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During pregnancy I have been aiming for a smoothie a day to get in those concentrated nutrients to nourish baby and my body. This daily nourishing pregnancy smoothie is a practice of mindful food prepping with love and so looked forward with its decadent yummy taste.

I often make extra and my toddler and I sit in the sun and enjoy our smoothies together. She refers to this time as ‘cooking juice mama’.

I have been implementing many Ayurvedic practices into my pregnancy this time around. I have detailed the Ayurvedic nutritional practices I am incorporating in my pregnancy HERE! 

This smoothie each day is my way to amp up the “Ojas” meaning juiciness, life and lubrication. So lots of good fats, energetically charged nutrients and grounding components. All the ingredients for a nourishing pregnancy, birth, postpartum recovery and to help little bub to grow health & strong.

Here is a typical nourishing pregnancy smoothie in my day. I do change them up a little from day to day depending on what I feel like, whats in season, whats in my kitchen etc.. however they go something like the below.

Nourishing Pregnancy Smoothie:

Serves 1

1.5 cups oat milk or almond

1/2 avocado

2 handfuls of baby spinach leaves

1/2 cup fresh berries

Thumb size of fresh ginger

2 tbs hemp seeds

2 tbs ground flaxseeds

1 tbs collagen powder

Pinch cinnamon

Pinch cardamon

2 heaped tbs coconut yogurt

2-3 dates, if I feel it needs a little more sweetness

1/4 cup pre soaked raw cashews or 1 heaped tbs almond butter

Blend in a high speed blender until smooth and serve with a sprinkle of granola.



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Currently I am 28 weeks pregnant with my second and this year studying to become an Ayurveda Coach. While there has been a number of Ayurvedic herbs and practices I have had to stay clear of during pregnancy, there has also been a wealth of new knowledge and tools I have gained to nourish my body and baby this time around. I thought I would share my Ayurvedic pregnancy practices with you!

So what is Ayurveda? In Sanskrit it means ‘The Science Of Life”. It is a form of holistic medicine that has dated back as the oldest healing science. These days it principles are used by many cultures as a preventative medicine for our overall health and wellbeing and a complementative treatment option to western medicine.

I personally have been pulled to Ayurveda on many occasion in my life. It just made so much sense & its practices are both beautiful and have been very effective in my own health and healing journey. It therefore has been so incredible to be incorporating some of the pregnancy practices to assist with a nourishing pregnancy journey and what I hope to be forth trimester (a time of healing).

During pregnancy Ayurvedia considers your body is going through a kapha ‘season’ and we need to help complement and balance this dosha. Pregnancy is considered to be all about adding ojas– juiciness, lubrication, moisture, life energy. This means our diet and lifestyle should all be about working towards adding ojas!

In doing so we are providing bub with the optimal nourishing environment to thrive. We are also giving our mama body the best chance of  staying healthy and nourished during pregnancy, building up optimal and the most rich milk supply and assisting the postnatal recovery period.

I personally struggled with milk supply with my first, despite pushing through for 12 months. Looking back I can 100% put this down to a lack of Ojas. During pregnancy I was sleep deprived (pregnancy insomnia), struggling to manage with a very toxic family relationship causing anxiety and probably rather dehydrated. The first 16 weeks were spent throwing up and then the birth was a lot of that too. Add a birth haemorrhage to the mix… well there wasn’t much Ojas left if any.

I managed, however I am now aware that I shouldn’t have had to just manage. I can use dietary nutrition and lifestyle to create my optimal breastfeeding experience for both me and bub and not feel completely depleted.

So here are the Ayurvedic pregnancy practices I have been following for a beautifully juicy pregnancy.

ayurvedic pregnancyAyurvedic Pregnancy












Ayurvedic Pregnancy Practices:

  • Sipping warm teas all day long. Im avoiding any cold drinks. Have bought myself a 750ml tea cup and just sip on weak herbal teas all day as my majority fluid intake. Herbal teas I’m loving include dandelion chia w oat milk (so grounding & great for circulation & elimination), ginger and turmeric, an Indian digestive blend and a revitalise blend. This will create around 3L  of my fluids each day. Warm herbal tea increases our inner fire, energy and moisture.


  • A smoothie each day with all the goods. It was initially challenging for me to switch to a room temperature smoothie however I now so look forward to their nourishing deliciousness. I will post my typical Ayurvedic smoothie soon however for now focus on juiciness. LOTS of good fats + nutrient dense ingredients + the digestive spices.


  • Self care is huge in Ayurveda. A typical Ayurvedic self care routine will take around 2 hrs of your day, yet somehow in our society we struggle with just 5-10 minutes each day. I have found my non negotiable priorities of self care that fit into my current lifestyle. These include daily tongue scraping, body oiling, yoga &/or meditation practice, at least one meal prepared mindfully with intention and love. Then during the week a dry body brush, an oil & herb bath and a little sing. I actually do these last 3 as a beautiful bonding activity shared with my 1.5 yr old daughter on a Sunday evening.


