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Lean Legs Workout – 12 minutes // Yoga, pilates & fitness combined.

Join me following along a Lower Body Session from The BareVitality Studio with little Bub joining in.

No equipment needed. Real time and accessible to all fitness levels.

Access many more workouts on a BV Studio membership from $4.20/week HERE!



You can find other BV videos on health, fitness, motherhood and wellbeing on our YouTube Channel! 


Whilst Meat-Free Monday’s are definitely a trend, a meat-free day on any day of the week can be extremely beneficial for a number of reasons. A plant based diet is not going to be for all of us, however incorporating 1-2 meat free days of eating a week boasts many benefits to your overall wellbeing. Plant based diets are those which incorporate a wide range of fruits and vegetables, grains, beans, legumes and nuts and therefore are rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients. Below shares some of the benefits from incorporating even just 1-2 meat free days/ week.

Potential Benefits Of Incorporating Meat-Free Days

  • Improvement in mood and mental health 
  • Reduced inflammation in the body
  • Reduced fatigue and increased energy from a wider range of nutrients available
  • Saves money- generally plant based cooking is less expensive than buying meat products
  • Less environmental impact
  • Improved digestive and bowl health
  • Inner detoxification for the bodily systems
  • Assists with longevity
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Lowers cholesterol and controls blood sugar levels by eating plant based foods high in fibre
  • Reduced risk of chronic disease and illness such as diabetes, cancer and stroke
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Assist in athletic performance
  • Weight management


The BareVitality Studio Online Program, Mondays are a cleansing plant based day to positively start the week. Planning ahead is important when it comes to having a meat-free days so choosing a set day/s each week really helps with consistency.  Food prepping the day before can also assist and many restaurants, cafes and food outlets now provide healthy plant based meal options for when your out and about.

Here are some healthy plant based recipes to get you started.


Baked Sweet Potato Lentil Tofu Balls

Easy Vegan Pizza 

Zucchini Vegan Lasagne 

Stuffed Mushrooms 

Quinoa Kale Salad

Fresh Beetroot Green Bean Salad 

Kelp Noodle Stir Fry 



pic @thebandwifeblog.com

“Hemp” is one of the varieties of the cannabis plant species. The important difference to know between marijuana and hemp is that marijuana contains more tetrahydrocannabinol, which is responsible for the psychoactive properties. Hemp is naturally very low in THC and has been used for thousands of years as a food and medicine source. Below are some of the great uses of hemp for health & beauty. Today, this wonderful plant has come back into the spotlight are is currently trending for its many benefits, used both internal and externally.

Hemp For Health & Beauty!

To Repair The Body

25% of the seed contains protein which makes it a wonderful source of plant-based protein for your health. Our whole body needs proteins to function. Therefore, it’s important to make sure our meals provide enough protein to keep up with the constant repair of bones, blood, cartilage, muscles & cells in our body.

To Maintain Healthy Skin

Hemp contains a lot of amino acids, fatty acids & vitamins. Essential fatty acids like omega-3 and -6 reduce dryness and give the skin an elastic appearance. Amino acids, on the other hand, supports your skin to generate collagen and elastin, helping the skin to stay hydrated and prevent wrinkles. Our skin needs vitamins such as A and E and minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc + magnesium to support our cells. Hemp is full of these antioxidants which makes it perfect for the job!

Pain Relief For The Body

Components found in hemp that work well with the body’s own cells + anti-inflammatory properties together reduce pain. Joints respond well to the internal and external use of hemp seeds and oil. Using hemp for your body can be useful in promoting an anodyne effect.

Help To Manage Stress

Hemp contains Magnesium and B vitamins which can help the body to manage the effects of stress. This happens by impacting important neurotransmitters. If pain or other health conditions are causing anxiety, using hemp seeds or oil may help to lower stress levels.

Eases Hormonal Symptoms

When hormones are unbalanced in our body, we can have sleep problems, acne, memory fog, headaches, fatigue, hair loss, mood swings, weight gain, dry skin + more. Hemp has the omega fatty acids (omega-3 & -6) needed for optimal health, so it helps to balance hormones in the body and prevents these symptoms.

Keeping The Gut Balanced

Hemp is rich in fibre which is essential for our digestive system. Unprocessed/whole hemp seeds are a perfect source of fibre, including insoluble and soluble fibres. These help with constipation, nourish the healthy bacteria in our gut and decreased the risk of digestive disease.


