Embrace Your Booty Workout!

Who doesn’t love a good booty workout to get that bottom of yours looking great in skinny jeans or to kick it back into shape before bikini season!

You know the saying ‘that will go straight to my ass’? Yes I have one of those body types that if I do put on any weight the first place it goes is straight to my a**! …. and well I’ve just learnt to embrace it and love it.

So how do I embrace it and make it work in my favour?

I know longer think of my behind as a problem area but rather put my focus on it femininity and strength. I focus on creating strong, toned gluts (your bottom muscle) so that it looks fabulous give or take a little bit of weight fluctuation and I feel fit, healthy and confident all the time.

Your gluteal muscles along with your core are your centre of stability in daily life and therefore another reason to work on strengthening them for total health and wellbeing.

Within my group clients sessions over the last couple of weeks we have been focusing on a themed body part each week. Last week as you probably guessed it was gluts.

So here you have it an embrace the booty workout adapted from one of the group session I ran with my clients last week. This particular booty workout is very squat condensed- have fun! 🙂

Embrace Your Booty Workout

Complete each stage of the booty workout as fast as you can without a break. Then take a quick break before progressing onto the following stage or starting the round again.

Really focus on sitting back like your sitting in a seat with each squat and on activating those glut muscles as much as possible rather than the quad muscles.


Stage 1:

10x squat jumps

Run up 20-30 stairs or with a single step or bench do 20-30 fast steps ups.

10x narrow squat jumps


10x sumo squat jumps



Stage 2:

10x squat & kick each leg


10x squat with 10 squat pulses each


10x squat & lunge each leg



Now repeat 2-4 times!


Let me know how you feel post booty workout in the comments below.

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