A Personal Trainers view on Fitness + weekly workout guide!

A stereotypical Personal Trainer is thought to train 6 days a week for multiple hours on end, pushing themselves to extreme limits.

Scratch that! The human body was not made to be pushed and exerted on a regular basis to this routine. Training this way will ultimately cause more harm than good to both a persons mind and body.

Everyone’s body is so uniquely different as to what type of exercises and intensity will provide you with optimal health and vitality. We can be certain however that everyone’s body needs regular exercise and conditioning to reach and/or maintain even an acceptable level of health and to keep the bodies energy systems flowing.

With a background in long distance running, I learnt the hard way that a level and type of training for one is not the same for another. It has taken me almost 5 years to build up my health again post CFS to be able to train long distance (my ultimate love) and maintain my level of health. Listening to your body is the key, along with balance and guidance from a professional who can tailor a fitness routine suitable to your own individual body and health and fitness goals.

Exercise should be fun, enjoyable, rewarding and beneficial to your mind and body.

What’s the point of spending hours on the tread mill or tirelessly pushing out weights at the gym when training in this manner will only cause slow or no results and a negative attitude towards exercise and your body image.

Mix it up, cut it down, try something new, set realistic goals, learn to love exercise, be proud of your achievements, laugh, jump, crawl, swing, punch and just have fun.

I don’t have a set weekly workout routine, however I have a guide I like to follow that for me creates optimal energy, health and balance in my life.

I like to start the week with a run because its my favourite and therefore creates a positive Monday mind. The distance and time I run vary week to week depending on my current health, however I do like to challenge myself on a Monday.

Tuesdays is usually a recovery day and includes a basic yoga or stretching session and sometimes 5-10 minutes of low intensity functional body resistance exercises such as squats, lunges, push ups, core exercises etc that utilise our main muscle groups and stimulate my energy system.

Wednesday is a bit of a mix between cardio and body resistance session. The cardio usually includes a short, low intensity run (about 10-15 min) or a set of short sprints. The resistance side usually includes functional exercises with the addition of either kettlebells, resistance bands, dumbbells, medicine ball, boxing gloves or what ever Im feeling like on the day.

Thursday is back to a recovery session of stretching and 5 minutes of low intensity functional body resistance exercises (these can be done while watching tv, waiting for the bathroom or even the jug to boil)

Between Friday and Saturday I try and get in either another more challenging run or a circuit/ cross fit session or sometimes I just need a yoga session.

Sunday is always rest day!

I also try and include incidental exercise as well such as taking the stairs or walking to the shops, and enjoy my short, meditative walk down to the park most evenings with my dog.

Fitness to me is my time to thank my body for all it does for me and provide it with what it needs at that time, whether that be rest, a low intensity or a high intensity challenge. In return it continues to fill me with further energy, internal health and a healthy mind and body image.

While this balance is perfect for me, my health history and fitness goals, it probably is not for you. Find a balance suitable for you and most importantly make sure your having fun!

Much love,



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You are completely correct. Many people have the misconception that personal trainers and people who are fitness experts train vigorously hours on end everyday when this could not be further from the truth. Exercising should be strenuous but it also should be enjoyable and have goals that are obtainable. We are all different and our bodies will take different plans to help achieve wanted results. A healthy diet and a healthy exercise routine will help you reach your goals.

Daryl Maddern

It's always so much better to build on a system that is going to hold up long term. Most people who go too hard at the gym right when they start (typically at the start of the year) hardly last 2 months. Patience and persistence is key

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