Hacks For An Eco Organised Kitchen

Going green in your home and making better choices for the environment and your health does not necessarily mean a lot of effort. A more eco organised kitchen can be put together quite easily by implementing some of the below tips and tricks. It’s important to be mindful towards our footprint on this earth. Therefore here are our hacks to help you start by creating an eco organised kitchen!

Hacks For An Eco Organised Kitchen

Start Using Reusable Shopping Bags

Create a space in your kitchen for reusable shopping bags so you will easily see them. Making them visible helps you to remember better to take one with you when going to the store. This is a great way to use less plastic bags and hopefully keep our marine life in better shape.

Make A Recycling Corner

Make sure you have a space created so you can recycle waste as it is needed according to your local waste service provider. This is to make your space sustainable and have an eco organised kitchen. Each week aim for less and less waste. Add compost bin as well so you can compost food waste to eliminate greenhouse gas methane.

Store Your Food In Reusable Jars

Don’t throw used glass jars away, instead make them reusable by washing them and use them to organise your pantry. Reusable jars are perfect to be filled with whole food products which can be bought in bulk. This helps you to use less plastic packaging and is an easy way to organise your food products. You can also buy glass or black jars & label the jars easily with stickers or product labels!

Switch Plastic Wraps To Beeswax Wraps

Wrap your food without any waste. Beeswax wraps (or cotton/hemp) are a great replacement for plastic wraps to carry your snack with you and keep them fresh. This is a must have product for an eco organised kitchen!

Use Eco-Friendly Products

Use only natural & eco-friendly cleaning products and equipment in the kitchen. Most of the grocery stores have eco-friendly products in their selection. Even better if making your own cleaning products at home! There are lots of natural DIY recipes available. Switch your plastic kitchen equipment to wooden ones to make them more natural and last longer.

Grow Your Own Herbs

Enjoy the benefit of fresh herbs in your meals by growing them in your own eco-friendly space. This way you consume less of packaging needed for the greens and in addition they add a lovely touch of green decor in your kitchen. What a fun way to go green!

Invest In Kitchen Towels

Use less paper towels in your kitchen by investing in more kitchen tea towels. Kitchen tea towels are reusable and eco-friendly. Not to forget they add a spark to the space by choosing different colours and patterns!

Be Mindful When Running The Dishwasher

Don’t run the dishwasher unless it’s completely full. Hand wash your day to day cups, bowls as you use them to save on loads.  It’s wise to run the dishwasher in the evening to start a new day with a clean kitchen and clear kitchen!

Organise With Wooden Boxes

Invest in wooden boxes to keep your kitchen items in order and easy to find. You can also reuse shoe boxes and give them a makeover to fit well with your kitchen style! A little way for you to have a creative moment as well!


Making our home more eco organised isn’t only good for the environment. It makes us feel happy, is better for our health and we create a space that is unique!

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