How To Use Hemp


  • Easy way to use hemp seeds is to sprinkle them onto breakfast cereals, smoothies, yoghurts, fruit bowls and salads.
  • Consuming hemp seeds with plenty of water helps the seeds to swell up and soothes the gut.
  • Add hemp protein powder into smoothies for extra fibre, antioxidants, minerals and unsaturated fats. You can also drizzle hemp oil over your salads.
  • Hemps seeds are perfect for healthy treats. So, set aside time to make this delicious Hemp & Macadamia Cookie Recipe
  • Hemp Seed Oil supplements are also available on the market.


  • As a beauty treatment, you can apply hemp seed oil directly onto your skin at least once a day.
  • Hemp beauty products can be found in lots of different forms -face oils, bath salts, lotions, creams, shampoos + more.
  • Hemp seed oil makes a soothing and gently massage oil by rubbing it directly into the muscles.
  • Use organic hemp seed oil with essential oils as a blend into your body or diluting the oils for aromatherapy.



Foam rolling is such a great way to release tight muscles and has so many other benefits as well. A foam roller is a wonderful holistic tool helpful when it comes to flexibility, easing pain and muscle soreness, better body mobility, preventing common injuries and releasing stored negative energy from stress and physiological trauma. Foam rolling helps to relax our nervous system + improve blood circulation. This increased blood flow can also help reduce cellulite! Foam rolling also assist lean out tight muscles for a longer, leaner body! It’s a wonderful tool for both fitness and your overall health and wellbeing.

We suggest rolling everyday to gain the most benefits!

To help you do so, we have 8 foam roller stretches covering your full body for you to practise:


8 Foam Roller Stretches:


How: Lie face-down on the floor, support your weight by your hands and place a foam roller underneath one leg keeping that foot off the ground. Shift as much weight onto the leg and roll from above the knee to below the hip. Do this on the other leg as well.

Benefits: Can help with tightness, creates a leaner appearance to your legs, improve cellulite and circulation. 


How: Sit on the floor with your legs straight and place a foam roller underneath one lower leg keeping the other leg on the floor to support your weight. Place hands behind you and lift your body off the ground while slowly rolling forward and back along your calf. Roll from below the knee to above the ankle. Do this on the other leg as well.

Benefits: Releases tight calves and improves ankle mobility. Can help to lean out the appearance of your calves. 


How: Sit on top of a foam roller. Bend your knees and cross one leg in a way that your ankle is over the knee. Shift your weight to the side of the crossed leg and keep rolling over your glutes (bottom). Do this on the other side as well.

Benefits: Releases pain in your hips and lower back. Can reduce cellulite. Release stored stress and emotions in the fascia. 


How: Lie on your side and place your bottom leg onto a foam roller between the hip and the knee. Keep your top leg crossed in front of you. Move your leg over the foam roller from hip to knee carefully. Repeat on the other leg.

Benefits: Helps to release tension on the knee which often causes knee pain. Assists with leaning the appearance of your legs and improving circulation.


How: Lie face down and place one leg on a foam roller in a way that it’s against the inner thigh. Then roll over between your hip and knee. Repeat on the other leg as well.

Benefits: Reduces tightness and muscle soreness in the inner thigh. Acts as a lymphatic massage, cleansing the body of toxins. Helps release stored stress and emotions.


How: Sit on the foam roller and place your legs over it to target the back of your upper legs. Keep your hands behind you to support your weight. Lift hips off of the floor and shift your weight on to one leg. Try to relax the hamstrings of the leg you are rolling. Roll from below the hip to above the back of the knee. Repeat on the other leg.

Benefits: Helps to better the base for your spine. Assists release lower back pain. 

Thoracic Spine

How: Place a foam roller vertically under you. Keep your face-up and let your buttocks and head to be supported by the roller. Start by rising your arms to 90 degrees and face your hands on the ceiling. Then rest your arms on the ground and hold. Followed by crossing your arms to touch your opposite shoulders. Repeat! 

Benefits: helps to stretch out the back muscles, relieve muscular tension and better thoracic mobility.

Upper Back

How: Place your upper back on a foam roller lying length ways on the floor. Cross your arms in front of you, raise your hips off the ground and keep your weight on the roller. Shift your weight up and down, rolling from upper to mid back.

Benefits: Reduces tightness and relieves pain in the upper back. Also improves posture and increases rotational flexibility. Can reduce headaches. 


These foam roller stretches can assist you in maintaining a balanced body and gaining better overall health! Complemented with a balanced holistic movement program (resistance, yoga & cardio) you will really start to be able to use your body to the best of its abilities. 

