A Day On My Plate – While Pregnant in Paris!

Pregnancy is a time where its all about nourishing your body for baby!

I had envisioned my diet being amazingly healthy during pregnancy with all the superfoods and green smoothies…. when in reality it hasn’t quite been that way, particular not initally.

To start with first trimester was just about survival, aka getting in ANYTHING that would stay down. So mostly just toast and pasta. I had extreme aversions to all vegetables and most other healthy foods. You can check out my First Trimester  & Second Trimester Journey detailed on the blog.

Then second trimester we have been traveling a lot so routine has been tricky and there has been a lot of just doing the best I can.

At the end of the day I know as long as I have ticked off all the pregnancy nutrient requirements + taken my prenatal vitamins, I am doing an amazing job!

So here is my typical day on a plate while pregnant now I have a little more routine set up in Paris. I have been following many of the recipes in The BareVitality Studio program as well as just enjoying the food Paris has to offer + working around not having an oven or blender (for the majority of our accommodation).



On waking:

  • A cup of weak Early Grey Tea – I was always a herbal tea drinker until pregnancy. I am now obsessed with an Earl Grey every morning with a dash of almond milk. My husband usually makes this for me when I wake up to enjoy in bed before starting the day.



  • Big Muesli Bowl – I am starving when I wake so this ticks lots of nutritional boxes and fills me up! 1 cup organic muesli, 1 -2 tbs chia seeds (pre soaked), extra trail mix (nuts, seeds, dried super berries),  2 tbs natural yogurt, almond or soy milk + chopped fresh fruit. OR if we go out  for breakfast I have been loving pancakes at the moment!
  • Big smoothie or veg juice.


Mid AM:

  • Coffee – my coffee cravings kicked back in from mid second trimester! I usually order a small flat white with oat milk. Oat milk is big in Paris. I never really got into it before our time here but now love it.
  • Fresh Pastry – My daily love while in Paris is enjoying a fresh hot chocolate croissant. While it may not have any nutritional advantages its not doing any harm and is good for the soul.
  • Avocado on toast.



  • Big Whole Food Bowl – this is where I aim to get in LOTS of goodness. I aim for 4 veggies, 2 protein sources, healthy fats and low GI carb. Usually eggs are involved! For example today was: Rocket leaves, tomato, beetroot, cucumber, red capsicum, pasteurised cheese and walnut salad with tahini and lots of olive oil as a dressing + scrambled eggs (3 eggs) + 2 slices of toasted rye bread.


Mid PM:

  • 1 Cup Prenatal Tea – Currently using the Pukka Motherkind tea bags.
  • Piece of fruit – whatever I pick up at the local markets or when out and about.
  • Health Bar or Homemade Healthy Treat- I have been aiming for natural health bars high in protein or making non bake health cookies full of goodness (recipe available on The BV Program).
  • Hummus with natural corn chips late afternoon. This has become our ‘Happy Hour’.



  • We have been eating dinner out a lot in Paris or picnicking, making the most of European summer. When eating out we are choosing places with fresh produce. I then order honestly whatever I feel like (listening to what my body needs), while still ticking off at the a good quality protein source and veg. On our picnics we usually just throw together a fresh baguette, tomato, carrot sticks, cheese, lettuce and for me sometimes a can of tuna or left over protein source from the night before while Scott usually has smoked salmon (ahh how I miss raw salmon!!).  Dinners at home have included fresh produce from the local market cooked up with some quinoa or rice + meat or fish pan fried.
  • My version of wine – so I don’t feel I’m missing out I usually have either a glass of kombucha, iced tea or if we are out a mocktail.
  • Dessert – my sweet tooth really returned second trimester and honestly Im just going with it (in moderation). So most nights Ill either have a scoop of Ice Cream (pregnancy has made me obsessed with Ben & Jerry Cookie Dough Ice Cream) or a soy chocolate custard cup (they are sold in most the local small supermarkets here and are amazing!!)


This balance has worked really well for me and my body. I have been able to enjoy all Paris has to offer + meet nutritional requirements + keep within the healthy weight range outlined for pregnancy.

Please note this is my day on a plate based around my individual nutritional needs and the advise of my healthcare providers. 

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