Beginner smoothie guide


I had a request recently for a beginners smoothie guide, particularly regarding breakfast smoothies. Smoothies are fantastic as a breakfast option as you can pack them with so much goodness to keep you energised all morning.
Beginners smoothie guide:

Pick at least 1 ingredient from each number + an ingredient with an astrix (*) & blend with a few ice cubes.
1) Base: 1 cup
a) cow milk, goat milk, almond milk, soy milk, quinoa milk, oat milk.
b) filtered water, coconut water (sweet taste & full of electrolytes)

2) Protein:  to stabilise blood sugars & boost metabolism. Invest in a good natural protein powder & use recommended serving. I use a vanilla bean protein that contains nearly no sugar- avoid sugars in morning.
3) A good fat/omega: for boosting metabolism in morning & absorbing nutrients + good skin/hair/nails/brain function
Choose approximately 1 tbs of 1 of these options:
– Almond butter
– Coconut oil/milk
– Macadamia oil
– Omega oil
– Hemp oil
– Walnut oil
– Almond meal *
– LSA (linseed, sunflower seed, almond meal)*
– Avocado

4) Extras: choose as many as you like to create the flavor & nutritional value you desire.
– cocao powder
– maca powder
– bee pollen (sweet + stabilises blood sugars in morning)
– coconut shreds or flesh *
– 1/2 banana* (I peel & cut in half, glad wrap & put in freezer for convenience)
– fresh or frozen berries *
– paw paw *
– acai powder
– lemon/lime
– cinnamon (great metabolism boost & blood sugar stabiliser)
– baby kale or spinach leaves
– spiralina powder
– chlorophyll liquid
– chia seeds
– cooked fresh beetroot *
– cooked pumpkin (nice with cinnamon & vanilla protein powder) *
– yogurt (Greek, natural, goats or sheep- no sugars or artificial flavors)*
A great and easy combination is 1/2 banana, vanilla protein powder, chosen base (I love half coconut milk & half almond milk), cinnamon & chia seeds.

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The smoothie ingredients to the 2 smoothie’s in the picture will be published soon!


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