  • Movement is medicine. Different movement helps balance out different systems within our body. During pregnancy we require all of strength, stretch, cardio and flow in different proportions during the 3 trimesters. I have been following The BareVitality Studio Program on the App and just adjusting a couple exercises here and there.


  • Ive been focusing on my meals being well cooked, dense, and lubricating. Think the use of milks, ghee, soaked nuts/ seeds, avocados, fresh salmon, organic eggs & grounding grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables.


  • Ive been including LOTS of good fats each day. Pregnancy is a time for adding. Building up our nutrient stores and lubricating our system.


  • I have been making herbal tonics and supplementing based on my nutritional needs and pregnancy symptoms.


  • Using vocal vibrational energy to connect with bub and release stagnant energy and build up my ojas for life.


  • As part of body oiling I practice Abhyanga a self oiling massage practice a couple times a week. This is one I wish I had the time to do daily however a little is better than none. It involves matching the oil to your doshic needs and massaging is a way to gain a long list of health and wellbeing benefits. Then sitting in the oil, allowing it to absorb into your system and do its magic.


  • Surrounding myself with positive, loving and supportive people- my tribe! Then managing/ limiting the energy that comes off those who are dampening this vibe.



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Natural Belly Balm Recipe For Pregnant Mamas

Pregnancy is such a special time, however for most pregnancy does come with its fair share of symptoms and changes that can have a toll on a tired and uncomfortable mama. This natural belly balm recipe for pregnant mama’s is made of just pure nourishing ingredients to indulge your skin and connect with your body and little growing bub inside.

Our bodies go through so much change during pregnancy and our skin has to adapt to our rapidly changing shape. This can cause our skin to become unbearably itchy, dehydrated and stretch marks to form. While stretch marks are predominantly genetic, we can greatly help prevent/ reduce them through hydration (drinking lots of water), avoiding scratching that itchy tummy and keeping the skin oiled up!

I personally had a couple little stretch marks that formed in my last 2 weeks of pregnancy and then on one of my breasts when my milk came in post-partum. I look at these little marks with fondness. Evidence that I grew a little human and the most perfect little human at that. I am proud of my body and honestly the twice a day ritual of oiling my bump during pregnancy and the forth trimester is part of the reason I feel so accepting and connected to my bodies changes.

I recommend creating a self love routine at least twice daily with your balm. When pregnant I would oil up in the am and enjoyed a cup of tea and a BV Studio Meditation while I waited for the balm to soak in before dressing for the day. Then again at night time after a shower. My night time routine also usually included having a little chat to bub while massaging in the balm.

When your skins feeling itchy, balm up!

Its recommended to start around the beginning of second trimester however feel free to start earlier. At the end of the day, you can’t over balm so apply as you feel you need. Oil belly, hips, chest, bottom and upper legs and anywhere else you feel is growing quickly.

natural belly balm recipe

Natural Belly Balm Recipe For Pregnant Mama’s:

  • 1/2 cup cocoa butter
  • 1/2 cup shea butter
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup of either almond, apricot or grapeseed oil
  • 2 capsules of Vitamin E oil (puncture with a pin & squeeze out the oil)
  • 2 tbs grated beeswax
  • Optional a few drops of a pregnancy safe essential oil – chamomile, lavender, rose, sandalwood or geranium

On a low heat, warm the ingredients (minus the Vit E oil & optional essential oils) slowly in a saucepan until the bees wax has melted. Remove from heat.

Stir through the Vitamin E oil and essential oils if you choose to add them.

Transfer to a sterile glass jar or container.

At room temperature the balm will solidify.


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Image via Golubka Kitchen

Before we moved into our new home I bought a big bundle of sage to cleanse the space or all energy and spirits and make it ours. Smudging sage or cleansing with sage is a beautiful healing ritual to create a clear slate to ones body, mind or space. In my opinion, essential when moving into a new place, when diving into deep personal shifts &/ or meditative states and when you associate negativity with anything or anyone.

Sage derived from the Latin word “salvere”, which means “to heal.”

Below I have outlined a guide to creating your own cleansing with sage ritual of a space and your person in that space.

Space Cleansing With Sage Ritual:

  1. Open all windows, cupboards and doors to allow all that is negative to leave.
  2. Light the sage smudge stick at a 45 degree angle & allow to burn for 20 seconds or so. Blow out the flames gently, allowing it to smoulder.
  3. Set your intention for the ritual. I like to use – “I clear this space of all that is bad & negative & anything that is not aligned with love & light”.
  4. Start by cleansing & blessing yourself, head to feet with the smoke.
  5. Then your home or space. Start at the front door & move clock wise around the home focusing on spreading the smoke in every corner & cupboard. You can continue to chant the intention or your ritual as you make your way through the space.
  6. Conclude back at the front door where you began.
  7. Extinguish the sage by smothering the top using a fireproof surface, sand or dirt. Avoid using water so you are able to use the sage again.
  8. Leave all cupboards, windows and doors open for ideally a couple hours or as long as you can to allow all energy to release and exit  from you space and also the sage smoke smell to die down.


I usually buy my sage from Natures Energy.

While cleansing your home and space, you may like to look at ways to create a more eco friendly home..

