Create Every Day

Create Every Day

Everyday is a blank canvas waiting to be painted on

and we hold the paintbrush to create the picture we desire.

From the moment you wake up you are faced with the option to bring a positive attitude to your day or allow daily stress or circumstances to shadow the potential of what could have been a vibrant, beautiful day.

We can either choose to appreciate and hold value on all the little things, painting their details in our heart and souls or we can rush past them and only absorb a tiny snapshot of the magic and happiness our day could hold for us.

You may run out of inspiration- reach out to those around you. Seeking support is not a sign of weakness but rather strength and remember we can do anything but not everything in this life time.

The colours you were after may not have turned out as expected- roll with it, add a bit more of this and a bit more of that and create the next best thing or make this obstacle into something even better than planned.

You may even run out of paint- bring out the lippy with confidence and a radiant smile and print lips all over your canvas, knowing you have the inner strength to own your own happiness and life path.

I endeavour to paint my daily canvas with bright vibrant colours, focusing on the things that make me happy and bring value to my daily existence. This doesn’t mean I ignore complications or not so wonderful things that arise, I just choose to not bring focus to them. Somedays will naturally have a bit more gray than blue and that is OK. ┬áThese are the days for reflection and to inspire bigger and more beautiful master pieces for the days to come.

Feel empowered to create every day with the feelings, memories and small steps leading to the happy life you deserve to own.



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