Great Liver Detoxifying, High Protein Meal!


With the lifestyle most of us live today its no wonder our poor liver is working over time.

Our liver is responsible for detoxifying, inactivating and excreting harmful toxins from the body. An overload of toxins reduce the livers ability to detoxify and causes the waste to remain in our blood and circulate through out bodies. This leaves us feeling sluggish and bloated, and dealing with headaches and skin problems just to name a few symptoms.

This is why our bodies require a bit of help to naturally rid these toxins.

This meal incorporates a selection of foods that are naturally high in detoxifying properties.

– Mixed leaves: folic acid and B vitamins to help rid harmful free radicals.

– Chickpeas: lectin for general protecting the membranes of the liver cells.

– Garlic: antioxidant to rid free radicals.

– Quinoa: great protein to assist detoxification.

– Lemon: cleanses liver.

– Grated carrot: properties that help protect liver.

– Salmon: omega 3’s especially good for liver health.

– Soft boiled egg: B vitamins & sulfur containing compound which is important in reducing harmful free radicals

Throw the lot together and add a pinch of celtic salt and pepper to taste and you have a delicious liver detoxifying, high protein meal.

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