A Week Of Fitness- my fitness program!

So as you probably already know, I am a big advocate of creating your own holistic fitness routine that works for you and your body. A Week Of Fitness- my fitness program!

So as a Personal Trainer, Holistic Health Coach, Running Coach and Yoga Teacher, how do I balance it all out? What does a week of fitness look like for me?

The answer- every week is different!

I listen to my body and give it what it needs that week. There is always variety and a balance of ‘working in’ and ‘working out’.

If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram you have seen that last week I took you through my week of fitness! So here it is, all in one place!! Just an example of what my weekly holistic fitness program looks like.


Monday was the first day back into my holistic fitness routine after last week resting with a cold and the couple weeks before in Bali focusing on yoga & meditation.

To ease back into things I went with a Yin Class (restorative stretching/ meditation) + 25 min jog/ walk.


Tuesday was a yoga class + bits & pieces of our BareVitality Mat Endurance class this morning while I was teaching.


Wednesday was another yoga day due to a studio visit. Thanks for having me YogaBar Sydney and for the awesome smoothie afterwards.
Plus I think I can count that I padded for 2 client boxing sessions today. The only negative of your clients getting fitter and stronger is they start boxing harder and fast = more work for trainer!! haha …. so my arms got a good incidental workout too!


Thursday I went with a 15 minute Medicine Ball Strength Workout. See below:
2 Sets
– 1 min plank on MB
– 20x MB Squats
– 20x MB Sumo Squats
– 20x MB Sit ups
– 20x MB Oblique Twists
– 20x MB Overhead Presses


Friday was another Yin Class. My body was craving restorative movement so thats what I gave it! I also incorporated the 15 minute walk with my headphones in to yoga and back. Bliss!!


Saturday I upped the intensity and joined in for parts of our morning BareVitality Group Session + Afternoon Bay Run (7km). First proper run back 🙂


Sunday was a Vinyasa Yoga Class (Flow based) + a gentle walk with as part of the #activeadventureseries post the most amazing whole food breakfast at Egg Of The Universe!!

The perfect Sunday right!?

What’s your Holistic Fitness Program this week been?

Use the #barevitality to share your fitness adventures xx


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