Healthy easter tips!


If your anything like me (a chocoholic) there is absolutely no way your going to get through easter with out a bit of chocolatey indulgence- nor should you!

Don’t you just love this photo by Model Chocolate! Pure heavenly chocolate bliss! I was instantly drawn to it and straight away my body started craving chocolate. This time of year everywhere you look are shelves of chocolate and easter promotions. Your self will to resist starts to get weaker and weaker and next thing you know you have indulged in a years worth of chocolate in one go!

Here’s a few tips on ways to enjoy the Easter celebrations with family and friends without doing to much damage to your immune system, hormones and waist line.

– Choose good quality dark chocolate (at least 70%) and utilise cocao in its natural form to boost your body with its superfood benefits.

– Visit the health food stores and see what organic, fair trade, sugar free, natural chocolatey treats you can find. If your going to indulge over the weekend focus on quality.

– Start the day with a green smoothie full of lots of alkalising properties and fibre.

– Drink lots and lots of water through out the day

– Make sure you don’t skip meals. Having balanced meals with protein will prevent over indulging and help regulate blood sugar levels.

– If your going to eat chocolate because it tastes so good, take your time to savour each bite. This will also help you feel satisfied with just a few bites rather than a whole bunny!

– Instead of solid chocolate, enjoy strawberries or banana dipped in a good quality dark chocolate or drizzle chocolate over individual fruit salad bowls/baskets. Accompany the sweet treat with healthier options.

– Make sure you find a way to include some sort of movement each day over the weekend. This could be a morning jog or HITT session, family backyard cricket, taking the dog for a walk, putting aside time for a bit of yoga. Just get out and about!

–┬áMake your own healthy chocolate:

Cocao Easter Cubes

Keep a look out on the ‘Claudia Beyer – BareVitality’ Facebook page for another homemade Easter treat recipe this week.

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