And for more holistic health, wellbeing and fitness tips and practices, check out our online studio. Head HERE for 7 day FREE Unlimited Access! 




I truely believe a birth should be a beautiful and spiritual experience (no matter what type of birth we have) and how we view and treat our births impacts our connection to our our babies and their strength as a new generation coming into our world. I’m a researcher, I love to know everything I can about topics that interest me and well birth itself became one of those topics. The more I read and researched the more I realised how significant and magical a birth could be. What impacted our views and experience more than anything was honestly reading and listening to other peoples positive birth stories. They were a gift to us and to how our beautiful baby girl came into the world, so here I am now giving back!

This is our birth story and I hope by sharing it, it may allow you to see opportunity for birth as a magical and beautiful experience over the sterotypical fear filled and painful memory.


I woke up deflated, exhausted and so uncomfortable. Another night down, no labour and very overdue! I was nearly a week over due now and had an appointment that morning for ANOTHER stretch and sweep. This would be my 3rd in an attempt to get labour progressing naturally without needing to be induced. Time was running low before the deadline the hospital would give me before requiring induction. I was trying everything natural I had researched to get this labour going. It had become a full time job eating large amounts of pineapple and spicy food, walking km and km every day, teas, essential oil, swiss ball rotation exercises, acupuncture, chiro, acupressure points…. I was trying everything!! 

On the way to the birth centre I felt a few contraction like feelings however by this point I didn’t want to get my hopes up incase they were just braxton hicks (which I had been experiencing for a couple weeks now). When I arrived I sat in the weighting room, took up the whole couch and put my feet up. I had been here so many times in the last couple weeks, I felt very at home and also very over being here without a baby yet in my arms.

It felt like we had talked about and prepped for the event of a lifetime. We were SO excited to see how our birth story would unfold and we were ready. Bag packed, had been practising all our birth tools everyday we learnt in our birth class, fridge stocked, work completed, house thoroughly spring cleaned in nesting mode. We were ready….. and yet the day had passed and then another day and another and so on. I feel dramatic typing this but honestly I felt like every hour was SO excruciatingly long, waiting waiting and trying to stay distracted!

The midwife welcomed me in, asked me the general questions and then completed the stretch and sweep. I remember telling her to go for it, no sparing my comfort. I was desperate for this baby to come without induction. She certainly did and we joked and told the baby that her shift ended at 8pm that night and hopefully I would be coming back in for her to deliver her before then.

Within the hour after the stretch and sweep these contraction like feelings had increased and thats when I allowed myself the little thought that this was possibly it! When I got home I filled Scott in and by this point he also believed this baby was never coming so was cautious to feel hope too. We got on with our day, just noting symptoms along the way. It occurred to me at 2pm that if this was really it, I hadn’t got around to getting a pedicure (because I definitely couldn’t reach my toes by this point). So thats what I did. I walked up the road and got my nails done. This allowed the perfect opportunity to sit in the massage chair and start to time these possible contractions to see if there was any consistency. An hour and a half later they were 10 minutes apart. I knew that labour can start and then stop again and I was not allowing that to happen so I messaged Scott to tell him I think this was the start of things and I was going to walk around to encourage the baby to drop. From my appointment I knew she was still very high and not engaged yet. The contractions were certainly not painful or even strong but they were present and starting to be consistent.

After a little while of waddling around, I headed home and put my feet up. My contractions continued to speed up a bit so together we went back out and walked the back streets, Scott keeping record of timings as we chatted and started to get excited that this was hopefully it. After about 45 minutes in they started to get strong enough that I had to stop each time one occurred. At this point they were about 4 minutes apart. They were getting strong and even though these were the signs we were waiting for, we still were cautious to 100% believe this was it. He headed home as it was starting to get dark and we thought it best to get a meal in now incase things progressed quickly.

Takeaway laksa was ordered (big mistake, I now can not even think about that meal without feeling sick), we ate, did some of our early labour birth techniques we were taught such as the acupressure points, visualisations, swiss balls rotations. It was about 8pm. I texted a couple people to fill them in and Scott dropped our dog off incase we had to head to the birth centre that night. We then started watching a movie with the essential oils in the defuser, candles and just enjoying each others company and cherishing the calm before things ramped up. By 9pm I started vomiting every second contraction and by this point they were 3 minutes apart so we still had a while to go. At first it made me feel better as I was feeling a little nauseas. However we got to a point were after vomiting laksa every 6 minutes, there was nothing left and the bile was burning as it was forced up. I was already exhausted.

We called the hospital and they said to call back when they were 2 minutes apart. Luckily that didn’t take very long and by this point a part of my mucus plug had come out so we knew things were progressing.

The birthing centre was only 15-20 minutes from our house, however it was the longest drive of my life. 5 stops mid road to vomit out the door. I was in tears, utterly exhausted, nothing left and unsure how on earth I was going to birth a baby when I could hardly hold my head up. The contractions were incredibly intense but this “pain” to me was a great thing, it meant she was moving down. When we arrived at the hospital we were told there were no spare beds in the birthing centre and we would have to give birth in the labour ward. This is something I probably would have been really upset about, but I had nothing left. There was no way I was going to be able to have an active birth when I could hardly stand up. The labour ward was fine, I just hoped we would have a midwife with similar values to those in the birthing centre.

