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A getaways does not need to be a week or two to gain the full benefits of a holiday. A quick day trip or an over nighter are just as worthwhile to recharge your energy & boost your mood. With minimal holiday leave it can be hard to get out of Sydney. Thats why we are big fans for little weekend getaways and day trips. It’s also a great way to catch up with friends or share some romantic time with your partner. Choosing accomadation is made so easy these days when you can find the perfect place using Airbnb. So find yourself a cosy little cottage to stay and relax! Just a wonderful way to make your weekend a little bit more special. See below a few of our favourite options for charming weekend getaways in NSW!

Charming Weekend Getaways In NSW

weekend getaways in nsw

Seal Rocks

A cosy and rather isolated beach town is the best way to describe Seal Rocks. Drive 3.5 hours and you will find beautiful Seal Rocks lighthouse, perfect surfing beaches, great diving opportunities, idyllic picnic areas to spend a weekend getaway. It’s close to Myall Lakes National Park which allows you to go camping if you wish.

weekend getaway in nsw

Southern Highlands

Escape from the city to admire colourful gardens, beautiful landscapes and waterfalls of the Southern Highlands, just a 90-minute drive from Sydney. It’s a perfect spot for a day trip adventure or relaxing weekend stay. You can take walks through the pine forests or choose from many cycling tracks for an active weekend. The Southern Highlands is also known for its fresh produce & wineries or why not participate at a health retreat. Make sure you visit the local markets and check out the many cute cafes.


weekend getaways in nsw


Under 5 hours drive from Sydney, there is a wine region with beautiful agricultural views. Orange is a wonderful spot for a weekend getaway in NSW full of history. Discover the Orange Regional Gallery which is one of the best rural galleries in Australia. Its also worth checking out the beautiful Anglican Church and definitely take the time to visit multiple wineries and enjoy all the delicious wine & food Orange has to offer!


weekend getaway in nsw

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is full of breathtaking views, beautiful lookouts and many great bush walks! This only 90-minute drive away from Sydney not only offers walking tracks but also other activities such as apple picking, a Japanese-style spa experience and the opportunity to learn about deep spiritual resonance at the Waradah Aboriginal Centre. Make sure you pack your camera and walking shoes!


weekend getaway in nsw

Jervis Bay

You wouldn’t believe the CBD is just a few hours away from this tropical paradise! Jervis Bay offers beautiful white sand beaches to relax and spot dolphins! Despite the tropical atmosphere, the area is more than just the beaches –  you experience a magical glamping time under fairy lights, plenty of opportunities to stay active and admire nature while cycling and perfect  picnic destination.


So what are you waiting for!  Choose yourself the perfect spot for what you feel you need from your next getaway and take yourself to a mindful break!



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No one likes Jet Lag!! Have you got a trip coming up soon where you will be traveling across different time zones and a long flight time ahead of you? Preparing for jet lag is key because arriving at your destination not feeling your best definitely postpones the fun. With jet lag you may experience symptoms such as insomnia and fatigue as well as other, check out here. Jet lag is inconvenient when you just want to enjoy your holiday or have to get straight back into work post-vacation. We therefore have gathered the below holistic tips to avoid jet lag!

Holistic Tips To Avoid Jet Lag :

Before Your Flight

Make sure you:

  • Eat a healthy meal with lots of fresh vegetables.
  • Drink plenty of water because it’s important to stay hydrated.
  • Exercise to keep your stress hormones low.
  • Sleep at the time of your destination. This will help your body to adapt with the time difference.


During Your Flight

While flying it’s important to:

  • Eat lighter snacks, choose fruits instead of sugar-loaded treats OR practise fasting to keep your body’s immune system strong.
  • Drink water or choose vegetable juice/coconut water to stay hydrated.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol because they will disrupts your sleep cycle.
  • Cover your body with moisturizer/oil, as another way to avoid your body drying out.
  • Wear comfortable clothes so your body can adjust to temperature changes.
  • Put on compression stockings to reduce the risk of swelling.
  • Rather than sitting all the time, walk around and stretch your body.
  • Use headphones and an eye mask to assist with sleep.
  • Avoid sleeping pills.
  • Download a meditation track as a good way to reduce in-flight anxiety.


After Your Flight

Try to remember:

  • Keep eating healthy food. Root vegetables are a good choice because they ground your body and connect you to the earth.
  • Add a magnesium supplement with your daily meals. This will help with stress and sleep.
  • Exercise and practice yoga to help your body recover after a long journey.
  • Above all, water is still your best friend.

So, your checklist to avoid jet lag is ready. Now feel free to check out our other healthy travel tips. Furthermore, we wish you a safe flight and pleasant travel!