The BareVitality Studio Online Program can help you achieve this!


Image @Sheerlux

The BareVitality Studio Online Program Is Just About Here!

We are launching our Holistic Online Program on Thursday 8th August! 
Created by Claudia Beyer and a team of other holistic health professionals.
We will coach you with a holistic approach, focusing on a balance of fitness, nutrition & wellbeing. 
Our goal is to support the modern-day female in finding their perfect balance to THRIVE and not just survive. 
Our Program Includes:
  • Access To Your Program Any Time, On Any Device
  • Program Designed By Your Team Of Holistic Professionals (Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist, Meditation Teacher, Holistic Health Coach)
  • Beginner to Advanced – 10 Minute Classes in Yoga, Fitness and Meditation
  • Your Weekly Holistic Program To Follow
  • Access To Weekly Recipes, DIY Health, Wellbeing Practices, Nutritionist Health Tips + more so much more..
  • From $5.80/ week!
We Are Offering 40 % OFF FIRST MONTH // 3 DAYS ONLY!! 

Head to studio.barevitality.com on Thursday 8th August & Use Code: LAUNCH40

Watch the video below & learn more! 
Online Program

Often a typical workout is 45-60 minutes!  An effective workout does not need to be this long to provide the health benefits of exercise to our body & mind. Exercising regularly helps to better sleep, strengthen muscles, maintain a healthy weight, reduce stress, improve memory + so much more.. We feel strongly towards the 10 minute workout and have based The Barevitality Studio Online fitness program around this daily formula to work the whole body and gain amazing results. Inspired by the online program coming soon, we wanted to share why a 10 minute workout is a great option and often better than the typical 45-60 minute workout.

The magic of the 10 minute workout!

Time Efficient

So many people just don’t have the time for 45-60 minutes workout in todays busy lifestyle. There is no need to stress about including long workouts into your packed schedule when 10 minutes done right is more than enough to gain the health benefits of exercise.  You can fit it in as soon as you wake up before your morning shower, in your lunch break, as an afternoon pick  me up, in the kitchen while dinner is baking…  The 10 minute formula is also perfect to fit in while traveling.

Greater Chance Of Long Term Success

When the purpose is to include movement as a part of your lifestyle, starting smart with small steps is more likely to keep you going. Healthy habits have more chance of sticking if they are easily manageable, enjoyable and consistent!

Avoid Burn Out

Too often we tend to push ourselves too much with good intention…. however often leading to our bodies burning out and/or injury occuring. A 10 minute workout doesn’t shift your body into the zone connected to adrenal fatigue, instead it provides all the benefits of exercise while protecting your adrenals and nervous system.

Greater Energy

In today’s world of ‘sitting all day’ jobs, means the body is not getting the exercise it needs for daily health and wellness. 10-minutes of increased heart rate and body movement gives you a boost of energy and keeps your muscles & mind more awake. Have you ever finished a workout feeling more tired than before you started? This is not the goal and will not lead to long term results. 10 minutes allows us to feel more energised and as a result power through the day.

Proven Results

Within the BareVitality Studio we have included the 10 minute daily workout as ‘homework’ for our private clients over many many years. Those who included their 10 minute workout 5 days/ week received double the results in half the time than those clients who only worked out hard for 1 hour/ 1-2x each week. We also identified those following this formula maintained their results and continued to achieve great results in their health and fitness ongoing than those who trained at high intensity for 1 hour 4+ days/ week.

Achievable For Everyone

Achievable no matter your age, fitness level, lifestyle or health status. When your not feeling 100% a light 10 minute workout can assist your body heal. All members of your family can join in no matter the different abilities (adjusting exercises and intensities accordingly). Most of us have experienced that dread of getting back into exercise at some point!


The secret is to commit to daily movement without over doing it. Variety of strength, cardio and stretch is essential for a balanced body and mind. The benefits of this formula shows instantly and is more likely to become an ongoing lifestyle practice.

Within The BareVitality Studio Online (AVAILABLE SOON) we combine the 10 minute workout with daily steps, whole food recipes and wellbeing practices to gain the benefits of a balanced holistic lifestyle.


The BareVitality Studio Available ONLINE SOON!

We are very excited to announce there are big changes happening within BareVitality over the next few months!!

The BareVitality Studio is transitioning into an ONLINE Studio Program so it can be accessible worldwide. The BV Program is currently being created to support your holistic health & fitness journey in a simple, realistic and sustainable way.