I was provided a room and a midwife introduced herself, checked my dilation which was only 2cm (I had been 2cm for the last 2 weeks) and told us to go home and come back in a couple hours. See left the room and I said to Scott between full body contractions followed by dry heaving, “I don’t like her and I am not getting back in that car”. When she returned Scott told her that we wouldn’t even consider going home until she at least helped me stop the vomiting.



She gave me an anti vomit tablet which came straight back up. Followed by a needle which was meant to help but unfortunately did nothing. By 2.30am I couldn’t handle it anymore. I was shaking intensely, couldn’t sit up, the contractions were unbearable and I still could not stop vomiting, now every 3 minutes. I felt completely unprepared for this. I had heard stories of people vomiting once or twice in early labour but never of it continuous. It was then I asked for an epidural, something I didn’t think I would ever ask for. Apparently I wasn’t dilated enough for that. HOW??? I thought. I couldn’t imagine anything more intense..

Still after all this the midwife told us to go home for a couple hours to dilate further. When I completely refused she went to get the head midwife.

As the head mid wife walked in my waters broke and we were officially in active labour.  She checked me and I was 8cm dilated and confirmed I would NOT be going anywhere. She was a blessing. Straight away after being filled in, she gave me a strong dissolvable anti vomit tablet which worked within 10 minutes. I could hardly speak by this point so Scott thankfully knowing me so well took control. He suggested IV fluids as I had been vomiting for 8 hours straight and couldn’t keep any fluid down. She was straight on it. She was so proactive and supportive and I felt back in control. The contractions were very close together and Scott was applying pressure on my lower back and outer hips every time they came on. The intense feeling was not what I expected. I felt so powerful and in control. I was struggling to relax my body each contraction so the midwife suggested trying gas. It worked a treat. Each contraction I had a purpose- breathe the gas in and exhale relax. The gas acted as a distraction & took the edge off the intense waves, allowing me to let go and baby to further descend. Its effects lasted about 10-20 seconds but that was all I needed. I had read some people don’t take to gas, however I found personally I picked it up straight away. I have done my diving qualification and found it pretty much the same way of breathing. Between gas and Scott now continually holding pressure on my lower back I was in my element. Scott was so supportive, talking to me the whole time while giving me the space to do my thing. He was juggling feeding me ice chips while continuing to hold the pressure, if he released even for a second I would start screaming. It was by far the most effective pain management.

Within an hour of my water breaking I suddenly felt her pushing against my pubic bone. She was coming! This was it.

The midwife checked and confirmed yes there is a head. I felt so grateful I hadn’t had an epidural. To be able to feel everything that was happening was the most magical experience. Intense, yet so incredible. 

The midwife knew I originally wanted an active water birth, but seeing that wasn’t an option anymore she suggested the next best thing to make our birth as special as possible. She created an area on the floor with bean bags and yoga mats and removed the IV and helped us set up there on all fours. There were 3 nursing students in the room all witnessing my birth in which was something I never thought I would agree to. At that moment I didn’t care less. I was completely in my own little world and I felt so supported and empowered by those around me.

It was push time. I ditched the gas and placed all my energy into the exhale of each contraction. For some reason this position wasn’t connecting for me and intuitively I knew I had to be lying on my side (this was also the position I wanted to spent most of early labour) so I moved onto my side on the bean bags and 2 pushes later she slid out.

Then suddenly a baby was placed on my chest. I was shocked and in disbelief. It was so surreal.

It wasn’t that instant “I’m in love” feeling you hear about and expect. It honestly was initially just shock! I remember my first thought being “but she’s so long, how did she fit in my tummy” then it was “wait this is my baby, this is real”. I really struggled to absorb what I was seeing. I had been so focused on breathing through contractions and pushing that I kind of forgot I got a baby at the end of it all.

But here she was, 3.7kg gorgeous pink skinned, long legged little girl.

I was then able to spend a couple minutes of holding her on my chest, kissing her little head and trying to catch up to this moment of our baby FINALLY in my arms and she was more perfect than I could have ever imagined. She was so much more alert and aware than I expected. She was looking up at me, not at all crying with her thumb in her mouth. For the rest of our stay at hospital she was know as the baby who came out sucking her thumb (she still falls asleep sucking her fingers even now).

I then heard a midwife say “she hemorrhaging” then a rush of bodies. Initially I was able to keep holding her, however not long after I had to pass her across to Scott while they tried to control the haemorrhage. I was completely oblivious to any of this happening. I remember being more concerned about not having optimal skin on skin time straight after birth. Yet accepting that skin on skin with Scott was the next best thing.

Once controlled, I was transferred back onto the bed and connected to IV oxytocin and a catheter to empty my bladder in an attempt to prevent another hemorrihage. I had lost just under a litre of blood. I remember in our birthing course being told to remember to urinate every few hours through labour… hmm so this was why!! We did not remember that step, and honestly I don’t think I would of been able to if I tried.

