Our New Shift – BareVitality!

As you hopefully would have noticed, BareVitality has recently launched its new and improved website and online shift!
Not only have we worked to make it more visually appealing, but the BV team also worked hard to create a space for a single, more thorough concept. That is, Mastering The Holistic Lifestyle.
Society’s increasingly high expectations require us to be expert multitaskers. We are expected to simultaneously focus on our career, finances, health, fitness, etc. That’s great, but the problem is that we are not taught how to balance it all healthily and sustainably.

When we focus all our energy on our career, we compromise our health and lack the energy to dedicate it to health and fitness. Or when we devote too much time focusing on our health and fitness, we end up consumed in this sole purpose and thus neglect all other elements in our lives.
Similarly, if a spiritual lifestyle overly consumes us, we may often end up struggling with finances and other practical daily things that are, in turn, neglected.
We know so many people are struggling to achieve balance in their lives, and this is precisely why we have created the new BareVitaly focus as a resource and safe space where you will learn, and gradually achieve a balanced, holistic lifestyle.
For a more in-depth explanation of what Holistic means, stay tuned. We will be publishing what a holistic lifestyle entails and hopefully answer all of your questions on holistic health!
But to briefly explain it, put simply, we would like to describe a holistic lifestyle as if you were playing a game of Sims… now I never played Sims however the lovely BV ladies told me it was the perfect analogy and most people played it back in the days!
Just like your Sims character needs a balance between their food, energy, social life, etc. to keep them happy and healthy, you too need to create a balanced schedule and equally devote time to all aspects of life. Each element is vital to your health, whether it be your career, finances, nutrition, fitness, study, social life, etc. each of these is just as important as the other and crucial to the impact on your mental and physical health, and happiness.
We are thus so excited to introduce you to the new BareVitality focus, a place where you will gain valuable knowledge and resources on how to nurture every element of your life equally, mastering the holistic lifestyle!

We are definitely are not perfect at it either, so lets all jump on board and strive for not perfection but balance.


P.S For daily inspiration, tips and tricks follow Claudia Beyer’s journey to Master The Holistic Lifestyle onĀ Instagram


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