Sydney’s best walking & running spots!

Getting bored of your usual jog or walking route? Your body will be as well. Why not try some of Sydney’s best walking & running spots!

The same distance, same hills (or maybe lack of), similar intensity each time you head out…. the body adapts to what its use to and therefore you stop seeing results in your health and fitness goals.

While as humans we love routine, mixing your walking or running routine up will be the best thing for both your body and mind. Challenge yourself with new terrains, different distances, areas and places not just on your door step. Get out and explore Sydney and all the beauty it has on offer.

Why not try each weekend choosing a different place to incorporate your run/ walk + brunch. Get your family and friends to join you.

Below is a list of some of my favourite of Sydney’s best walking & running spots:


Sydney’s best walking & running spots

The Bay Run

This is my local run that I pretty much know off by heart. Often busy, but beautiful scenic loop along the bay runs through Rozelle, Lilyfeild, FiveDock and Drummoyne. Head off in the early morning or late afternoon and you are usually guaranteed a picturesque sunrise or sunset.

7 km in distance and a mostly flat course. I usually start at one side of the Iron Cove bridge and lap around.


Manly Dam

Think trail walks and runs followed by a dip in the Dam. Absolutely amazing in the warmer months, but make sure you head of early before it gets too hot. A post picnic is a must on the dams edge 🙂

A range of different distances and tracks.


Spit To Manly 

Starting at the spit bridge you pass along a number of scenic tracks with lots of view points and opportunities to sit back and enjoy the view. This 10km trail is perfect to pair with a Manly beach swim and health cafe visit at the finish line. Be prepared for lots of up and down hills and to avoid the crowds, head off early.


Bondi To Coogee

This coastal run in one of Sydney’s most popular and for good reason. A great social track, always busy and full of life. The 14km track will pass a number of coastal bays and beaches.


Park Runs

If you haven’t gotten yourself along to a park run yet you must! A free community based event run every Saturday morning from a number of locations around Sydney including Cooks River, Parramatta, Parks. You will be timed running the 5km course and get to compare your results with others or just as record of your own self improvement. All ages and abilities are welcomed along. Just make sure you bring along your downloaded barcode Park Run Site.


Bicentennial Park

This lovely Glebe based walk takes you from the Anzac Bridge side of the park to the fish markets. Feel free to make it a loop by jogging over the Anzac Bridge or add a few steep hills as you jog up to Glebe Point road. A very dog friendly pathway with great city views.


Here is a post run snack recipe to have prepared 🙂


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