Avoid Jet Lag – Holistic Tips!

No one likes Jet Lag!! Have you got a trip coming up soon where you will be traveling across different time zones and a long flight time ahead of you? Preparing for jet lag is key because arriving at your destination not feeling your best definitely postpones the fun. With jet lag you may experience symptoms such as insomnia and fatigue as well as other, check out here. Jet lag is inconvenient when you just want to enjoy your holiday or have to get straight back into work post-vacation. We therefore have gathered the below holistic tips to avoid jet lag!

Holistic Tips To Avoid Jet Lag :

Before Your Flight

Make sure you:

  • Eat a healthy meal with lots of fresh vegetables.
  • Drink plenty of water because it’s important to stay hydrated.
  • Exercise to keep your stress hormones low.
  • Sleep at the time of your destination. This will help your body to adapt with the time difference.


During Your Flight

While flying it’s important to:

  • Eat lighter snacks, choose fruits instead of sugar-loaded treats OR practise fasting to keep your body’s immune system strong.
  • Drink water or choose vegetable juice/coconut water to stay hydrated.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol because they will disrupts your sleep cycle.
  • Cover your body with moisturizer/oil, as another way to avoid your body drying out.
  • Wear comfortable clothes so your body can adjust to temperature changes.
  • Put on compression stockings to reduce the risk of swelling.
  • Rather than sitting all the time, walk around and stretch your body.
  • Use headphones and an eye mask to assist with sleep.
  • Avoid sleeping pills.
  • Download a meditation track as a good way to reduce in-flight anxiety.


After Your Flight

Try to remember:

  • Keep eating healthy food. Root vegetables are a good choice because they ground your body and connect you to the earth.
  • Add a magnesium supplement with your daily meals. This will help with stress and sleep.
  • Exercise and practice yoga to help your body recover after a long journey.
  • Above all, water is still your best friend.

So, your checklist to avoid jet lag is ready. Now feel free to check out our other healthy travel tips. Furthermore, we wish you a safe flight and pleasant travel!



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