Creating A Bedroom Oasis

After a long day, it’s nice to relax and catch up on some precious sleep. The environment you sleep in is so important to the quality of rest, therefore our bedroom should be a place where we feel happy & peaceful. Creating a bedroom oasis with the feng shui happening helps us create a calm & happy centre to get the rest we need for our health and wellbeing. Here are our simple tips in organising an optimal environment for a good nights sleep!

Create Your Perfect Bedroom Oasis:

  • Feng shui in the bedroom starts with the simple step of reducing clutter in your room. So, keep it tidy & minimalistic!
  • Try to position the bed against a wall, across from the door. Avoid the door being too close to your head however.
  • Choose colours that make you feel calm & happy. Claudia finds neutral colours a great option to avoid overstimulating the mind before sleep.
  • Have visible items that bring you joy when you look at them. It’s easy to have unnecessary pieces on your bedside table but try to avoid this. Place the rest in a draw near by!
  • No TV in the room & minimal power points in use and hide power cords. Place cords behind dressers or tables and keep them covered.
  • Open the windows and allow fresh air in daily! If the air you breathe in is “stuffy”, good feng shui can’t happen. We also recommend a good quality air-purifier!
  • Include indoor plants to purify the air and place them not too close to the bed to keep the feng shui?
  • Befriend essential oils. Claudia loves using them on her pillow or in a defuser. She is currently using a “Sleep Time” blend.
  • Stay on top of dust & mould.
  • And most importantly – create a space that makes you happy!

Having good feng shui & creating your bedroom oasis is soothing to the soul. It promotes nourishing energy and helps us to sleep better. So, why not put these steps into action and get creating your perfect bedroom oasis! Check out our post to see the reasons why rest is essential for our bodies.

Happy Sleeping!


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