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I received a lot of feedback from a post I shared a month back on social media regarding my pregnancy struggles and asking for help! Many people messaged in saying how much they could relate to this topic and how they would love to know what holistic lifestyle practices I have been implementing to assist with my mental wellbeing during pregnancy and sleep.

As per my post, I am now also about to start seeing a councillor to just have someone to chat to (where there is no thoughts of burdening them with your feelings) and to take the load off and share the”responsibility”.  This is provided through my hospital and most hospitals have pre and post natal support available so make sure to ask for help if you are struggling. It is such an important topic that does not get spoken about enough.

I personally didn’t expect to struggle with my mental wellbeing during pregnancy and it hit me pretty much overnight, out of no where in my second trimester. Attached to often is the stigma that if your not 100% happy during pregnancy you are either ungrateful/ a bad mum/ won’t love your child… But guess what! None of this is true. Pregnancy is a whirl wind of change both physically and emotionally. It creates chemical chaos in your body and can bring up emotional trauma and pain that you didn’t even know still existed. So take a few deep breathes, know that you are doing amazing and remember to just take it one day at a time, asking for help as needed along the way!

So here you have it, a list of the things I have implemented that have helped me. They are not always full proof but they do help and have allowed me to manage symptoms of anxiety, insomnia and on/ off mild depression.

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STRUGGLE – Asking For Help // I have honestly loved pregnancy despite earlier on saying to my husband “we are NEVER having another child again” after throwing up for the 5th time that day ? It has been such a beautiful bonding experience to share as a couple as well as personally, an amazing spiritual journey. It certainly has had its challenges, like many wonderful journeys. While I am beyond excited & many moments in my day reflect the above smile on my face, there has been struggle. So today at my midwife appointment I asked for help. We had already set up with my midwifes extra support post pregnancy to avoid postnatal depression however during I thought I would be fine. Unexpectedly a couple months ago I was suddenly struck with anxiety & insomnia out of no where. Two symptoms common in pregnancy, yet knowing this doesn’t necessarily make it easier. The two feed off each other & depression can creep in very easily. I feel blessed to know so many lifestyle tools to assist and while all these holistic practices have helped significantly in management, the responsibility feels overwhelming & exhausting (even with my husband 100% support). Asking for professional help & having someone to chat with (where you feel no burden on them) takes the load off & shares the “responsibly”. Ps. Appointment Update: baby is very healthy, active & measuring perfectly ☺️ Can’t wait to meet you little girl & looking forward to taking some of this mental load off so I can be more grounded & present for your arrival ? X #33weekspregnant

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Mental Wellbeing During Pregnancy – What Helped Me!

