Body Essentials – The Breakdown Of Body & Rest

Getting enough rest is essential for your body. It’s incredibly important for your physical but also mental and emotional health. In our previous post, we told how much sleep you should get in different life stages. Go check it out here, and see if you are getting enough rest during the night. Body & rest go hand in hand, therefore we want to tell you the reasons why!

The Breakdown Of Body & Rest


Sleep helps your brain to function properly. When you are sleeping, your brain is handling all the information you faced during the day. A good night sleep improves learning and memory. Getting enough rest supports your brain to work better during the day, therefore it’s easier for you to pay attention, solve problems, make decisions and be creative.


When you are sleeping, your muscles use this time to recover from your workouts. If you don’t get enough sleep it has an effect on your workout efforts and physical performance. When your muscles feel fresh after a good night sleep, you will also feel more energised during your daily tasks. It doesn’t matter what your goals – it might be growing muscle, getting lean or just staying physically energetic. It’s equally important to get enough sleep to maintain muscle recovery.


Lack of sleep can create hormonal imbalance. For example, one of the hormones, adrenaline produces cortisol which helps prepare your body to deal with stress. Excess production of cortisol in the body, particularly without rest can cause adrenal fatigue and weight gain. For the health of a female, the importance of sleep in huge when it comes to ovulation and menstruation. Poor sleep can make you feel more stressed and therefore can possibly lead to the absence of your period. Resting helps our hormones to recharge so we have enough energy, immunity, appetite and coping abilities to face the day.


Getting enough sleep has a significant effect on your happiness. Being tired makes people feel more cranky and irritated. When resting during the night, you will have more energy to be able to enjoy your day and exercise which all contribute to our health and happiness. Sleepless nights are one way to become exhausted, gain extra weight and feel depressed which often leads to unhappiness. Proper sleep during the night helps us to control emotions and behavior, which has a reflection on our relationships. Sleep reduces the level of stress which is good for your overall wellbeing.


During rest, growth hormone creates new cells so after a good night sleep you wake up with brighter skin. When you are snoozing, your body moisturizes the parts of the skin where it is needed. This is great for avoiding those eye bags and wrinkles. Sleep is also important for the protein synthesis of your hair and nails which makes them stronger, brighter and glow. Maintaining your dream weight is easier with enough sleep. If you are lacking rest, it makes you crave more sugary treats.

So, next time when you are about to use hours of your sleep to instead stay up late, think about the essentials of body & rest. If you are struggling to sleep, check some tips here on how to get more rest!



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