Then the cramping contractions to follow were definitely unexpected. They were so increadably intense (thanks oxytocin) to a point I couldn’t concentrate on anything else including my gorgeous little baby. Thankfully they did ease and they then quickly stitched up a bit of tearing before Scott and I were able to cuddle in the bed with our new little addition.

She was just perfect. In the hours to follow we asked for no disturbances and just lay, connecting with our little angle skin to skin. Talking to her, allowing her the time to “breast crawl” for her first latch and watching in amazement at how this little bundle was what we had been waiting to meet for all these months.

Our plan was to originally go home 6 hours after birth which was typical of the birthing centre. Due to the haemorrhage however I needed to stay for observation for a night. This was actually a blessing in disguise as it was a disgustingly hot humid day outside and around the time of terrible smoke and air quality in Sydney. We were more than happy to stay put in our air conditioned maternity ward. 

We didn’t bath her for 4 days to allow the natural bacteria from the birth canal to aid her gut and immunity. 

In hospital we held her the whole time, speaking to her gently and practicing skin on skin as much as we could. Except for at night so we could get a little sleep.

Heading home the next day was the best however. This first few weeks in our little newborn bubble at home was bliss. We had always wanted at least 5 days of no visitors, just the 3 of of us at home. Unfortunately it didn’t quite turn out this way as a result of her being overdue we had a family wedding 4 days after with many family members around.

This would be my number one advise to new parents- Aim to be in your own home as soon as you can and just bond with your baby without visitors for as long as you can. In many culture this is the first 40 days. Im aspiring to this next baby around 😉 

We were luckily enough to have the birthing centre midwife service drop in every day or two to help with breastfeeding and any concerns for the first 2 weeks. Being in our own home, implementing a calm and nurturing environment and reducing as much “passing around” as we could in those early weeks, I believe contributed to our baby being so settled, connected to us as her parents and such an amazing sleeper from a very early point.

Our birth plan completely did NOT go to plan nor did our postnatal plan. We had planned an active water birth, followed by isolation at home. Both did not happen, yet her birth story and first weeks of life were magical and so perfect just as they were.

I definitely learnt so much from our first birth that I could have never researched or prepared for prior.

I gained a deeper connection to my body. I saw a side of husband that will forever deepen our relationship.

And I feel incredibly blessed that I was able to experience every sensation of my baby preparing her journey to birth and then as she arriving into this world.

We took our time in naming her. We were between two names. When she was 4 days old we officially named her Soraya Kate! Our sunshine, our little princess, our precious little gem. One day we will share this story with you… 


The body truely is amazing! It spends 9 months not only growing a human but also rearranging all those organs, stretching your uterus, stomach and many other areas to support this humans growth and entrance into the world.  So when the baby does exit its home in your tummy for the outside world, you have to expect your body to not look or feel like it use to for a while or possibly never again!

I started typing this at 5 week postpartum however then life became busy so here I am finishing it at 13 weeks PP. This however is an overview of my first month after giving birth to my first child.

Firstly as reference to my recovery process I had a natural vaginal birth with minor complications. I will be sharing my birth story in the near future with all the TMI details… but for now here is an overview on just the first 28 days.

The below is an open, unfiltered and real account of my experience with all the details in a hope to further normalise pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery. Postnatal is not glamorous so feel free to opt out now before reading further!

1 Day Postpartum

It still hadn’t sunk in that we had this gorgeous little girl that was ours! We were on a high and full of energy despite no having slept in nearly 2 days. One thing I wasn’t expecting was how physically weak I was. From being able to walk 7 km just 3 days before to feeling like I had zero physical strength. I could not stand up on my own, was extremely dehydrated and bleeding a lot!! Due to my birth I had a catheter in so I did not have to worry about getting up to go to the bathroom and I waited until the end of the day to shower for the first time when a little of my strength returned. I also experienced extreme cramps for the first 3 days post birth due to my uterus contracting back down. The cramps felt similar to contractions and I had to use heat packs and a decent amount of paracetamol to ease the pain. No one told me this was a postpartum symptom!!!

My stomach was not what I expected! I certainly didn’t expect it to be anything like what it was prior to baby, but I suppose I expected it to look somewhat more like it did at 5-6 months pregnant. It did not! The skin became much darker on my stomach as it “condensed” (for lack of a better word). I think a lot of this was to do with the fact I had a decent European summer tan happening and then the stretched skin back to normal = super dark tan. While there was a 5-6 month pregnant size bump, the “bump” was a lot lower than that of when I was pregnant, yet much softer, less elastic and VERY wrinkly. Honestly it was like a deflated balloon. Internally it felt like there was a big whole in my tummy and that “space” was really delicate and fragile. I also had 2-3cm abdominal separation which I did expect due to having narrow hips so their was a lot of stretching on the abdominals out and up, particularly in my last month of pregnancy.


1 Day PP

4 Days Postpartum

Hello hormones and exploding boobs!!!