  • A solid bedtime routine!! Aiming to go to bed at a similar time each night.
  • Wind down for at least an hour prior to bed. For me usually 2 hours is necessary.
  • Avoid stimulation as much as possible e.g.. phones, laptops, stimulating music/ books/ TV shows/ conversations.
  • Really using my skincare routine as a nurturing meditative practice of self love. I am currently using pregnancy safe natural products from Akin, Trilogy, Andalou and The Jojoba Company. I like to mix and match!
  • Thinking of it like getting my baby to sleep – routine, nurture and calm.
  • Creating a routine of shower, skincare, dinner, mindless book or TV with a cup of tea and little chocolate.
  • Make my sleep environment calm, clutter free and comfortable temperature.
  • Using a fan as both white noise and air circulation.
  • Using ear plugs. No idea why but this one works better than most the other tips despite there is no noise in the room other than the fan.
  • Avoiding thinking about going to sleep! If I ever think about it, the anxiety around sleep would increase and I have no chance.
  • As soon as I put my head on the pillow to go to sleep I don’t think about what I am about to do, rather focus on slow mindful breathes and visualise my body clear and relaxed. Visually systematically releasing every inch of my body. This is a form of meditation.
  • I also use a visualisation of my body as a tree. Sturdy and grounded in the earth and any thoughts, feeling and sense of anxiety are the leaves on the above branches in which I can release off the tree.
  • The BareVitality Studio program meditations have also been helpful to follow along to.
  • Using Rescue Remedy drops. Its pregnancy safe and receives mild stress and anxiety.
  • Supplementing with magnesium.
  • Consuming lots of grounding foods – root veggies, wholegrain, spices..
  • Keeping my digestion as healthy as I can. An unbalanced gut causes so many mental health imbalances.
  • Enjoying treats mindfully!  This brings me joy so why not! Usually its my favourite chocolate.
  • Baking!! No joke this has really helped. Cookies have been a favourite. With these 2 recipes my go-to’s: Choc Chip Cookies Choc Nut Fudge Cookies
  • Physical contact with others I feel comfortable with. Eg. Hugs, massages..
  • Massaging oil into bump everyday. This is both great for the skin + such a beautiful nurturing and bonding practice. I am currently using Weleda Pregnancy range.
  • Moving my body in some way everyday. Yoga, light resistance exercises, walking, swimming. I have been following The BareVitality Studio movement program.
  • A walk in the fresh air after finishing work for the day to shut off.
  • Journaling out everything and anything in your head.
  • This is a time to spoil myself before much of  my attention goes into bub. I have treated myself to a few spa visits, a new outfit, self dates out to lunch or just an ice-cream in the park.
  • Slowing down life ALOT, saying no more often to create space for the right “YES” things in my life. Plus really reducing/ avoiding contact with anyone who does not make me feel happy and uplifted.
  • Laughing and singing everyday. It works!! Also just making sure you fit in “play”.
  • Focusing on all the beautiful and amazing aspects of my body and self in being able to grow a human.


There is a lot and I definitely don’t do them all everyday. I choose what I need that day, while keeping some an everyday routine. It has taken a lot of trial and error and needs constant adjustments however these practices have really helped me and whether your pregnant or not they hopefully may help you.

Holistic living is the balance of discipline & surrender.

Prioritising whats important to YOU.

A bit of trial and error to learn what works for your individual body and lifestyle needs.

Understanding that our health and happiness is a result of balance between multiple areas of our lifestyle not just fitness or eating healthy or getting enough sleep. The mindset that in order to feel Vitality we need to strip back Bare and create and maintain balance in all areas of our life.

Movement = Work Out & Work In.

Nutrition = Nourish & Nurture.

Wellbeing = Work Smart & Play Often.

@thebarevitalitystudio Online Program is launching next week to help guide you through daily life. Little steps creating BIG changes to your health, fitness, success & happiness.

A lifestyle program designed through 8 years working on the floor, researching and leading in the health, fitness and wellness industry.

The program I personally live by. Resulting from a huge amount of personal trial & error to figure out how to thrive in modern society with an autoimmune conditions + trailed & tested on over 300 females with different health statuses, lifestyles, ages, and goals.

Health. Fitness. Wellbeing. Let’s be honest, it can be all so over whelming!

So we at @thebarevitalitystudio have listened & are creating an interactive, simple & effective guided holistic lifestyle program.

Its time to get real, raw & strip back to BAREVITALITY.


studio.barevitality.com launching 8th August 2019 

Most of us have it – cellulite! Cellulite is fat deposits just beneath the skin. Therefore, it can be seen lumpy on the lower body such as thighs, hips, buttocks but also on the stomach. The reason why we have cellulite varies a lot. It can appear on our body as a result of age, hormones, genetic reasons, poor diet and lifestyle choices. Unfortunately, some get more cellulite than others, still, it is possible to reduce cellulite and create a smoother appearance of your skin! Cellulite isn’t harmful and is actually REALLY NORMAL, however  it can affect our confidence, especially when spending time at the beach or wearing particular clothes. Here are some of our tips to reduce the appearance of cellulite and more importantly some beautiful practices to include in your ‘self care’ routine:

Ways To Reduce Cellulite:


When we exercise and sweat, we also remove toxins through the skin. This is great for blood circulation and reducing cellulite. Try high-intensity exercises such as running, skipping, HIIT training, boxing.. etc and also low-intensity exercises such as yoga or walking are highly effective. The more you move, the more you increase your circulative system and body temperature. This helps transport nutrients to required places and soften fats to be metabolised and eliminated by higher body temperature.


