Creating a Holistic Fitness Routine!

For a healthy balanced body, the body needs a healthy balance of different movements, intensities and styles of exercise. Creating a holistic fitness program prevents injury, plateau in fitness results, burn out and stress on the body. A holistic exercise program like those offered through our BareVitality training allows the body to work at its best.

As a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Running Coach and Holistic Lifestyle Coach I have really been able to experiment with the benefits on myself and clients of a complete holistic fitness routine.

Benefits include:

  • A clear and healthy mind
  • A lean, strong and powerful physic
  • An energised system
  • Progressive results
  • Fast recovery
  • A proactive lifestyle in assisting the prevention of injury and illness


I encourage my clients to choose 2 high intensity sessions a week and 2 more gentle sessions and then fill the other days with either yoga, walking, gentle jogging + always stretching.

Its really important to also make sure you choose movement you enjoy!!

Balmain Group Personal Training

@claudiabeyer_barevitality:  BareVitality Balmain Twilight Yoga Flow Class

A holistic fitness routine needs to be flexible. If your feeling run down or stressed, you may need more walking and restorative movement that week. Another option is reducing the intensity of your usual sessions. For example I suggest to my group girls if they are just not feeling full of energy, swop the squat jumps to squats and stair runs to walks or an extra water break.

Turning up and just moving your body is what matters!


My Holistic Fitness Routine over the last week looked something like this;

Monday: Track Interval Running Training (my favourite) 

Tuesday: Yoga + 15 min walk to and from yoga

Wednesday: Light 5km recovery jog + Yin Class

Thursday: Moderate Kettlebell strength + body resistance exercises

Friday: Yoga + 15 min walk to and from yoga

Saturday: Parkrun event (5km)

Sunday: Social walk with a friend


And again every week is a bit different. Currently my main fitness goal is in creating a balance between running training and yoga practice. If I’m training for a running event in particular I will often pick up and switch to more yin yoga classes to help with the muscle recovery and injury prevention. Complementing the harder efforts in my running sessions with a restorative practice.

Its all about balance.

Create a holistic fitness routine that makes you feel alive, energised and most importantly, balanced.



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