BareVitality 4 Week Smoothie Challenge

BareVitality 4 wk Smoothie Challenge

You are invited to join in the BareVitality 4 Week Smoothie Challenge!

When: Monday 5th August – Monday 2nd September

Where: At any home, from any shop, in any city or any country

What: Drink 1 nutrition packed smoothie everyday for 4 weeks

Why: Poor nutrition is the leading cause of preventable illness and disease. Let us take control of our health in a delicious and enjoyable way. Nutritionally nourish your body, feel energised, gain a glowing complexion and share all the creations of delicious smoothie goodness recipes & ideas to help others.

Who: Everyone! Get your family, and friends involved.

So why smoothies?

Smoothies help us get in a large proportion of our fruit, vegetables, fibre, protein & superfood intake into each day. The nutritional density of smoothies and their filling effect, encourages healthy eating habits and is a great tool to reach or maintain a healthy weight. Smoothies have the ability to act as a meal, snack or dessert depending on what you put in them.  They are also far more cost effective that juices. While fresh juices do have their benefits, they are often high in sugar, calorie dense, contain little fibre, are not very filling and create unstable blood sugar levels. While I do love a juice, smoothies remain my number one to go to for a nutrition boost, to ensure I am including sufficient superfoods and fibre each day and really I just love their versatility.

Share you Smoothie photo’s and ingredients on the BareVitality Facebook page or #barevitality on Instagram. This will help support and encourage others in the challenge and the most creative nourishing smoothie posted over the 4 weeks will be featured on the blog along with a bit about the creator. 

I will be posting my daily smoothies and I welcome you to post as many smoothie pictures and descriptions as you wish. 

The beginners smoothie guide may assist you with ingredients ideas:

Make sure your following us on Facebook for the latest updates on the challenge:

Share the invite with your family and friends and lets get as many people involved in the smoothie health challenge and stop poor nutrition being the leading cause of preventable illness and disease.


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