Look after your lymphatic system by nourish your body and providing a clean healthy diet.  The best way to reduce cellulite is eating high fibre foods and lots of cleansing greens. Avoid unhealthy processed foods, excess salt and instead eat more fresh vegetables & fruits. Keep it simple and fresh! Juicing is a great method to get fresh nutrients straight to the blood stream!


Water is essential to reducing and preventing cellulite. Drink lots of pure, filtered water to keep toxins flushing through the body. Water should be your number one drink. You can try adding lemon juice or fruit slices for flavour. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day and avoid too much coffee, sugary beverages and alcohol.

Swap salt

Instead of using refined table salt on your food, swap to Himalayan crystal salt. Refined salt is highly dehydrating and basically invites cellulite to your body. Himalayan salt is packed full of beneficial minerals.

Removing toxins out of the skin

Stimulate the lymphatic system through dry body brushing, infrared sauna and body scrub. Skin brushing can target areas of cellulite and help to eliminate toxins out of the body. Using a dry body brush for a few minutes, a few times per week will help to reduce cellulite and get smoother skin. You can try using a coffee scrub to massage your problem areas. The caffeine in the coffee has a tightening & cellulite reducing effect. Infrared saunas makes fat deposits soft at high temperatures + a wonderful reason to sit in stillness for 20 minutes. These are also all great ways to promote blood flow.

The appearance of glowing healthy skin

Body oils and moisturisers make your skin glow and appear healthy. Moisturised skin always looks better than dry skin. Natural options such as coconut oil works really well as a moisturiser. A layer of tan always helps to hide cellulite and make your skin appear healthy and smooth. Nowadays there are lots of natural fake tans to choose from!

If you have not tried pre -detoxing this is also a great way to nourish your body!


For a healthy balanced body, the body needs a healthy balance of different movements, intensities and styles of exercise. Creating a holistic fitness program prevents injury, plateau in fitness results, burn out and stress on the body. A holistic exercise program like those offered through our BareVitality training allows the body to work at its best.

As a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Running Coach and Holistic Lifestyle Coach I have really been able to experiment with the benefits on myself and clients of a complete holistic fitness routine.

Benefits include:

  • A clear and healthy mind
  • A lean, strong and powerful physic
  • An energised system
  • Progressive results
  • Fast recovery
  • A proactive lifestyle in assisting the prevention of injury and illness


I encourage my clients to choose 2 high intensity sessions a week and 2 more gentle sessions and then fill the other days with either yoga, walking, gentle jogging + always stretching.

Its really important to also make sure you choose movement you enjoy!!

Balmain Group Personal Training

@claudiabeyer_barevitality:  BareVitality Balmain Twilight Yoga Flow Class

A holistic fitness routine needs to be flexible. If your feeling run down or stressed, you may need more walking and restorative movement that week. Another option is reducing the intensity of your usual sessions. For example I suggest to my group girls if they are just not feeling full of energy, swop the squat jumps to squats and stair runs to walks or an extra water break.

Turning up and just moving your body is what matters!


My Holistic Fitness Routine over the last week looked something like this;

Monday: Track Interval Running Training (my favourite) 

Tuesday: Yoga + 15 min walk to and from yoga

Wednesday: Light 5km recovery jog + Yin Class

Thursday: Moderate Kettlebell strength + body resistance exercises

Friday: Yoga + 15 min walk to and from yoga

Saturday: Parkrun event (5km)

Sunday: Social walk with a friend


And again every week is a bit different. Currently my main fitness goal is in creating a balance between running training and yoga practice. If I’m training for a running event in particular I will often pick up and switch to more yin yoga classes to help with the muscle recovery and injury prevention. Complementing the harder efforts in my running sessions with a restorative practice.

Its all about balance.

Create a holistic fitness routine that makes you feel alive, energised and most importantly, balanced.


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