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For many, camping is seen as a holiday for the brave hearted- think flies, mud, pitching up a tent in darkness and no electricity! You may be familiar with ‘glamping’, campings better dressed sibling! This style of camping will make even those who absolutely dread the idea of staying outdoors, want to! Imagine TV’s, baths and proper beds all while soaking up the benefits of the peaceful and quiet outdoors. Therefore we wanted to share with you 9 of the best glamping spots in Sydney..


Best Glamping Spots In Sydney:

Best Glamping Spots In Sydney

Cockatoo Island, Sydney

Cockatoo island is the largest island in Sydney harbour, a glamping experience with a view. Perfect for small families, without all the hassle and the convince of showers, kitchen and plenty of things to do so the kids are happy!

Check it out

Best Glamping Spots In Sydney

Tandara Luxury Safari, Lane Cove

Situated 10km north of CBD, you will be surrounded by beautiful  gardens with an unforgettable experience of nature. Relax in the tents filled with an ensuite, TV and deluxe kitchen, all while being eco friendly and sustainable.

Check it out

Best Glamping Spots In Sydney

Roar & Snore, Mosman

This is a must do for locals and visitors of Sydney. You can get up close and personal with the wide range of animals at Taronga Zoo. Even better as you relax in beautiful tents with a view of Sydney harbour, making it one of the best glamping spots in Sydney.

Check it out

Best Glamping Spots In Sydney

South Coast Retreat, Greenwell Point

Here you will get an African style safari experience, minus the air travel. These safari type tents are the perfect glamping experience with an oak queen bed, warm alpaca blankets and fairy lights. It also has all kitchen appliances, a large modern bathroom, and fire pit.

Check it out

Best Glamping Spots In Sydney

Paperbark Camp, Jervis Bay

Paperbark Camp is a family owned business combines luxury tent accommodation with fine food and wine, with a peaceful bush setting. This gem is tucked near the sandy white beaches of Jervis Bay. With an open air private ensuite and a comfortable king bed, theres no fear of bugs biting you…. because lets be honest, thats why most of us don’t like camping.

Check it out

Best Glamping Spots In Sydney

Tanja Lagoon Camp, Tanja

Nestled in Mimosa Rocks National Park, Tanja Lagoon Camp offers luxurious safari tent bedrooms overlooking a coastal lagoon. This is a superb glamping experience surrounded by a vibrant natural habitat.

Check it out

Best Glamping Spots In Sydney

Atlantic Guesthouses, Byron Bay

Situated in holistic and herbal Byron bay, these guesthouses are a luxury escape, perfect for a weekend away.

Check it out

Best Glamping Spots In Sydney

Sierra Escape, Mudgee

This glamping experience is the perfect location to enjoy the sunset after a day of winery hopping. The tents offer everything from king beds to baths and fireplaces, all while being eco friendly.

Check it out

Best Glamping Spots In Sydney

Entrance Holiday Park, Lake Conjola

This affordable family- friendly holiday park boasts crystal clear waters and uninterrupted views across the lake.

Check it out


So what are you waiting for, go ahead and choose one of the best glamping spots in Sydney to experience that camping lifestyle… in a more stylish way!

I had the pleasure of visiting Billabong Health Retreat based just an hour out of Sydney a few months back and had the most amazingly restorative stay.

Daily Yoga, whole food vegetarian meals, meditation, bush land, friendly staff and eco-friendly facilities made for the perfect little Sydney escape! After my stay I was really keen to chat to Paul & Tory, the pair responsible for creating and running this blissful oasis! They have been able to share with us the in’s and out’s of the journey!


Billabong Retreat

Paul & Tory

Behind The Scenes Of Running A Health Retreat:

1) Tell us more about the idea behind Billabong Retreat?

Our vision was to create somewhere where people could come and reconnect to the nature and life within them and around them. We respect the ancient wisdom and are excited by the modern science. We do not promote any religion and are open to all people of any belief or background.
Billabong Retreat is a place to find peace of mind, contentment and discover inner wellness. It is somewhere to rediscover the magic of life and find meaning, connection and purpose. It is a place of heart and kindness.


2) Had Billabong been a long term dream in the making? What initially inspired you to start up this beautiful place?

Billabong Retreat is the creation of Paul & Tory von Bergen who purchased the land in 2008 and moved from their small 70m2 unit in Bondi to 44,000m2 of pristine Australian bush! Paul had been working in corporate marketing and after a business failure had found himself living in Thailand next to a yoga and health retreat and found his life transformed. Tory had been travelling around Australia in a combi painting abstract landscapes of the outback bush. They met at a yoga class in Bondi, hooked up, produced twin boys, put on Earth Festival and then Paul’s mum needlessly died. This triggered Paul & Tory to delay no further, put fear aside and follow their dreams. They bought Billabong shortly after.


