Forget Your New Year’s Resolutions, Invest In A New Years Lifestyle!

The New Year is here and also the time when people often set and share their New Year’s resolutions. The intention of wanting to better ourselves and grow as a human being is something to be commended on, however typically most of us forget about these resolutions, get distracted or give up on them. Often the whole New Years Resolution concept causing unnecessary stress, pressure and disappointment. Rather than actually achieving the ultimate goal in life, which we believe to be “being healthy and happy”.  Avoid the resolution spiral this year!

New Year’s Resolutions: Less Goals More Living

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions this year we encourage you to think, how do you really want to LIVE and FEEL during 2019. Act according to those desires and build yourself a daily lifestyle that brings only happiness Get rid of toxic relationships, unfilling job or activities that don’t bring you joy anymore and start simplifying. Add less and just “BE” more!

Get Back To Basics

If we want to live a happier life, it simply starts with getting back to basics – health and wellbeing! Set up your New Year lifestyle and create a healthy balance based around nourishment, movement and reconnecting with your values step by step.


Slow down to free up your mind and reconnect with your inner self to discover what is important for you in this life and what gives you lasting happiness. Know your core values and make choices in daily life through following your beliefs. This way you ensure your limited time is not wasted with people, work or activities in which are not good for your overall health and wellbeing.


Invest some of your attention into your daily nutrition and give your body what it deserves to maintain overall health. When we eat well we feel good. There is no denying it! Avoid restrict any food, instead try to stay mindful what you are eating, how it takes you feel and make smarter choices as a result. Eat whole foods, add lots of vegetables to your meals and drink lots of water during your day. Nourish your soul as well with holiday treats- enjoy while also keeping the balance!


Don’t go overboard and spend hours and hours exercising. Make realistic fitness decisions for your body and start moving a little bit every day to keep your body healthy and happy. Take the time to head outside each day for deep breathes of fresh air by doing a 20-minute walk at the park. Routinely get up and stretch during office hours. Little movements during the day matter more than you think. Choosing activities which you are interested in and enjoy doing, is good for your body but also brings you joy and keeps your mind happy.

Lets aim for less goals and focus on building a lifestyle that works for you! Not one that sounds good or looks good but rather makes you happy and contributes towards your health. Start by simply giving more intention to your daily life. In the end, living a good life is build up by the special little things we do in our daily lives, rather than the big achievements. If you still feel like making a list of new year’s resolutions, ask these questions first.

We wish you so much happiness, good health & love for the New Year of 2019!


The BareVitality Team

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