By this point I could stand and walk a little. When I say a little I mean max 100m at a very slow pace. I was still on that high with excitement and we had been home for a few days so had started to get into a tiny bit of a routine in our own surrounds. I still couldn’t pull myself up if I was leaning back in bed or on the couch which made breastfeeding challenging but I had my incredibly supportive husband helping with everything he could. On this day my milk came in. We were already having a number of challenges with breastfeeding, so adding excruciatingly painful boobs that leaked everywhere and suddenly grew a whole other cup size overnight + already cracked and blistering nipples, while also attending a wedding that afternoon (PS. I do not recommend this) wasn’t exactly pleasant.

Safe to say the next couple days were spent hibernating and just allowing hormones and milk supply to adjust. We were so blessed to have midwives visiting every couple days to check in and help me with the whole breastfeeding situation because to tell you the truth, I probably wouldn’t be breastfeeding still now despite my strong desire to do so if it wasn’t for that initial support in the first couple weeks.

With my overnight increase in chest size, also came overnight red stretch marks on the bottom of my boobs, despite all the oils, creams etc.. these line I have chosen to see as a tattoo of my breastfeeding journey and a reminder of how grateful I am to be able to breastfeed my child.

By day 4 my stomach and uterus area had decrease a little as the fluid and swelling started to settle. I was certainly still soft, wrinkly and weak and most the time hanging out in nothing but an adult maternity diaper. Weirdly I was very anti clothes- they all just felt too constrictive and with a newborn attached to my chest most the time, they were rather inconvenient. A big plus of the no clothes stage was all the skin on skin cuddles and bonding with bub.

We also decided to encapsulate my placenta (it was sterilised, freeze dried and encapsulated by a professional) so I was able to start taking these on day 3. Apparently I had a very large placenta (which made sense seeing I weighed ALOT during my pregnancy) which was great because we got 178 tables from it!


7 Days PP

The Following Few Weeks..

It was a much slower journey than I expected! I was told I could start very basic rehab exercises from 4 days postpartum but in reality it didn’t feel right in my body before 10 days PP! At this point I started just 5 minutes a day of rehab exercises to gain a little more connection to my core and pelvic floor again. To start with the only thing I could do was engage my core while lying down… and even that took SO much concentration. Every few days I started to see progress, weather that being able to walk for 8 minutes instead of 6 or being able to lift myself off the couch. This weakness I really did not expect seeing I was able to stay quite active during my whole pregnancy!

The first month after bub, I was also extremely thirst ALL the time. I couldn’t believe how much I was drinking- 6-7 L everyday!!!

The linear nigra (line down stomach) was still there 4 weeks PP. As was a lot of pigmentation around the belly button area.

Over the month as my physical strength grew, my boobs levelled out a bit (aka not exploding anymore, however still always leaking), I started to feel a lot more confident in my new role as a milk machine and the bleeding stopped at around 2 weeks PP. A new extreme sense of protectiveness was gained for my little bundle of life and I started to feel like I could really enjoy just being with her after the chaos of the initial visitor rush, appointments and the stress of our initial breastfeeding struggles. By the end of the first month we also had a newborn who slept through the night so we were well rested which I believe has been a huge part to do with the ease to my postpartum journey. I also feel the placenta tables helped greatly as I did fear of postpartum depression and I am so grateful to say I did not experience the slightest amount, where as pregnancy was a different story.

14 Days PP

Tracking changes

During pregnancy I put on 18kg in total. After the birth I weighed 7kg less 1 day PP. Our baby weighed 3.7kg at birth. By 2 weeks PP I had lost another 3 kg of what I believe to be mostly inflammation and fluid and then stayed the same from here on. Actually I  stayed 8kg over my pre pregnancy weight until 11 weeks PP and now at 13 weeks I am still 7kg over. I have never cared about numbers on the scales however from a professional point of view, I have found them incredibly interesting to track over this whole process. I believe when we just live “our” healthy and balanced lifestyle the body will find its perfect weight. This extra 7kg I believe is there to stay and support my breastfeeding journey and this just blows my mind at how instinctively smart our bodies are.


28 Days PP

My musts postpartum…

  • Adult diapers
  • Pre cooked meals. Focusing on warm, easy to digest foods. This aligns with the Ayurvedic principles of recovery.
  • Limit visitors, be selfish with your space. They can see the baby many times later on. While we did do this, next time I want to enforce it 100% for the first few weeks. This time is essential to just bond and be settled as a little family.
  • Nutritional support in the form of supplements
  • A big drink bottle with high quality water.
  • Breastfeeding support if needed ASAP
  • Lots of trashy TV shows ready to binge on
  • Nipple balm
  • Good chocolate & local coffee
  • A nourishing oil or balm to massage your breasts and tummy with
  • The ability to let go of everyones ‘well meaning’ opinions and advise and just do what feels right for you and your baby. Your intuition is often the only guidances needed.

This summer has been HOT and whilst it is a fun few months of swimming, adventuring outdoors, going for walks and weekend brunching in the sun…there are many impacts of the suns harmful rays upon our body. So we’ve created a Beauty Summer Proof Guide to help you to find ways to enjoy summer and the sun with your body in mind!

