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Free Fitness Program

Have your 2015 fitness goals already gone off track?? For many that would be a yes I suspect and if they are still going strong yay that’s great!!

Either way here is a basic program designed to provide you with initial fast and effective results to kick-start your 2015 health and fitness goals in 10 days.

No equipment needed. Just a timer (your phone stopwatch will do) and lots of excitement please because this is the start of your journey to the fittest, healthiest you this 2015!!!

During the 10 days #barevitality @claudiabarevitality on Instagram in your health & fitness shots for the chance to win a Private Holistic Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching Session with myself, either online or in person to get you on track for your following few months to reach that fit, healthy, glowing body.

Adjust the exercises accordingly to your current health and fitness and make sure you get the all clear from a health professional before undertaking any exercise program that may cause contradictions with your health status/ condition.

Have fun my lovelies and can’t wait to see how your going!


  Resistance Cardio Stretching
Day 1 10x Burpees, 10x Squat Jumps, 10x Walking Lunges-Repeat x 3  15 minute jog/ cycle/ swim 10 minutes
Day 2 30x Jumping Jacks, 30x Sit ups, 30x Bicycle Oblique Twists, 1-2 minutesplank-Repeat x 3 30 minute jog/ cycle/ swim 10 minutes
Day 3 20x Push Ups, 20xTricep Dips, 1-2 MinutesPlank-Repeat x 3 45 min-1 hr fast walk 10 minutes
Day 4 50x Burpees, 50x Squat Jumps, 50x Walking Lunges, 3 minutes plank 10 min jog.10 min hill sprints. 15 minutes
Day 5  – 30 minute fast walk. 20 minutes
Day 6 40x Jumping Jacks, 40x Sit ups, 40x Bicycle Oblique Twists, 1-2 minutesplank-Repeat x 3 30 min jog/ cycle/ swim

10 minutes stair sprints

10 minutes
Day 7 60x front crunches, 60x left crunches, 60x right crunches 20 minutes jog/ cycle/ swim 10 minutes
Day 8 12x Push Ups, 12xTricep Dips, 40 SecondsPlank-Repeat x 5 20 min fast walk 20 minutes
Day 9  – 45 min fast walk 10 minutes
Day 10 80x Jumping Jacks, 60x Sit ups, 60x Bicycle Oblique Twists, 4 minutes plank 45 min jog/ cycle/ swim 20 minutes

Well done for completing your 10 day kick-start!!

To continue feeling and seeing exciting progress, consider joining our lovely Fitness Group once or twice a week or work with me one on one, creating you Individualised Holistic Personal Training and Health & Nutrition Coaching Sessions.

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What happens to me after 10 days? Thank you, #thetrainer

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