Choosing The Best Fitness Classes For Your Needs!

Overwhelmed with all the fitness styles and classes out there? We wanted to share with you a snapshot of the different classes and help you determine which may be the best fitness classes for you!!

Holistic isn’t something that comes to mind when paired with exercise, or can it?! Having a holistic health program incorporating different type of exercise styles with a balanced diet, enriches the mind, body and soul. Here at The BareVitality Studio, we want you to be in tune with YOUR body. To gain optimal results, its beneficial to tackle them from a holistic point of view. So what type of fitness classes are best for your needs? We wanted to share with you a snapshot of some of the best fitness classes and their benefits. The below fitness classes are all offered at our Balmain Fitness Studio, The BareVitality Studio!

Mat Toning & Endurance/ Pilates

This class focuses on deep toning mat work. It is a good starting point to strengthening and toning up all the muscle groups (even those tiny muscles that often get forgotten) and a large focus on your core. In the class you work through a series of exercises, focusing on repetition which is great for building muscular strength. The exercises also work on improving flexibility and coordination. Believe it or not, these types of exercise are a form of meditation, tapping into the inner breath to help guide movement. These class’s are on every Tuesday morning at 6am and Saturday at 7.30am in The BareVitality Studio!

Yoga Flow/ Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy dating back thousands of years. Originally used for spiritual purposes, the movement aspect is also a great form of exercise and meditation. There are many different types of yoga, but each type builds on a series of asanas (poses) practiced with breath awareness. This class is designed to balance out your other fitness sessions throughout the week. It assists in the overall improvement of muscle strength, balance, coordination, muscular endurance and self awareness. This class is on every Monday morning at 6:45 and Wednesday at 9:30am + 7.00pm!

Restorative Yoga

Enjoy this relaxing practice using a variety of poses and props to help let go of stress, assist the body to release and align. This class is designed to help quiet the mind while focusing on breathing, a great stress reliever. Restorative yoga is on every Thursday evening at 6.45pm!

Circuit Training

This class incorporates functional movement using both body resistance exercises and a range of different equipment such as kettle bells, medicine balls, dumbbells, resistance bands, ropes + more.. Varying station lengths and intensities ensure you get a solid workout! Circuit training boast many benefits including building  muscle strength and tone, improving the cardiovascular system and achieving weight loss goals. This class is on every Wednesday at 6pm.

Cardio Boxing

Think action packed, fun and high sweat with a combination of boxing and cardio exercises. It improves upper body strength while toning various muscle groups, particularly the core and arms. Cardio boxing focuses on agility, coordination and muscular endurance. This class is on every Friday morning at 6.15am.

Outdoor Fitness

This session boasts many benefits of a great workout while taking it outside to enjoy the outdoors! So while your out in the fresh air, this workout focuses on cardio, going through a series of exercises improving muscular endurance and cardiovascular health. The short bursts of high intensity exercise has also shown to be effective for weight loss and increased cardiovascular fitness. This rejuvinating class is on every Tuesday morning at 6:45am.

The BareVitality Studio offers a range of classes focusing of functional movement and balance.

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Let us know which classes you feel would be best to balance out your body and suit your individual health and fitness needs?


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