Beauty Summer Proof Guide

This summer has been HOT and whilst it is a fun few months of swimming, adventuring outdoors, going for walks and weekend brunching in the sun…there are many impacts of the suns harmful rays upon our body. So we’ve created a Beauty Summer Proof Guide to help you to find ways to enjoy summer and the sun with your body in mind!

Beauty Summer Proof Guide


  • Use lighter product on your skin to prevent you skin from getting clogged up, making sure it is non-comedogenic. A natural BB Cream is a great switch from foundation
  • Find a lightweight moisturiser that also doubles up as a sunscreen with SPF 30+
  • Don’t stop moisturising as this protects your skin from pollutants and harsh weather changes- it acts as a barrier
  • Exfoliate twice a week to remove dead skin cells- especially if you have oily skin 
  • Unlike winter, where we tend to love hot baths and long showers, in summer, cutting down on time in the shower/bath reduces the chance of irritation to the skin and even summertime eczema. Not to mention so much better for the environment
  • Hydration is key when it comes to healthy skin, especially in summer when sunburn is a high risk. Aim for around 2-3L a day which is approximately 8 cups. 
  • Using face masks to replenish the skin and rehydrate- try one of these ‘5 Fun Face Mask Recipes’ out for an at home alternative
  • If your after that summer tan, instead of roasting your skin try one of these Fake Tans to keep that summer glow going all year round without all the skin damage


  • Wear sunglasses with complete UV protection. Ultraviolet radiation comes from the sun and is often reflected off surfaces such as sand and water. It is important to check the UV index for the day and even when it is cloudy, wearing sunglasses with complete UV protection helps prevent more serious side effects of prolonged sun exposure
  • Wearing  a hat
  • Using eye drops for hydration 
  • Using an under-eye serum 
  • Eating foods high in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and zinc to help prevent disease later on in life- why not try out this Papaya Bowl which is high in Vitamin C


  • Using hair masks, serums and damage proof treatments- check out this post on Hair Care From Your Kitchen Cupboard
  • Leave in conditioner especially if out in the sun, find one with SPF
  • Protect hair with a lightweight hat
  • Rinse hair with tap water before you swim in chlorinated water to avoid your hair turning a greenish colour 
  • Keratin treatments can help revive and rehydrate hair that has been damaged from the sun and swimming 
  • Wash your hair less to reduce the excess production of oil. On the days when you aren’t washing you could rinse it with cold water to help seal the moisture 
  • Keep hydrated with water 


So there you have it, a Beauty Summer Proof Guide to keep your body healthy and happy during the heat!



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