We will be providing the resources for a life long balance with;

Daily Yoga & Fitness Videos For All Levels Of Fitness

-10 minute workouts to work to whole body

-Yoga practises

-Warm ups

-Pregnancy safe exercises

Nutrition & Healthy Recipes

-Meal plan

-Delicious & healthy recipes

-Information for a balanced lifestyle


Daily tips including:

-Essential oils




-Inspirational practises


So what does this mean for BareVitality? More content, greater accessibility and so much more BV love to share around.


Best Healthy Restaurants In Sydney

We are so lucky to have so many amazing healthy restaurants in Sydney.  Below is a list of some of our favourites! From those that offer gluten free, to paleo, to vegan to just fresh good whole food meals. We would also love to know what your Sydney local top choices are too 🙂

Bodhi Restaurant

Located just in the heart of the city, under St Mary’s Cathedral. This vegan restaurant is known for its’ seasonal dishes which are locally sourced & organic. The dumplings are AMAZING! Check out their menu!

Lox Stock & Barnel

Lox Stock & Barrel offers healthy and local food, dishes inspired by pre-war Europe and Jewish origin! They can be found in Bondi Beach. Check out their menu!


Saké Restaurant is a traditional Japanese cuisine located in Double Bay and The Rocks in Sydney. The mouth-watering menu offers vegetarian, gluten-free and ‘no raw’ Japanese food options. Check out their menu!


Another great Japanese style restaurant located in Barangaroo and Surry Hills! Focusing on high-quality food from local farmers. Vegan, vegetarian & gluten-free options available. Check out their menu!

Acre Eatery

This restaurant located in Camperdown making sure that the ingredients are not delivered from far. They prepare delicious dishes from sustainable food, offering vegetarian & vegan options for eaters! Check out their menu!

Grounds Of Alexandria

Grounds Of Alexandria is an urban style restaurant right in the city of Sydney. They make fresh, wholesome food for people to enjoy while spending time together! Check out their menu!

Grilled Healthy Burgers

A restaurant that is all about healthy burgers. YES, it’s possible to feed our burger cravings without having any quilt! No preservatives, hormones or refined sugars used in their recipes. They are located in 21 different places in Sydney including Neutral Bay, Bondi Junction, World Square + more. Check out their menu!

Porch & Parlour

Enjoy fresh and wholesome food while surrounded by art & music located Bondi beach. Choose delicious healthy meals, produced by local ingredients. Check out their menu!


A wonderful restaurant with many ingredients grown in its’ own kitchen garden! They use lots of fresh vegetables to create healthy & tasty dishes. Located in Wollaahra. Check out their menu!


Many of these restaurants have plant-based meal options in their menus. Reasons why a high plant-based diet is good for your health coming soon!



The best healthy restaurants in Sydney


Yoga is amazing for our health and wellness in so many ways, there is no doubt about that! And it is so easy to start anytime, and do anywhere! You don’t need to invest lots of money on equipment and finding a spot in your home a place a mat down does not need effort. No wonder yoga is trending as such a popular form of movement currently and has been used in many traditions for centuries! See below the reasons to include Yoga in your day.

30 Reasons To Include Yoga In Your Day

These are some of the reasons why you should include yoga in your day:

  1. Improves your flexibility.
  2. Builds muscle strength.
  3. Betters your posture.
  4. Can improve the uptake of oxygen when exercising.
  5. Increases happiness & can help with depression.
  6. Lowers blood sugar.
  7. Improves your coordination, reaction time & memory.
  8. Helps you to relax & focus on the present.
  9. Improves your bone health and density.
  10. Increases blood flow.
  11. Gives your immunity a boost.
  12. Can help with migraine symptoms.
  13. Lowers your resting heart rate & blood pressure.
  14. Betters your balance.
  15. Improves ability to breath more efficiently.
  16. Slows down frustration, regret, anger, fear + more
  17. Prevents digestive problems.
  18. Can ease arthritis, back pain & other chronic conditions in your body.
  19. Reduces stress and even symptoms of anxiety.
  20. Increases sexual satisfaction.
  21. Makes you feel calm & peaceful.
  22. Maintains your nervous system.
  23. Releases tension in your body.
  24. Helps you to sleep better.
  25. Increases general productivity.
  26. Supports weight loss.
  27. Can lead to better self-esteem.
  28. Gives you more energy.
  29. Strengthen your core and help sculpt your abs.
  30. Helps detox the body of toxins.


Set up your yoga mat and find a comfy spot to connect with your body & calm your mind. Try these 10 yoga poses to start your day!


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