Alternative vs Modern Medicine- the ridiculous debate!!

Alternative vs Modern Medicine

This started as a quick Facebook post, however once I started typing I felt I had too much to share in just a few sentences.

As an advocate of Holistic Health I thought it was appropriate to share my view on the current media chaos over the last 2 weeks regarding alternative vs modern medicine.

IT SHOULD NOT BE ONE OR THE OTHER!!  Rather a balanced approach that is suited to the individual.

Approximately 90-95% of all disease is a result of an imbalance of lifestyle and diet practices. Taking a Holistic approach involves breaking down your health and addressing it from every avenue to bring balance back to the body and create a stable platform to prevent illness and disease. If one system in your body is struggling, it can be certain the others are out of balance trying to compensate and therefore continuing the cycle of ill health.

I believe treating illness/ disease requires utilising a holistic approach of supporting the body through sound and individualised nutritional, herbal, wellness and movement practices along with an appropriate and individualised modern medicine plan.

Along my health journey it took a ridiculous amount of trial and error to find a balance of all avenues that worked for me and still I get old symptoms reappear or new symptoms form and have to regularly reassess my treatment and management approach- but when you find that perfect balance where your body just runs in harmony, there really is nothing like it. 

The basics of my health program consists of a diet based around foods my body thrives off, avoiding foods that weaken my system or have a negative reaction in my body (this also includes certain vegetables & fruits) and eating certain nutrients at certain times, in certain combinations and tracking my rotation of those foods. Routine exercise, stretching and meditating have  become an important part of pain management, adrenal health, circulation + so much more. A combination of nutritional and herbal supplements AS WELL AS fortnightly visits to the doctors for medical support and routine injections. Creating a chemical free environment, monitoring my sleep and also ensuring I have 1-2 hrs mid day sleep is the difference of maintaining a stable level of health and going back 5 steps.

Now sounds a lot of work and that’s not all of it, however it has become like second nature to me now and is the difference of feeling life and energy again, not catching every single bug or virus going around, being able to work, run long distance, play.. really do anything I want within balance.

Along my health journey not one of these methods alone provided much improvement or sometimes any improvement, however bringing all sources of healing together and creating a balance that suited my individual health status completely turned my life around.

Through BareVitality I aim to inspire, motivate and support my community and clients on their own health journey’s. As an exercise and holistic health professional I can assist individuals in only certain areas. I know very little and I am not qualified to diagnosing illness or recommend medications to support treatment of diseases or infection, how to council an individual through trauma or relieve deep muscle tension/ pain.

Image what we could achieve if the entire medical and health industry collaborated as one to prevent, manage and heal illness and disease!

We as a community and individuals are ever evolving, our bodies and health status are ever-changing and so is the environment around us. It makes sense that our practices towards health should also be evolving to utilise the vast array of resources we have available to complement the cycle of growth and access all our natural stored vitality, not just that through a food or by a type of movement or in a medication. 


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Interesting, Personally I think modern medicine is good with diagnosis (Identifying what is wrong), but not so good with treatment (particularly the focus on medication and invasive procedures) which undermine the bodies natural ability (and desire ) to recover from whatever the ailment might be. Definitely agree that a combined approach, would be nice to see.


I just had a lecture on Eastern and Western Medicine this week for school. I too believe they need to be a combined effort. He made a good point when he said that Western Medicine is great for trauma, surgeries/replacing joints/organs, and acute infections but does not do well in helping people with chronic diseases, diet, and managing stress. I strongly feel that a person's lifestyle and diet play a huge roll in health and that getting to the root of the problem will improve the quality of a persons life as opposed to putting on a bandaid.
Thank you so much for posting! Glad I got to read your thoughts on this too!


    I 100% agree Tammy. Thanks for sharing, its so wonderful to hear everyones thoughts on this topic x

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