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Today I received a question on my Intense 10 minute workout’ post towards the best foods to include in your diet to help with muscle recovery & avoid a build up of muscle fatigue. I started typing a reply and realised I had so much to share on the topic. Therefore I decided to create this post focused on foods to include in your diet, particularly in your post-workout recovery meal to help with muscle repair.

Firstly make sure you eat within 20-40 minutes after a workout and include protein, amino acids and some form of carbs in this meal/snack. Also don’t forget drink Water Water Water…

Some of the best foods for muscle recovery:

– Cold Smoothie > brings down core body temperature helping to reduce inflammation. Pack with protein powder, milk or yogurt, banana/coconut/blueberries, spirulina powder.

– Spirulina > in tablet or powder form. Has fast muscle repair effects and balances blood sugars.

– Quinoa/Brown rice/ Buckwheat > low GI carb, protein and amino acids required for muscle repair.

– Chicken/ Turkey > lean protein

– Hemp seeds/ walnuts/ salmon > full of amino acids

– Eggs > full of amino acids and protein

– ¬†Cocao > widens & relaxes blood vessels so it’s easier for oxygen rich blood to flow into muscles to restore them.

– Tumeric/Ginger > great anti- inflammatory

– Spinach > Increases protein synthesis in muscles.

– Avocado/Coconut/Banana > electrolytes (potassium, Sodium, Calcium) to reduce muscle cramping and fatigue.

– Apple > perfect pre-workout snack for slow digesting carb & increased performance in workout. Also cleansing fruit toeliminate toxins.

– Citrus fruits > (lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits) absorbs iron in the body, works with collagen to rebuild tissue & great for detoxifying.

– Broccoli & other leafy greens> regulates muscle contractions and is high in protein and calcium. Nearly 50% of leafy greens are made up of muscle building amino acids.

– Sea vegetables > (nori, kelp, kombu) extremely high in calcium, protein, iron and minerals.

– Beetroot > before workout can increase stamina and oxygen uptake. After workout great complex carb and high in iron, potassium, copper and vitamin C, necessary for muscle recovery.

– Flaxseed oil > well balanced source of Omega-3 & Omega-6. Improves blood flow to easily allow new oxygenated blood to assist recovery.

– Goji berries > full of protein, amino acids, iron, calcium, zinc & copper.

– Blueberries > great for after workout free radial repair and very high in pectin to help regulate the flow of water between cells and high in potassium & fiber.

-Manuka Honey > anti inflammatory and provides carbs to rebuild muscle fibers. Also supports immune system, therefore allowing a greater recovery from exercise to the body.

Here are some recipes containing  foods to assist the bodies healing process :


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Britt Murphy

Hi Claud,
Loving your blog - really inspiring and easy to follow!
I was hoping for some advice... I'm finding it really hard to fit time in in the morning for a proper breakfast and often just run out of the house with avocado on toast and subsequently hitting a wall at about 10:30-11.
My mum suggested smoothies as a nice alternative for the days i am running behind and I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about them - sort of like a beginners guide with a couple of easy recipes / ingredients. I've done so much googling on this topic and can't find something that's clear.
Congratulations on your success!


    Hi Britt,
    So happy your enjoying the blog!
    For avocado on toast, use a multi-grain bread & add some protein for a sustainable breakfast. Try chicken avocado & cheese, or avocado & poached egg, or savory mince avocado & cheese. You can also make a healthy breakfast toasty with these combinations & add baby spinach leaves & tomato for extra nutrients.
    Smoothie beginners guide:
    1) Base: 1 cup
    a) cow milk, goat milk, almond milk, soy milk
    b) filtered water, coconut water (sweet taste & full of electrolytes)
    2) Protein: Invest in a good natural protein powder & use recommended serving. I use a vanilla bean protein that contains nearly no sugar- avoid sugars in morning.
    3) A good fat/omega: for boosting metabolism in morning & absorbing nutrients + good skin/hair/nails/brain function
    Choose approximately 1 tbs of 1 of these options:
    - Almond butter
    - Coconut oil/milk
    - Macadamia oil
    - Omega oil
    - Hemp oil
    - Walnut oil
    - Almond meal *
    - LSA (linseed, sunflower seed, almond meal)*
    - Avocado
    4) Extras: choose as many as you like to create the flavor & nutritional value you desire.
    - cocao powder
    - maca powder
    - bee pollen (sweet + stabilises blood sugars in morning)
    - coconut shreds or flesh *
    - 1/2 banana (I peel & cut in half, glad wrap & put in freezer for convenience) *
    - fresh or frozen berries *
    - paw paw *
    - Acai powder
    - lemon/lime
    - cinnamon (great metabolism boost & blood sugar stabiliser)
    - baby kale or spinach leaves
    - spiralina powder
    - chlorophyll liquid
    - chia seeds *
    - cooked fresh beetroot *
    - cooked pumpkin (nice with cinnamon & vanilla protein powder) *
    - yogurt (Greek or natural)*

    Pick at least 1 ingredient from each number + an ingredient with an astrix (*) & blend with a few ice cubes.
    A great and easy combination is 1/2 banana, vanilla protein powder, chosen base (I love half coconut milk & half almond milk), cinnamon & chia seeds.

    Hope this helps and be sure to share what creations you come up with.
    X Claudia

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