3) What were the most challenging aspects when initially starting up the retreat?

After an extremely challenging process in securing approval, Paul designed and owner built the retreat himself, mainly due to lack of finances. It opened in 2010 with Tory cooking all the food and Paul teaching all the yoga and trying to look after the twins and their new arrival Jade in-between. It has grown a little since then.


4) The food served while I was staying was utterly amazing!! Tell us more about Billabongs food philosophy?

We serve vegetarian food not because we promote vegetarianism, but because we believe on average people don’t eat enough vegetables and we want to inspire our guests to eat more by showing them how amazing and yummy they can be! All of our food applies the SLOW principles, Season, Local, Organic and Wholefoods.


Billabong Retreat


5) I loved how Billabong was an eco- friendly retreat! What environmental practices do you have in place at Billabong and why do you feel these are so important?

We are a fully certified eco retreat. We built the retreat and operate the retreat with our environmental impact top of mind. Some of our achievements include:
• Using recycled telegraph poles for doors & windows
• Recycled timber decks
• Photovoltaic power
• Solar hot water
• Rainwater collection
• On-site grey water system
• Avoid single use packaging
• Recycled paper products
We realise we can always do more and operate with a view of continuous improvement. We believe it is important to look after the nature around us as well as the nature within us.


6) What would you say are the ongoing ‘secret ingredients’ behind the scenes that helped Billabong be the talked about, successful eco-retreat it is today?

Very hard work, patience, drive and a heart felt knowledge that we were creating something good!


Thank you for sharing with us at BareVitality Tory and Paul!


You can follow Billabong Retreat and find out more below:

Website: www.billabongretreat.com.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/billabongretreat
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/billabongretreat


The easiest way to stay healthy and fit while traveling or on holidays is to pre research health cafes and fitness studio’s and good running/ walking tracks. I therefore have compiled a list of New York’s Best Fitness Studios & Healthy Eats from my last New York trip.

Would love your favourite places and tips as well! Comment below with any suggestions! x

New Yorks best fitness studios and Healthy Eats

New York’s Best Fitness Studios & Healthy Eats

New York Healthy Eats


A great spot for quick, easy and healthy whole foods. They do a great, real deal Bulletproof Coffee. I also got a chia pot and whole food smoothie.


Rustic Table

I ordered the Avocado Smash and a matcha latte. In the Hell’s Kitchen Area!


ABC Kitchen

More of a restaurant and the food is absolutely incredible! Don’t forget to pre book!! We went here for my birthday dinner after so many people had recommended it! We ordered the Tuna Sashimi, Snow Pea and Edamae Salad, Beef dish and Cream Brûlée (as a birthday treat).


Miss Korea

A mean based around longevity health and lines out the door. This place in amazing and serves all these incredible extra side dishes to complement your mean. The dishes are huge so you may want to share!!! In Korea Town area.


Sun In Bloom

In Brooklyn and a vegan menu beyond amazing!! I enjoyed the Gluten Free Pancakes and a Brazil Nut Cocao Milk.


Blank Slate

This was our local coffee shop. Great coffee and on-the-go granola berry cups.


Two Hands 

Started up by an Australian as a place that does great Brunch!!! Another amazing spot for coffee & the corn fritters were a winner!! Set in the Little Italy area!



A great healthy burger joint franchise for a filling wholesome meal. I went with one of their traditional burgers in the Collard Greens Wrap + Sweet Potato Fries!


Chelsea Markets 

  • Beyond Sushi The Green Roll – black rice options and all vegan sushi joint!
  • Seed & Mill – Tahini Ice Cream!
  • Los Tacos 101 – The lines are so worth it I promise!!


New York Healthy Food

Repost @claudiabeyer_barevitality

Whole Foods Market

You have probably already heard of Whole Foods before but seriously they are the best place to top up of veggies and wholesome eats from their help yourself food bar while traveling. We filled boxes from Whole Foods a few times for picnics in Central Park. Whole foods cafe also do a good Bulletproof Coffee.



Set in Williamsburg but worth the trip! A friend recommended it to me and I was not disappointed! Platers of amazing vegan Ethiopian cuisine.


Fine & Raw Chocolate Factory

A Raw Chocolate Factory also set in Williamsburg and has the best raw hot chocolates.


New York Fitness

New York Fitness Studios 

Soul Cycle

Ensured a very tough workout with a cycle class run to the beat of music and dimmed lights!


