Active Adventure Series- How to create your own active adventure!


So its Summer here in Aus and I always find myself each year saying ‘this summer I want to…..’. Well really its a long list of things I want to do out and about enjoying nature and the sun.

So this Summer my lovely friend Mia (@chiamia) and I are teaming up to create the Active Adventure Series. Aiming to get out and about, adventuring, laughing and growing….. and then inspiring you with fun, active ideas to get you in nature and really living and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

We encourage you to also use the #activeadventureseries tag in your summer adventures so we can all share and inspire each other 🙂


So the first adventure in our #activeadventureseries last weekend was Kayaking and a healthy picnic in Lane Cove National Park.

Our day began with a quick shop at Farris Farm to fill up our picnic basket. Fresh mangos, apricots, apples, strawberries and wholefood crackers and hummus + Super Charged Bars (these are SOOO good) in which you can get HERE!

Once arriving we hired our kayaks after taking our time deciding which shaped kayak we would prefer and whether we wanted one man kayaks or to jump in a 2 man together. I know I know, decisions decisions…. After much discussion we decided if there was the possibilty of capsizing and all our food going over board we would rather it be a joint effort of drowning all our belongings than one of us to blame.

We booked for 4 hours (with the man at the kayaks looking at us like, ‘their not going to last the hour’) and off we paddled.

Leisurely we paddled down the river discussing all of life’s topics. From work to friends, family, boys, dreams, ambitions and most importantly in the life of health bloggers, food.

An hour later we spotted the perfect bank of sand to set up camp.


We waved to the odd kayakers who passed as we ate, and sat in complete contentment to gorgeous day and company shared.


Back on our kayaks we continued our journey down the river, before heading back.

Such an easy, throw together adventure that added so much value to our weekend. A way to reconnect us with nature, escaping from the hustle of day to day life in the city and being able to spend quality time with a friend.


Instagram: @claudiabeyer_barevitality


So how to create your own Awesome Active Adventure? 


The very simple 5 Step Guide:


Step 1: Choose your destination!

What has been on your ‘I want to’ list. Decide based on what you are craving right now;

Relaxing, nurturing activities to nourish the body in a time of busyness and stress.


Something to really get the blood flowing. Something that will really get the body moving and out of its usual sedentary day job.


Step 2: Commit to a day!


Find someone to share you adventure with and make each other accountable to that day. Otherwise head out on your own and make it a date permanently marked in the diary.


Step 3: Think about what you most want to get out of this adventure!

Is it to push you out of your comfort zone, just shut the mind off, to immerse yourself in nature, try something new, learn a new skill. There may be many things you are hoping to gain from your #activeadventure. That great!!! Bring these intentions into your adventure.


Step 4: Prepare!

Logistics for what your going to do. What do you need to bring? Maybe some healthy snacks (Check these out) , water, suncream, some quality reading material for your down time, a camera to snap your #ACTIVEADVENTURE shots, any precautionary items (basic first aid kit, maps etc).


Step 5: Embrace your inner child and set out on your adventure!!

Let go and have fun!


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