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“Your Holistic Metabolism”- Now Available

A simple 6 Step Guide to kick start your holistic metabolism!

You will create a solid platform to reach your perfect weight, feel more vibrant, energised and learn to stabilise and maintain it with ease.

No more dieting. No more stress. No more negative self talk.

Let’s rebalance your holistic metabolism and allow the rest to fall into place.

You will receive within “Your Holistic Metabolism”:

  • An in-depth 70+ page #HolisticChicks 6 Step Guide to kick start Your Holistic Metabolism.
  • Insights into your holistic metabolism – how to nourish and boost it rather than damage it.
  • Symptom and progress tracking tool.
  • Your 14 Day #HolisticChicks Fitness Program– lose weight with metabolic conditioning & smart movement.
  • A list of metabolism boosting Magic Potions, Teas and Recipes.
  • Your #HolisticChicks whole food Nutrition Guide + 14 Day Meal Plan – a 4 stage system to repair and boost your metabolism.
  • ‘Good Enough To Eat Beauty Care‘ recipes.
  • ‘Your Holistic Metabolism Diary‘ bonus inclusion!
  • + lots & lots more….

Over $200 worth of BareVitality resources for just $25

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“21 Days of Smoothies”- Now FREE for download

Smoothies are a fantastic way to nourish your body with whole food, easily digestible nutrition. You can pack lots of superfoods into the one meal or snack. An instant all natural energy boost!

Leading up to Christmas I consumed a different smoothie everyday for 21 days. Now if you know me, you would know I LOVE smoothies! From decorating smoothie bowls to, shopping for their ingredients, to filling my thermomix with as many whole foods as I can to blend up into a nourishing concoction.

Below I have included the 21 Smoothie Recipes I blended together over the 21 days.

I encourage you to go through the list and nourish your body with the wide range of whole food ingredients used. Watch as your energy, mood and mental clarity improve. Your skin will glow and hair will shine.

Don’t forget to tag #barevitality @claudiabeyer_barevitality in your Instagram smoothie pics for the chance to be featured.

Holistic Health & Fitness Program + APP from $3/month  START NOW