Ballet Beautiful 

Started up by the Ballet Beautiful Online Program and YouTube Channel!


Body By Simone

My favourite!! I had so much fun. No dancing ability needed thankfully!

And of course you can’t go by a walk, jog or cycle through Central Park!

Unfortunately these were the only ones I was able to tick off while getting over a flu at the time. Hopefully next trip I can add lots more fitness spots!

New York’s Best Fitness Studios & Healthy Eats

Ever since I got back from my first silent retreat, EVERYONE has been full of questions and wanting to know how I survived!! To be honest it really was not that hard to stay silent for 4 days much to my surprise… but firstly let me give you a bit of background info!

So about a bit over a month ago I jumped on a plane and headed to Ubud for my usual yearly ‘down time’ where I just immerse myself in the culture, yoga and the health scene of Bali. After a very crazy last half of 2016, I felt I really needed to utilise this trip to work through some blocks and really slow down… and what better way to do that than to book myself into a silent retreat.

Silent Retreat


Day 1:

I was picked up from my accommodation in Ubud and driven for an hour and a half up the mindy hills to the retreat, with 3 stops along the way- if you know me, you will be aware I get terrible motion sickness!!! Bali roads (and particularly their hills) have me turn into a wreck!!

Once we arrived I pretty much stepped out of the car and lay on the ground for 5 minutes thinking THANK GOODNESS to be on ‘still’ earth. Im sure my driver was like, ‘has this girl never been in a car before’!!!!!

Anyway back to the retreat! I will skip all the boring details of getting checked in and settled and fast forward to lunch!! Everyday lunch was served from 11.30am and was a spread of fresh salad ingredients, toppings and  homemade sourdough. We were each allocated a set of a wooden plate, bowl, tray, cup and cutlery in which we were responsible for.

With a full tummy I then sunk into a bean bag and dug into a book!!! I got so much reading time in while on the silent retreat. It was bliss!

At 2pm I walked along the gorgeous little green path until I met the open air, octagonal tent where we practiced gentle asana’s and then sat for our guided meditation. I must say it took me a good 2 days to really let go and be able to focus without resistance for the 3 hours.

Silent Retreat

Next I got in an early shower before dinner. We had open air, shared showers (quite the experience).

Dinner was incredible. Buffet style spread of whole food vegetarian goodness straight from the garden. Think veggie soups, lentil hot pots, raw lasagne, salads, sautéed veg, roast veggie chips, red rice dishes + so much more.. and then delicious healthy treats for dessert.

All the food was gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and produced by amazing whole food chefs. We were so spoilt!!!

After dinner we all got in a bit more reading time and no jokes lights were off by 7.30pm. You had the choice to continue reading with a night light or get straight to the beauty sleep for a 5.30am rise the next morning.


Day 2: 

The gong goes off and in the dark we throw on some clothes, with layers (it was surprisingly really really cold at that time in the mountains) and with our torches walk along the little paths to the octagonal tent for our morning meditation and Yin Yoga practice.

3 hours later in a very blissful state we walked back up to the communal lodge for breakfast. A beautiful wholesome spread of fruits, granolas, warm rice porridge, scrambled duck eggs (most nutrient rich eggs) , savoury breakfast muffins, breakfast salad + more!


Silent Retreat


The rest of the day was much the same as Day 1 – Eat, Read, Eat, Flow, Meditate, Eat and Sleep. Pretty good life I must say!!!


Day 3 & 4: 

A repeat of the above with an outing on day 3 to a natural hot spring. The most picture perfect setting, and despite it started pouring with rain about 10 minutes in, the magic was just heightened.

Silent Retreat

Other than catching some horrible virus going around the retreat at the time, my stay of reflecting inwards left me with more than I anticipated.

I left feeling truely grounded and clear in my thoughts. I found myself craving quite, self time more regularly than normal and having awareness of the energy saved through this.

I was able to be more in-tune with my body, its needs and the energy around me.

The greatest lesson taken from my stay, was the highlighted truth that each individual is truely responsible for themselves and their own happiness.

When we take talking and interaction out of the equation of everyday life, we can feel light in knowing we are not responsible to anyone else’s state of mind. Purely our own. We do not need to seek approval, make a good impression, be concerned about what others may be thinking. We are just in a little bubble of our own pure self. Purely responsible for our own happiness.

While I was amongst the company of others continuously, I had never felt so blissfully alone. So with the realisation that as soon as you take talking and interaction with others out of the equation, you can instantly feel so much more care free and centred… it got me thinking! In daily life we usually are needing to interact continuously with others and as a result we automatically turn more outwards.

