Healthy Choices When Eating Out

From time to time it’s nice to have dinner at a restaurant or go for a lunch date with friends. Eating out is an enjoyable experience and a great way to relax and socialise. It can become an unhealthy activity if we are choosing unhealthy options. Eating out can become overwhelming if we don’t know what to choose as the healthy option! This is a common question asked by clients in @thebarevitalitystudio. Below we share some easy ways to make healthy choices when eating out at cafes and restaurant!

Healthy Choices When Eating Out:

Choose A Restaurant/ Cafe With Healthy Options

Do your research before eating out. Nowadays, there are lots of restaurants that offer healthy food options on their menus. Look for restaurants that offer locally grown ingredients, vegetarian dishes or choose a local/family restaurant that serves organic, healthy options. Ask recommendations from people you know or check out online reviews to pick a place!

Quality Over Quantity

Choose quality over quantity. Instead of choosing the biggest meal from the menu, pick a nutrient dense option that leaves you feeling full of energy, is delicious and not filled with simple carbs as a plate filler. Aim for whole food products, mostly gluten & dairy free choices and food not packed with refined sugar. Take the time to enjoy the flavors of your meal and do not eat in a rush- enjoy mindfully!

Avoid Over Eating

In a restaurant portion sizes are often way bigger than necessary. No wonder why people might eat more than their body actually needs. Avoid overeating by being mindful, listening to your body signs and stop eating when you feel satisfied. Ordering a green tea before your meal as an entree is a great way to kick start the metabolism and avoid overeating during your meal. Just try and leave 20min between tea and food.

Choose Entree or Dessert

Ordering the full menu course- entree, main dish and a dessert can be lots to eat during one sit. Rather than choosing both entree and dessert, try to decide which one you would prefer and skip the other.

Share A Dessert

Instead of eating a whole dessert each with the person/people you are dining with, try sharing a dessert to keep the portion size smart, while still getting a few spoonfuls to enjoy. If you are dining alone, ask the waiter to wrap up half your dessert for you to take home to enjoy later. Talking about desserts… Try this delicious healthy raw caramel slice recipe at home!

Order Vegetables Or A Salad On The Side

When you order your meal, ask the waiter to swap fries or mashed potato for extra salad or vegetables. This way you will boost your vegetable intake and keep your dining healthy nutrient rich. If not skipping the fries, another option is to order greens on the side!

Avoid Sugary Drinks

Don’t drink sugary drinks when eating out. Soft drinks are full off added sugar which is an unhealthy ingredient and not good for our bodies. Instead, drink water to maintain your hydration balance. It you are wanting an alcoholic drink, alternate between water wine…  If plain water isnt going to do it, try ordering sparkling water with lemon or lime for a little bit of extra taste.

Most importantly don’t skip eating out socially because it’s not “healthy”. Making healthy choices when eating out allow you to practice self care, feel good afterwards, fuel your body with different nutrients you may not consume at home, while sosialising with your friends & family.

Lets remember the stress and guilt over eating poorly causes the body far more damage than the actually unhealthy foods themselves. So enjoy eating out and practice choosing healthy options when you can, but don’t stress too much!!


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