Day 2 of my Nutrition Cleanse!

Day 2 started with a natural protein and superfood kick and then onto the fresh fruit and veg throughout the rest of the day ending with a larger meal.

So here was my day 2:

~ Started the day with 1x glass of warm filtered water with apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper.

~ Next I consumed  2 jars of a nutrient rich natural protein smoothie throughout the morning.

Smoothie Cleanse

This Chai, Dandelion and Cinnamon smoothie contained an organic banana, cinnamon, dandelion and chai tea infused almond milk, coconut oil, chia seeds, raw honey and an organic raw egg.

~ Lunch time was nori, hummus & veggie (cucumber, coriander, capsicum, bean sprouts) rolls.

~ Then more juice- 1.5L through out the afternoon.

Juice Cleanse Juice Cleanse

Rockmelon, lettuce, aloe vera, cucumber, lemon, filtered water and ice.

~ Snacks & extras included wheat grass shot, turmeric tonic, lots of filtered water & a natural protein bar.

~ Dinner was grilled fish and salad. Followed by herbal tea and a couple of my guilt free earthling bites again.

One more day to go!

Day 1 of my Nutritional Cleanse 


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