So how can we balance this?

How can we live more inwards in our little self love bubble while the rest of the world demands attention?

Simple!!! Always attend to your little bubble first before opening yourself out to the rest of the world. This can be as simple as tapping inwards for a few seconds before responding to any stimulous.

Its is OK to close your bubble on conversations or interactions that cause you to feel anything less than how you want to feel. Remember it your responsibility to control your happiness and a lesson for those around you to learn to be responsible for their own.

Sometimes the greatest gift we can give others is the example of self fulfilment. 

Have you been to a silent retreat before?

What were your experiences?


Bali Silent Retreat 

Most people have this perception that when they go away they will just pause their health & fitness goals and routine! Health is a LIFESTYLE my loves and therefore going away whether it be for work or pleasure is part of your lifestyle. Your health routine may need to be adjusted when your not in your usual environment, however it does not need to go on pause. I have put together these simple healthy travel tips to assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle when your not at home.

I would love to hear what you find helps you stay on track while traveling? Let us know your healthy travel tips in the comments below.


Healthy Travel Tips

  • Pack simply! Sounds silly however over packing or packing many unnecessary items weighs us down. It makes the whole concept of going away ‘heavy’. But don’t forget your activewear 🙂


  • Bring your own stainless steel water bottle (glass water bottles and travel usually don’t mix)! This allows you to have water on you at all times to stay hydrated. Travel can have a huge toll on the body, particularly if a flight is involved. So include at least an extra litre on those travel days. When you have access to filtered taps/ jugs, fill your bottle up, drink it all and then refill it again to save for later.


  • Pack the snacks! I bring a handful of non perishable healthy snacks in my bag so I always have something on hand when the tummy starts to rumble or blood sugar levels drop. Think singular packaged bliss balls or raw health bars.


  • The magic potions! When ever I travel I bring along a little bottle of flower essences. You can get drops particularly for travel. Currently I am actually bringing around the Rescue Remedy Flower Essence in my day to day bag. A few drops under the tongue is such a lovely way to ground yourself. I sometimes also throw in lavender oil to dab on the temples or my pillow case in an evening to settle the mind and body into a new environment ready for sleep. Magnesium is also a great supplement to include when traveling.


  • Maintain your daily routine as much as possible. Start the day with a big glass of warm water, 10 minute meditation or gratitude practice and then maybe tick off your workout or yoga flow for the day before jumping in the shower. End the day as well with your usual before bed routine.


  • You may not have the ingredients or tools to whip up your own fresh smoothie or juice, however make it a priority to get your liquid gold in each day from a local juice bar or cafe. Make sure you have some greens in there 🙂


  • Before traveling do a quick research of what local health food are available or on your first day go for a bit of an explore. I love Instagram tags for this e.g.. #melbournehealthcafes.


  • One of the best things about traveling is being able to explore new places. So put on your runners and get out there either walking or jogging. My last trip to Melbourne with a friend we ended up walking 16km without even trying on one of the days. Just going from cafe to shop, cafe to shop! In saying that my legs were exhausted by the end of the day haha!!


  • What fitness activities can you do while away? Is their something available that you have never tried before? Eg. rock climbing, surfing.. What yoga studios are around that you could give a try? Bush walks close by? Can you include a mini HIIT (high intensity interval training) session in your hotel room in the morning? Get creative and active!!


Happy and healthy travels xx

I am in absolute health foodie heaven when visiting Bali!

Fresh, whole food dishes and drinks prepared with love. Health cafes spotted everywhere with menu options like you have never seen before. Super nutritional ingredients sourced at their best, in meals that promise all sorts of health magic.

You can check out A Day On My Plate In Bali Here! 

There is most certainly another side of Bali I am sure you have heard of. Where poor quality alcohol is abundant and food is adapted to Westerners taste buds and with the possible likeliness to leave you with Bali belly.

So where do I find these best bali health cafes?

From my most recent trip to Bali I have complied my favourite spots to eat in Bali. On my travels I spent time in Seminyak, Gili Trawangan (an island just off the Bali boarder) and Ubud. Would love you to contribute any Bali health cafes you would recommend in other areas in comments below or tag #barevitality in your Bali health adventures on Instagram.

Best Bali Health Cafes


Earth Cafe – amazingly large range of raw, vegan and vegetarian dishes. Lots of gluten free and dairy free options available. The best smoothie and juice lists!

Sea Circus – juices are fab and their breakfasts are worth visiting for.

Revolver Cafe – best almond milk coffees in town. The polenta chips are incredible too 🙂

Divine Earth – right next to a yoga studio, this one was always the choice for post yoga brekky and smoothie.

