic inspired ideas for a more balanced lifestyle.

Healthy Gift Ideas For Christmas This Year:

1. BareVitality Gift Certificate


Of course, we wanted to include our services as a Christmas gift idea. Give a gift of wellness and healthy balance for the people you love! It can be used for personal training, group classes, health consults or any other of our services.

Gift Certificate – BareVitality

2. Natural Beauty Product

Beauty products are always useful and a great gift. Here are some of our favorite brands:


healthy gift ideas


Quenching range is perfect post skincare for christmas and new year celebrations!


healthy gift ideas


Give the gift of naturally beautiful skin with A’kin 100% Certified Organic Rosehip Oil!



Trilogy has a good variety of Celebration gift sets to choose from. These gift sets are fun and vibrant option!



Beautifully packaged hair care that is good for the hair and the environment! Lovely packaging makes this product even more a cute gift.

3. Wellness Inspired Book

A coffee table book or health & wellness book is an inspiring gift for this Christmas. With so many great books to choose from it might be hard to find the perfect one. So, here are some of our favourites at the moment:

  • The Art Of Simple – Eleanor Ozich
  • Plant Society – Jason Chongue
  • Wanderlust – Jeff Krasno
  • A large range of healthy cook books!

4. Crystals & Essential Oils

healing powers of crystals

Crystals are beautiful objects but their real value is more about their healing powers. Check out our favourite crystals and their special healing properties!

5. Healthy Chocolate, Treats & Tea

One option is to treat your loved ones with homemade food gifts- we have plenty of healthy treat recipes under the RECIPE TAB!  We love healthy chocolate made and packaged with love and you can never go past good quality herbal teas as a gift!

Here are some of our favourites:


healthy gift ideas


High quality, organic and fairly traded raw chocolate is a tasty treat for Christmas.


healthy gift ideas


Give a gift of rich, luxurious chocolate with a little taste of the goodness. We love this chocolate!


healthy gift ideas


With so many varieties to choose from and beautiful packaging, these are perfect stocking filler.



6. Sporting Gift Voucher

healthy gift ideas

A gift voucher to activewear line is not only motivating but also a stylish present to give. We are a big fan of Lululemon, Asics and Nike but there are also so many other small boutique activewear lines to choose from. Go check some Aussie Activewear Labels

7. Active Adventure

healthy gift ideas

Give a gift of making new memories! Experiences make the best memories and the best gifts. Paddleboarding, canoeing, glamping, surfing.. There is plenty of adventurous activities to choose from.

8. Plants

Indoor Plants

Plants are more than just beautiful to look at. They have many holistic benefits and are good for their own.  Give the gift of nurturing as a Christmas present this year!

9. Give The Gift Of Me Time

healthy gift ideas

Christmas time is a wonderful holiday of the year but it can be also a bit hectic with all the preparations, so “me time” may be more than needed. Relaxing massage, facial, acupuncture, spa… Who wouldn’t love a pampering treatment as a gift??

10. Give The Gift Of IOY

If you are looking for something really unique this year, give the gift of an “I owe you”. It can be a healthy cafe spot but choose something that you can share with them. This makes it even more special.


We hope these ideas help you to find a perfect gift for your friends and family this year! Which one of these healthy gift ideas you are going to add in your Christmas present basket?



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