Carrot Cake Smoothie

Day 2 of the 4 Week Smoothie Challenge is this nutritious Carrot Cake Smoothie.

Trying to get in our 5 serves of vegetable each day can often be a challenging task with our busy lifestyle and for some, vegetables can be considered ‘boring’ to eat. This is why it’s so important to remember how versatile vegetables can be and experiment and discover multiple ways to include a variety of vegetables into each day.¬†¬†Using the whole carrot rather than juicing it, retains so much more nutrients and fibre.

Carrot is a great for cleansing the liver and is full of antioxidants.



1 carrot

1/2 banana (preferably frozen)

2/3 cup almond milk

2 tbsp coconut milk yogurt (or goats, biodynamic, greek yogurt)

6 ice cubes

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp nutmeg

1/2 tsp vanilla

1 tbs LSA (optional)

1 tbs chia seeds

1 tsp nativia/honey/maple syrup (optional) I love honey in mine!

1 scoop natural vanilla protein powder (optional)


Grate the carrot. Put all the ingredients into the blender and blend away. Depending how thick you like it you can add more ice.

Thermomix version: place carrot in mixing bowl and chop 9 sec/ speed 8. Add 165g almond milk and then the rest of the ingredients. Combine 30 sec/speed 9.





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