Beauty Summer Proof Guide


  • Use lighter product on your skin to prevent you skin from getting clogged up, making sure it is non-comedogenic. A natural BB Cream is a great switch from foundation
  • Find a lightweight moisturiser that also doubles up as a sunscreen with SPF 30+
  • Don’t stop moisturising as this protects your skin from pollutants and harsh weather changes- it acts as a barrier
  • Exfoliate twice a week to remove dead skin cells- especially if you have oily skin 
  • Unlike winter, where we tend to love hot baths and long showers, in summer, cutting down on time in the shower/bath reduces the chance of irritation to the skin and even summertime eczema. Not to mention so much better for the environment
  • Hydration is key when it comes to healthy skin, especially in summer when sunburn is a high risk. Aim for around 2-3L a day which is approximately 8 cups. 
  • Using face masks to replenish the skin and rehydrate- try one of these ‘5 Fun Face Mask Recipes’ out for an at home alternative
  • If your after that summer tan, instead of roasting your skin try one of these Fake Tans to keep that summer glow going all year round without all the skin damage


  • Wear sunglasses with complete UV protection. Ultraviolet radiation comes from the sun and is often reflected off surfaces such as sand and water. It is important to check the UV index for the day and even when it is cloudy, wearing sunglasses with complete UV protection helps prevent more serious side effects of prolonged sun exposure
  • Wearing  a hat
  • Using eye drops for hydration 
  • Using an under-eye serum 
  • Eating foods high in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and zinc to help prevent disease later on in life- why not try out this Papaya Bowl which is high in Vitamin C


  • Using hair masks, serums and damage proof treatments- check out this post on Hair Care From Your Kitchen Cupboard
  • Leave in conditioner especially if out in the sun, find one with SPF
  • Protect hair with a lightweight hat
  • Rinse hair with tap water before you swim in chlorinated water to avoid your hair turning a greenish colour 
  • Keratin treatments can help revive and rehydrate hair that has been damaged from the sun and swimming 
  • Wash your hair less to reduce the excess production of oil. On the days when you aren’t washing you could rinse it with cold water to help seal the moisture 
  • Keep hydrated with water 


So there you have it, a Beauty Summer Proof Guide to keep your body healthy and happy during the heat!



I am now up to my 7th batch of these lactation cookies and they are amazing on so many levels. Firstly they taste SO SO good! They also are full of nutrition, are really easy to make and most importantly they actually help increase milk production for breastfeeding.

I initially started making lactation cookies when my little one was 1 week old and we needed to get her weight back up so I needed to be producing as much milk as I could. Now I find them really useful for those early evening cluster feeds when milk levels are naturally lower and baby is needing to store up for the night.

If your not a fan of either chocolate or hazelnuts, just leave them out. The recipe is still delicious without and these two ingredients have nothing to do with milk production, they just taste yum!!!

If you are not breastfeeding, this recipe is also delicious and full of amazing nutrients… and don’t worry you will not produce milk if you eat lactation cookies!


Lactation Cookies Recipe:

2/3 cup ground flaxseeds

2/3 cup water

1 cup coconut sugar

80g melted butter or coconut oil

1/2 cup brewers yeast

2 tsp vanilla

1/2 tsp baking soda

1.5 cups oats

1/2 cup almond meal

2/3 cup chocolate, melts, chips, or chopped

1/2 cup hazelnuts


Pre heat oven to 180 degrees celsius and line a baking ray with baking paper.

In a large bowl combine the ground flaxseeds and water and wait until the water has been absorbed.

Stir through the coconut sugar, butter or coconut oil, brewers yeast, vanilla and baking soda.

Then fold through the remaining ingredients.

Spoon the mixture onto the tray with sufficient room between each cookie.

Bake for 10 minutes or until lightly brown. Allow to cool and enjoy!


For more cookie recipes check out HERE! 


While christmas is a beautiful time of year for most is typically is also the season of consumerism and indulgence. Both can be wonderful things when taking a balanced approach however thats usually not the case when christmas is involved. The act of giving and receiving, sharing time with loved ones, enjoying food and drink and the many traditions and celebrations that go along with Christmas are so special. Then there is the chaos, stress, financial burden, obligations, over indulging, accumulation of “stuff” ….

So how can you bring more of a minimalistic and balanced approach to your christmas season this year for greater happiness, health and wellbeing?


Don’t Over Commit

This means don’t commit to breakfast with Aunty Anne, Lunch with the in-laws and then Dinner with your parents. Christmas in not about traveling from one place to the other on a schedule. Its about sharing QUALITY time with others and mindfully enjoying the moments. For those you can’t cover on christmas day, organise celebrations around the other days such as Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Years Eve or even a delayed celebration lunch a few weeks past christmas.


Think Quality Not Quantity

Present giving sadly can become a stressful and expensive activity, particularly when your list of people to buy for keeps increasing from year to year! Why not organise a secret santa system with the family and your friends circle and then bake up a batch of yummy christmas cookies to gift to everyone else. Try our Gingerbread Spelt Cookie Recipe! Making or buying christmas decorations to gift is also a lovely way to give from the heart that does not leave a big dent in the pocket.


