Day 1 of my Nutrition Cleanse!

Ok now I love my smoothies and juices but to have only smoothies or juices for a number of days straight, well lets just say I think our relationship would change…. and to think of the day I lose interest in smoothie bowls, well that would just be a very sad day.

So here is day 1 of a 3 day cleanse I constructed for myself that I find both enjoyable and effective in cleansing my body and giving it a nutritional boost. It includes solids, contains only nourishing whole food ingredients, is flexible, filling and doesn’t leave me grumpy and headachy.

So here was my day 1:

~ Upon waking; 1x glass of warm filtered water with apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper.

~ I then made up 2 L of Veggie juice to consume throughout the morning. I make my juices in my thermomix as it allows me to use the whole fruit or vegetable and consume the fibre and pulp that often is discarded during the juicing process. Less wastage, more nutrition + a lot more filling.

Juice cleanse

 This juice consisted of kale, celery, green apple, fresh mint leaves, cucumber, beetroot + filtered water.

 ~ I also consumed another 1 L of filtered water throughout the morning. A lot of liquids I know!!

~Now my aim is not to lose weight over the next 3 days but rather cleanse my system and provide my body with a nutritional boost. My guide for lunch day 1 is to consume an easily digestible, whole food, gluten/ dairy/ sugar free solid that is about 60% carb and 40% protein. So for lunch  I consumed 2 pieces of organic whole grain gluten free toast with cashew spread.

~ Throughout the afternoon I consumed 600ml of my Almond Butter & Cinnamon Smoothie.


Smoothie cleanse

This contained almond milk, filtered water, coconut oil, almond butter/ spread, cinnamon, Himalayan salt & ice.

~ For dinner was the remaining 600ml of my Almond Butter & Cinnamon smoothie + a big bowl of lightly stir fried carrots and broccoli with black tahini on top & half an avocado.

~ Also as snacks and extras throughout the day I had one of my Natural Protein Bars, strawberries & a spiralina shot + more filtered water.

~ I ended the night with a cup of herbal tea and a few of my Guilt Free Earthling Bites, because even when cleansing I need my after dinner chocolate hit.

Day 1 done with 9 servings of veg, 2x fruit + a wide range of other whole food nutrients. 2 more days to go!

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