Slightly off cafes however these were awesome Seminyak dinner spots:

Mama San Restaurant – absolute high light of my Seminyak stay! Make sure you book and dress up. This place is amazing and food is exceptional.

Kultur – great local, cheap food! The sautéed greens were a favourite.


Gili Trawangan:

Kucafe – conveniently located to our accommodation, this one was a regular. The halloumi and lentil salad was a favourite as were the raw chocolate treats.

Garden Cafe – situated at The Yoga Place. Great vegan and gluten free options.

Dinner spots:

Scallywags – big fresh self serve salad bar and choose your piece of fresh seafood to be grilled for you.

Night Markets – similar to Scallywags you chose your seafood or meat to be BBQ’d for you and take a pic from an array of rice, veggie and other local dishes to add to the side.



If your after the health scene Ubud is the place to hang!

Kafe – this was our local Bali health cafe. Over my 2 weeks in Ubud I had many a meal here. Everything on this menu is amazing and so healthy!!

Clear Cafe – their raw treats and fresh juices are my favourite.

Dayu’s Warung – the most amazingly compressed menu of high quality nutrient dense dishes. The mixed plate options were my favourite where you got to try lots of bits and pieces. Local prices as well so you can get a huge meal, organic juice and raw dessert for easily under $10 Aus.

Bali Buda – another amazing health inspired menu.

Yoga Barn Cafe – a local hang out while I spent a lot of time at their studios. Green juices are perfection as is their coconut kefir and raw salad bowls.

Sari Organic – the menu speaks for itself.

Alchemy Cafe – this place is so much fun. Salad bar and smoothie bowl bar and a juice/ smoothie station and cabinet full of delicious raw treats!

Fussy Bird – similar to Dayu’s Warung. Owned by the same lady.

Atman Kafe – amazing breakfasts and desserts.

Soma – the menu is that big and amazing you will probably spend half an hour trying to choose what to order if your like me!

The Seeds Of Life – huge range of health tonics and raw desserts.

Hello from Ubud! If your following me on Instagram or Facebook you would have been seeing all the healthy deliciousness I have been consuming. From raw desserts to vegan feasts to superfood salads and everything in-between.

It really is not hard to be healthy in Bali when you have large array of health cafes dotted in the main tourist areas….. and on that note I will be putting together a blog post for you with my top healthy eat spots in Bali for your next Bali adventure 🙂

Now back to the topic of this post. Every time I talk to someone back home the question I get is ‘tell me about the food?’. Everyone knows as a health blogger I am a massive foodie and realise my days are based around my next meal so here I have for you a day on my plate in Bali. I thought it might inspire you to bring a bit of Bali health into your daily life and if I’m honest inspire me to do the same when I get home.

Now obviously everyday varies and there were 3 days I was on a juice cleanse however this is a typical day on my plate in Bali.

A day on my plate in Bali:


A day on my plate in bali

Well all my accommodations while I have stayed in Bali have provided breakfast so usually I would have at least breakfast 1 at the accomadation.

Always started with a plate of fruit. Pawpaw is my favourite. Number one I just love the taste but also it contains amazing immune boosting, tummy soothing and hair and skin nourishing properties. I also usually had a bit of banana, watermelon and sometimes honeydew melon.

I am a big believer of getting in your protein in the morning for sustained energy and to prevent blood sugar instability. So next I usually had an omelette with tomato, mushroom, ham and capsicum or a variation depending what was available on the day. And lets not forget I always started the day with LOTS of water- particularly important in Bali!


a day on my plate in bali

My morning snack was usually a second breakfast after yoga if I’m honesty. The cafes here just do the best healthy breakfast options & I am always hungry after yoga! So sometimes it would be a gluten free granola bowl or raw porridge or grain free pancakes or avo on toast or a smoothie bowl. If I wasn’t up for another breakfast then an organic juice always goes down a treat and every few mornings I would have a cashew milk coffee.


I usually end up having lunch a bit later as my morning sustenance has been keeping me pretty satisfied for a while. However when I do get around to lunch its quite often a whole food salad with lots of greens or raw zucchini pasta and a veggie juice. This I find is perfect! Often a little bliss ball or if some raw delicious treat jumps out at me I will enjoy that.

A day on my plate in Bali


As a result of my late lunch Im usually ok till dinner however if I wasn’t able to fit in whatever treat jumped out at me from lunch I would have it take away and enjoy it with a cup of herbal tea later on.

I also have a pack of raw cashews and a few health food bars in my room incase needing a little something.

