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Balmain group fitness, yoga & pilates with a difference! Are you after a range of movement styles to have you feeling optimally fit and balanced and noticing significant results?

We understand women and what the female body needs to thrive. With our extensive professional experience in womens fitness & health we have created sessions that target all the right areas are avoid movement styles that can interfere with the female hormonal system, metabolism and adrenals. 

BareVitality’s group fitness, yoga & pilates studio in Balmain is your perfect solution to weight loss, improved confidence, rehabilitation, reduced stress & anxiety, greater strength, balance, tone + so much more….

Our small group classes are designed to provide you with the benefits that a range of holistic movement styles provide with a personalised approach from our highly skilled staff. The perfect option for those who usually do not enjoy big gym classes and are after a more personalised service without the price of private training.

We believe exercise should always be enjoyable, and our fitness professionals do all they can to ensure a fun, nurturing and effective session for every member.

Working with you toward your goals, we’ll build on your strengths and help you work through any limitations in a supportive, nurturing, female only environment. All our Balmain group fitness trainers are highly qualified in more than one area of health and fitness to provide you with maximum results. Trust our team to be understanding of any injuries, health conditions or limitations you have and to help you work around them. Our goal is to allow everyone to feel confident and empowered along their fitness journey!!

Feel & See The Benefits Of A Holistic Group Fitness Program!

BareVitality Balmain Classes & Timetable

Studio Tone + OutdoorFit:

Two of our popular classes now combined into one. Gain the benefits of pilates toning with a cardio based outdoor session to follow. This class starts by focuses mostly on deep toning mat work, a great starting point to build up your base strength and create a stable core. We then head down to the waterfront to work on the larger muscle groups with a mix of resistance training and cardio. Don’t let this scare you – you can turn up and work at your own pace for that day. Whether that be a hard core sweat session or a leisurely workout. All fitness levels welcome.

Yoga Flow:

Designed to help balance out your other fitness sessions throughout the week. Assist in the overall improvement of total body strength, balance, endurance and self awareness. Expect to build up a bit of heat. All levels and abilities welcome.

Circuit Training:

Enjoy a full body workout using a range of difference equipment for max results. A big focus on functional movement. All levels and abilities welcome.

Restorative Yoga:

Enjoy 1 hour of pure restorative bliss using props and poses to help the body align and let go. A necessary addition to everyones holistic fitness routine.

Pilates Foundations:

Train the smaller muscle groups in a big way! Great for toning, strengthening and getting back to basics to create a strong core and perfect technique. All abilities and levels welcome.

The BareVitality Studio provides convenient Balmain group fitness training classes, yoga & pilates at our gorgeous holistic wellness studio. While also utilising the local waterfront parks for a dose of nature and our OutdoorFit Classes!

Balmain group fitness sessions are a combination of cardio, resistance work and stretch, which include kettle bells, bodyweight exercises, resistance training, pilates tools, yoga philosophy, functional movement, cardio boxing and core conditioning and so much more.

With the extra support of the other ladies and a nurturing and fun environment that keeps you motivated, you will start to see results in no time.

Trial with our Intro Offer of 5 Classes For $50!!

For those looking to ramp up their fitness & health results straight away, our UNLIMITED GROUP PASS provides you with unlimited access to any of our classes throughout the week for ONLY $37 / week!

Balmain Group Fitness Classes – Now Accepting New Enrolments!

Feel free to contact us to find out more information about one of The BareVitality Studio group fitness training, yoga or pilates sessions today!! With our flexible programs, centre of Balmain location, affordable prices and fun, energetic atmosphere, you’ve got everything you need to get started on creating a healthier and fitter you!!