Respect Your Body

While your mind may switch to “its christmas time, that means health is on pause”, your body does not really work that way. Keep some sort of balance with your health routine is really important to allow you to feel your best heading into the new year both physically and mentally. We are not saying no drinking or christmas pudding. Rather enjoy a little more alcohol and indulgent foods than you normally would, however make that extra effort to maintain some balance. Try to include a daily green smoothie, move your body in someway everyday and take even just 5 minutes a day to spend in meditation to ground yourself. Following The BareVitality Studio Online Program can help keep you on track!


Come Back To What Matters To You

What do you love most about Christmas time? The carols, time with family, cooking, decorating, the time off work… Whatever you love most about christmas, mindfully focus on those 1-3 things this year. Truely feeling them, be present in the moments and cherish the memories and satisfaction they bring.


Wishing you a Merry Christmas from The BV Team!

Image – @simplejoy.co.uk

So I currently have a 3 and a half week old sweet little girl and honestly pregnancy feels like it was AGES ago! I thought I better quickly jot down my third trimester pregnancy journey while I still remember it!

For a recap of my First and Second Trimester see below:

First Trimester Pregnancy Journey

Second Trimester Pregnancy Journey

Weeks 28-33

These were our final weeks overseas before we headed back to Sydney! There was a bit of caution in an attempt to avoid the baby coming early until we were home and close by our birthing team. Little did we know this baby had NO interest in coming anytime soon and was going to be overdue!

These weeks varied! Some days I had lots of energy and felt really strong within my body and was able to workout. Other days I struggled to walk around the block and was needing long day naps. It was definitely a day to day situation. I struggled with anxiety and insomnia during this time. Here is what I found helped- Mental Wellbeing During Pregnancy. My cravings consisted of most things cold- smoothies, juices, ice-cream, fruit, yogurt!

I continued to crave just being in water. We found a local pool in Paris which I visited a few times and really enjoyed floating and doing some laps. I have never been a swimmer, but seeing I haven’t been able to run in 6 months it felt good to move in this way.

Bali was our final destination on our way home which meant lots of pool time, pregnancy massages and a whole lot of fresh fruit and coconut water. By this point bubs kicks had become very strong and honesty I was not comfortable at all. Our last flight home, while it was the shortest flight of our whole trip (6 hrs), it certainly was the worst. Its safe to say Scott and I do not want to jump on a plane again anytime soon! For me sitting upright was the most uncomfortable during third trimester so every 20 minutes I would have to stand up and walk around a little and even waiting that 20 minutes was SO painful. Our other flights I was able to put my seat back a lot which gave my tummy more room and me more comfort.

By this point I had a few extra stretch marks on my chest and a little more cellulite on the back of my legs but honestly wasn’t bothered as this was all part of pregnancy I expected. On the positives of third trimester, my skin was looking super “glowy” and hair had really thickened and grown. Yay to pregnancy hormones!! I honestly felt really confident in my pregnancy body with its new curves and lines! I was proud of what my body could do and I loved being able to experience all the effects of our little one growing.

Weeks 33+

While our trip was amazing, I must say by this point in the pregnancy I was glad to be home in familiar comforts. During these final weeks we had lots of midwife appointments to make up for the time we were away. Our final scan at 36 weeks showed little one healthy and already 3.1kg.

Leading up to her birth I was getting regular Chiropractic adjustments to help align my pelvis, and relieve some of the rib pain I was getting. I also was seeing an acupuncturist who was helping reduce some internal inflammation I was experiencing. These services were by pregnancy specialised professionals from my local Health Space. Both services definatly helped!

At 34 weeks we did our weekend birthing course through SheBirths which we both gained so much from. It was important to us to feel we were informed and prepared with birthing knowledge tools to allow our little girls delivery to be an empowering and special experience. I will be sharing our birth story at some point. Watching and reading birth stories was one of our favourite things during third trimester.

At 35 weeks I shared a really special Blessingway with a small group of my closest friends. Full of stories, candles, angle cards, food and little activities that each person have organised to contribute. It was such a beautiful alternative to the typical baby shower which wasn’t really my thing.

The following weeks were long I must admit. The waiting game! I tried to stay distracted with work, nesting (nesting is real), catching up with people and appointments however they were still very long. I wasn’t sleeping well and was experiencing a lot of discomfort so was ready for the baby to join anytime from 37 weeks when she would be considered full term.

By that point she had definitely not dropped so we knew it wasn’t happening anytime soon. I was however experiencing lots more braxton hicks.

By 39 weeks with little progression I was recommended to include more long walks and swiss ball circles to help her drop down. I also was taking raspberry leaf extract, dates, pineapple and evening primrose oil to assist with helping this baby come naturally.

By 40 weeks, still no baby! This is where we started to get serious about natural forms of induction because we really wanted to avoid medical induction if possible. We were trying EVERYTHING!

The one thing that really ended up helping the most I believe was the 3 Stretch and Sweeps I was given by the midwives over a 6 day period. Not very comfortable but certainly effective… and well I’ll leave things there and continue the journey in my Birth Story to come!!


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