A day on my plate in Bali


Dinner varied but usually a lentil soup or fish and veggie plate or another salad, sometimes with chicken. I try to mix it up and listen to my body as to what it needs. There has been a few evening where the rest of my day contained so much food that my tummy just was not hungry. It could eat another meal but would have been overly full and uncomfortable afterwards. These evening I just order a nice veggie juice and sometimes an entree veg soup or basic salad.


Listening to what our bodies need is always the most important factor when eating. You don’t have to eat at a certain time everyday just because this is considered ‘lunch time’ etc.. When your body is hungry, feed it. When it is thirstily, hydrate it. When it is full, allow it to digest in peace.

So there you have it a day on my plate in bali!


Claudia Beyer - BareViatlity

Over the last week I have been contemplating how I was going to put this post together when I have so much to share and no idea where to start. I came to the conclusion that like most stories you can’t go wrong by starting at the beginning. So here goes..

A bit over 2 months ago in a complete exhausted, overwhelmed and not so clear state,  a friend blatantly exclaimed that I needed a holiday. I am naturally not a very spontaneous person and the thought of going away overseas while I was already so stressed with the amount of work that I needed to get through seemed completely unrealistic. Over the next week it became obvious that my state of wellbeing was effecting all areas of my life from work performance, reduced short term memory, energy levels, sleep quality, self awareness and love, and returning symptoms of the CFS. While I had so many exciting things already coming up over the next few weeks, the idea kept creeping back into my mind regarding how wonderful it would be to leave everything behind for a week and re-energise and re-centre myself. The decision was made when I reminded myself of my # 1 rule I encourage my clients to follow- Your health & wellbeing are first priority. You can not give to those around you effectively unless you have positive stores of health and happiness available to share.

Happy, healthy me = happy, healthy clients!!

and so the adventure began…

My first few days of purely the company of me, myself and I was just what my internal doctor ordered! This time allowed me to slow down and listen to what my body was telling me and where my mind was misdirecting me. My accommodation felt instantly like home as I was greeted with warm, smiling faces and directed to a serene room overlooking rice paddy fields.

Waking at sunrise to the sound of birds chirping. Walking through the final morning hour of stillness before the hustle and bustle appeared. Spending 90 minutes of yoga (a practice I love, yet find mentally very challenging) in a room over flowing with positive energy and beautiful hearts. Nourishing my body with cleansing organic green juices and superfood bowls. Diarising my morning thoughts and objectives for the day…. and there was day 1 up to 9.30am.

So here is a summary of what I brought back from Bali:

1. Movement:


Recently I started competing in long distance running again (something that has not been possible for the past 5 years) which as my altermate passion and love has been so fulfilling yet an experiemental process of figuring out my limits and making sure I maintain balance. Slightly pushing this limit in an event just before my trip, I needed a solid month of restoring the balance- meaning no physical stress on my body.  Bali provided a wonderful opportunity of distraction free time to start week 1 of ‘working in’ practicing yoga, leisurely walks exploring my surroundings and using zone exercises (energy building) to assist the healing of my adrenal system. Returning home I have done my best to continue these practises. Catching a cold has set me back a bit, however I have now adapted immune building zone exercises to assist recovery and implemented lots of rest time.

As a personal trainer and long distance runner my attitude towards exercise is that unless I have the built up stores of ‘work in’ energy, I will not train or ‘work out’. My clients probably get sick of me saying it but listening to your body and providing it with what it needs at this present time will be your number 1 key to success in your health, fitness &/or weight loss goals.


2. Nutritional nourishment:


Oh my goodness, health foodie heaven!! I was blown away by the menu options available at the Bali health food cafes. The variety and inclusion of superfoods and food preparation for optimal nutritional absorption was like nothing I had seen in health food cafes before. The Balinese understand the essence of healthy eating and can provide us with much to learn . The use of local, organic produce, prepared and served with simplicity and love.

Breakfasts of omelettes, raw superfood porridges, gluten free superfood pancakes, and lots of teas, fresh juices and fruits. Lunches were usually more fresh juices, whole food salads, raw macrobiotic dishes, grilled chicken satay sticks (my fav), nourishing soups and/or mixed whole food platers. Dinner was always a selection of multiple dishes to share and enjoy. Fresh seafood, more chicken satay sticks, veggies, curries, stir-frys… Desserts, snacks and treats were superfood smoothies, raw superfood chocolate mouses, cupcakes, tarts, slices, biscuits and local seasonal fruit and organic chocolate. Coconut water became a daily staple to stay hydrated and replenish minerals.

I fell in love with Earth Cafe’s (a health cafe chain in Bali) freshly made cashew milk, hot ‘Herbal Maca Java Chai’ and their ‘Nutrient Nourisher’ smoothie of cashew milk, banana, carob, cashew butter & honey.



