The BareVitality Studio – Bringing Balance to The Modern Day Life!

So if you haven’t heard already, ‘The BareVitality Studio’ has just opened in Sydney, Balmain for the start of Winter!!

A holistic, eco-friendly space that provides fitness, yoga, workshops and more.

A space you can come and chill or be challenged, workout or lie back. A place where you will be supported and create new friends and learn to understand that your individual body type is so unique and how to best train, eat and live to really start living with vitality.

A combination of the beautifully fresh and wholesome interiors, a warm and supportive environment, Himalayan salt lamps, air purifier, organic materials, complementary chlorophyll water and herbal tea… this little oasis will leave you feeling rejuvenated on departure.


Balmain Personal Training

Balmain Fitness Studio Balmain Yoga Studio

The studio will offer:

  •  A timetable of weekly holistic classes such as yoga, circuit training, mat endurance, mindfulness running, cardio boxing/ core, stretch circuits + more… allowing you to create your own Holistic Fitness Timetable.
  • Private Personal Training and Holistic Health Coaching to gain personalised results.
  • Workshops on all topics health and wellbeing.
  • A resource of holistic practitioners.
  • A space open for hire to those wanting to share the wisdom of health.


The BareVitality Studio hopes to revolutionise women’s views on fitness!

No more feeling like fitness is a chore and a daunting concept. No more working against our bodies. Let’s start working with them! Let’s nourish them with movement they can thrive off. Let’s create a lifestyle that is sustainable, full of joy and vitality.

Want to find out more?

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Contact Claudia: [email protected]

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