Cleansing With Sage Ritual

Before we moved into our new home I bought a big bundle of sage to cleanse the space or all energy and spirits and make it ours. Smudging sage or cleansing with sage is a beautiful healing ritual to create a clear slate to ones body, mind or space. In my opinion, essential when moving into a new place, when diving into deep personal shifts &/ or meditative states and when you associate negativity with anything or anyone.

Sage derived from the Latin word “salvere”, which means “to heal.”

Below I have outlined a guide to creating your own cleansing with sage ritual of a space and your person in that space.

Space Cleansing With Sage Ritual:

  1. Open all windows, cupboards and doors to allow all that is negative to leave.
  2. Light the sage smudge stick at a 45 degree angle & allow to burn for 20 seconds or so. Blow out the flames gently, allowing it to smoulder.
  3. Set your intention for the ritual. I like to use – “I clear this space of all that is bad & negative & anything that is not aligned with love & light”.
  4. Start by cleansing & blessing yourself, head to feet with the smoke.
  5. Then your home or space. Start at the front door & move clock wise around the home focusing on spreading the smoke in every corner & cupboard. You can continue to chant the intention or your ritual as you make your way through the space.
  6. Conclude back at the front door where you began.
  7. Extinguish the sage by smothering the top using a fireproof surface, sand or dirt. Avoid using water so you are able to use the sage again.
  8. Leave all cupboards, windows and doors open for ideally a couple hours or as long as you can to allow all energy to release and exit  from you space and also the sage smoke smell to die down.


I usually buy my sage from Natures Energy.

While cleansing your home and space, you may like to look at ways to create a more eco friendly home..

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