The pride in the locals as they shared their food with you and absorbed your complements with praise was so special. The Balinese & Buddhist traditions regarding eating embed so many crucial elements of wellbeing to be taken.  Firstly there are no set meal times. People eat only when their body tells them they are hungry. They therefore are more in tune with their bodies natural nutritional needs and food is eaten only until the body is satisfied. Often traditionally the preparation of dinner starts with the blessing then slaughtering of an animal and picking and gathering of other fresh produce. This deep connection to the beauty and energy provided by mother nature for our survival and life cycle, allows us to form a strong appreciation and connection to life’s energy we are consuming and then utilising for our own health and wellness. Sitting on the ground and eating with their hand is another form of connection to their food and where is came from.

Try this today! Hold a peice of organic fruit or a vegetable with 2 hands. Take time to look at it and appreciate it. Now close your eyes and hold it and try and feel the energy produced from this living gift. Take a bite, savouring the taste and chewing until it is liquid.  It is then that you swallow this concentrated, easily digested, nutritious energy form and feel vitality being absorbed into the blood stream.


3. Mind:


Shutting off for the week was bliss! Daily meditation or just mindfulness practices. Stress free time to focus purely on me. Rebuilding strength and re-centring my mind. Opening myself up to future possibilities and recognising areas that required change.

The most prominant realisation was my need to return home and simplify again. My goals had become overwhelming and my workload unnecessarily was ever increasing. Taking a step back and re-evaluating my priorities is now something I have taken back home and I am currently practicing every couple of days. Having your goals, dreams, positive affiliations, little reminders in areas visable is a great way to stay centred. Ideas include; in your diary, on your mirror, as the background of your laptop or phone, make a board or poster- get creative & find something that will work for you.


4. Self love & nurturing:


Yes another area I feel very strongly about- self love and nurturing!! This is an element of my wellbeing that needs regular focus. Ending a relationship where another person wore down my own self worth and wellbeing, I have  journeyed to heal, love and strengthen me. When I use ‘me’ time this is about reaching inside and giving yourself what is needed, whether that be stillness, creativity, spoiling, clarity, exercise etc..

Spoiling  our self is often something we feel guilty about (I know I do), however it should be used as a way to express your worth & love to yourself. My rule while I was in Bali was I needed to put aside time for a massage a day. Also allowing myself to purchase an item I did not need but instantly fell in love with- remember its ok to give gifts to ourself sometimes.

I also treated myself to a day spa of a hot stone massage (a first), face masks, body scrubs, and a rose petal bath to thank my body for doing everything it does. We can also care for our bodies by minimising the toxic load absorbed through it’s biggest organ, our skin. Use all natural skin care, beauty and hair products that instead nourish the body with wholesome ingredients. On my trip I came across a number of boutique natural aromatherapy shops. While I enjoy making my own basic face scrubs, combining face oils and creating different moisturisers, my limited knowledge on aromatherapy & essential oils has prevented me from playing around with many other wonderous ingredients and combinations. My pocket size Bali find ‘Apracticle Guide To Aromatherapy & Essential Oils’ is now my newest companion to going 90% chemical free (currently about 70%).




5. Mother nature reconnection

With my mind consumed by all the unnecessary stresses I had started to lose touch with what was around me. Bali brought me back there in no time at all. My eyes and heart were instantly opened to my wondrous surroundings. Rainforest’s, oceans, waterfalls, strong tall trees, sun rises and sunsets, bright stars and glowing moons. Each day I made it a priority to connect and feel gratitude for mother nature in one way or another. Weather this was by walking barefoot through the soil of rice paddy fields, digging my toes in the sand, swimming in the ocean, mediating in rock pools, absorbing the energy of standing under waterfalls or staring into the night sky and watching the rotation of colours in the sunsets.

When we learn to connect with mother nature we can learn to utilise her gifts of energy, happiness and vitality.


6. Community

The local community work as one. They cherish the company of each other and share a deep love and loyalty towards their families. I took in their way of life being based around the simplicity of the necessities with admiration- family, religion/spiritual connections, food & wellness.

I felt such warmth and welcomeness from nearly all the beautiful people I came across on my holiday.


I have returned from my trip with a re-centred approach to my life.  Re-prioritising my happiness and health as first priority and then I can share with others and support them through their journeys of creating and maintaining vitality.

We don’t need to go to Bali to re-energise and re-centre  however we all do need to regularly take a step back and check in with how we are going and where areas of improvement are needed towards our health and happiness.

Much love,

Claudia xx





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